Bubbles, and Bru, and Mama Dee Too

housewives of dallas season 3 episode 1 dandra brandiThe Real Housewives of Dallas – Season 3, Episode 2, Bubbles and Brooding

D’Andra’s party is in full swing, and D’Andra tells LeeAnne and Rich they will be getting married that night!  The two of them turn red, and Rich says, “I sharted”.What a great way to open this episode.  D’Andra and Jeremy then make an anniversary toast to each other.

CW: Suicidal ideation,
LeeAnne and Stephanie talk about drinking, and depression.  LeeAnne talks about her suicide attempts. and Stephanie tells LeeAnne she tried when she was twenty four. LeeAnne is extremely supportive, and says when depression gets bad, she tries to do things for others, as a positive distraction.
Stephanie tells us she hopes that now that LeeAnne heard a little more about her past that they will be able to get along better.  It is honestly great to see these two be so supportive of each other.



Brandi arrives out of nowhere!  LeeAnne makes all the faces, and it is glorious. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 2 leeanne
Brandi says she is here to support D’Andra, but wants to talk to her about their issues at D’Andra’s anniversary party.  D’andra tells us she does not know what the issue is between them.
LeeAnne glares from afar.  LeeAnne tells us she thinks Brandi is going to tear into a drunk D’Andra, which will lead to D’Andra bursting into tears, and she will have to clean it all up.
At this point into the party, Stephanie is very drunk.  Cary says she probably had twenty seven drinks sitting net to LeeAnne, which is how someone deals with sitting next to LeeAnne.
Cary and Brandi have to help Stephanie out of D’Andra’s house, and to her car. Stephanie breaks free and tries to climb one of the ornamental animal statues near the stairs instead.  Brandi notes that Stephanie only gets this drunk with her.

Stephanie plans a welcoming party for Bandi’s new son, and wants to call it “Bubbles and Bru”, because champagne, and Brandi’s son is named Bruin.  Stephanie FaceTimes Brandi and asks if there is anything she wants.  Brandi says she needs sleep.
Stephanie tells Brandi that she was so happy she came to D’Andra’s party.  Brandi says she wants to talk to D’Andra about her Adderall comment.  She mentions she and LeeAnne had a good time the night before.”
Stephanie convinces Brandi to invite LeeAnne and D’Andra.  Brandi agrees

D’Andra is at the office with Mama Dee!  D’Andra wants to rebrand  Mama Dee’s big businsess’s biggest selling product from her wellness line, a powder called Green Miracle.
D’Andra goes into the office to talk to Dee.  She talks to her mother about changing the packaging, and making the product available in travel size.  The travel size sounds like a good idea.
Dee completely shuts D’Andra down. She says she does not want to do this at this time, and does not want to repackage Green Miracle.Housewives of dallas season 3 episode 2 mama dee
D’Andra thinks if they rebrand Green Miracle, they will eventually make enough money to rebrand the whole company.
Dee cuts off D’Andra again. Mama Dee tells her sometimes being an only child is difficult, and lots of times mothers and daughters are jealous of each other, especially if they are beautiful.  What? D’Andra tells her mother she is not jealous of her, D’Andra tells us she has nothing to be jealous about, noting she is younger and looks better than her mom.
Dee does not appreciate the way she was treated at D’Andra’s party, and says it was “verbal abuse”.  D’Andra says this was not so, and Dee says she will not be talking to her for the rest of the day. D’Andra says she will make her own company, and Dee tells her she can sell products on the street, because she does not “give a whip”.
We can all relate, we have all had fights like this with our parents.

CW: Suicidal Ideation:




Stephanie has her family over to bless her newly renovated house.  She tells us she was raised evangelical, and they spoke in tongues.
In her bedroom, Stephanie talks to her mom, Eleanor.  Eleanor led the house blessing.
Stephanie brings up the conversation she had with LeeAnne about suicide. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 2 stephanie Stephanie tells us she was with a person who always judged her, and made her feel like she was never good enough.  They broke up, she lost all her friends, and she was in a really bad place.  Stephanie relates her attempt in detail.  Stephanie’s mother came to check on her, and Stephanie told her she had taken pills, so her mother called 911.
Stephanie tells her mom about how great it was to talk to LeeAnne about it, and that LeeAnne was so kind.
Eleanor is happy to hear this, and thinks it is wonderful Stephanie and LeeAnne were able to connect, and be supportive to each other about this.



LeeAnne meets up with her stylist Jeanette, to see a custom dress she created, called L’INFINITY.  It is a little black dress with snaps on the skirt, and other embellishments.  The dress can be worn a multiple of ways.  They see 38 different looks with one basic dress, and a lot of different add-ons.  LeeAnne talks about selling this on TV, which is also a perfect market for this.  LeeAnne Locken gets things done!

Brandi and her family get ready for Bruin’s welcoming party.
Stephanie’s house looks perfectly decorated for this party, especially the champagne wall.
Brandi cries when she arrives, and sees everything Stephanie has done for her.  She is so grateful, and tells us she would not even have her baby if it was not for Stephanie.
When Kameron arrives, she surprised Stephanie is not there to greet her.  Kameron tells us this goes against Southern etiquette. Kameron, go nibble on some pink SparkleDog food while you wait for Stephanie to appear.
Brandi and Stephanie are upstairs with Bruin, and Brandi feels a bit apprehensive about LeeAnne being invited to the party.

All the guests arrive to the party, and have no idea what the party is for.  Kameron asks Stephanie if, based on the decorations, this announcement is about her having a baby.  Stephanie says no, but she does have a surrogate.  She tells Kameron she is now the only one at the party who knows the truth. Kameron gets extremely excited and profusely  congratulates her.
Back upstairs, Stephanie tells Brandi she told Kameron she was having a baby to cover for the surprise.
Cary arrives. She had already met Bruin three days before the party.  She says adopting Bruin proves Brandi has a big heart.  Cary is roped along in this Kameron subterfuge, and Stephanie tells everyone that Brandi is not at the party yet.
LeeAnne arrives, and she and Stephanie are very happy to see each other.  Stephanie tells us LeeAnne should keep doing meditation, and whatever else, because she likes her so much now.

Stephanie gathers everyone into the main living room.  She makes an announcement, introducing “Our favorite ginger family”, and baby Bruin. Almost everyone is completely surprised, especially Kameron.  Hooray!

What did we learn this week-

CW: Suicidal ideation



It is really great that LeeAnne and Stephanie got to talk about their experiences with depression, their attempts, and what they do to cope with depression. It holds a lot of stigma, and is a very hard thing for a lot of people to talk about.
LeeAnne has always been open about her history with mental illness and gets called names for it, and people sometimes do not treat her like a real person partly because of it.
For Stephanie to feel comfortable opening up to her is helpful for Stephanie, and also LeeAnne.

Mama Dee is vicious! It is also funny to hear the two of them parent and child-style fighting about companies, especially D’Andra threatening to make her own company.
I get this is not fun for D’Andra, and Dee clearly has a lot of issues about handing her businesses over to anyone in general.
It cannot be fun to work with your parent, especially if there are no set boundaries at work.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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