Reunion Part 1: Ramona vs. Bethenny vs. Dorinda

housewives of new york city season 10 reunion part 1 ramona bethenny sonja
The Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 20, Reunion Part 1

Reunion time, and LuAnn is not with us. She decided to go back to rehab and we wish her well.  Let us get to this reunion, and see what issues no one will be working out tonight!Andy announces that LuAnn is not present, because she is in rehab, and Carole’s phone goes off.  Andy shoots Carole a look, and finishes his announcement.
During the Housewife updates, Sonja tells us she recently found out she is a pescatarian, after learning that shellfish is not vegan.  Someone mentions that  eating shellfish is not even vegetarian. Sonja please do not change, and always stay on this show.

We are shown a montage of the fashions from this season, but they left out Carole’s Craft Store Nightmare earrings from Cartegena! housewives of new york city season 10 episode 15 carole earring
Here is a pair, never forget this fashion atrocity.
Andy discussses that LuAnn’s Diana Ross costume at Halloween was tone deaf.  Diana Ross never wore her hair in an afro, either, so apparently LuAnn really does not know anything about Diana Ross.
Ramona says she did not see any problems because she is tone deaf. She seems to be perfectly fine with this.
Everyone decides Sonja’s nightmare. I love Lucy/Raggedy Ann costume was the worst, because no one knew who she was.
Carole gets called out for being a secret smoker, using costumes as an excuse.  Carole says she does not inhale, and has a lot of anxiety.
Dorinda got love from Lady Gaga’s mother about her costume, they go to the same church, dahwling. Mother Monster’s Mother’s blessing is good enough!

Bethenny’s good works from the season are featured, from her relief efforts in Puerto rico, to attending Bobby Zarin’s funeral.  This then turns to Bethenny’s bad behavior this season, including the Nutracker incident, Ramona reading her for filth on the phone about not supporting other women.
But then we see Ramona yelling at Bethenny about not calling her to congratulate her about her skin care event, and we are not sure what this jumble of clips means.
The topic Bobby Zarin’s funeral  is brought front and center.  Ramona says Bethenny only talked to Jill when the cameras came out. Dorinda says she would not have wanted to be on camera at the funeral.  Andy thanks Bethenny for being on camera, since this is how they have a show.
Ramona thinks Bethenny was being opportunistic with Jill Zarin, and her feeling are not genuine. Ramona, in the words of one of the many Bad Girls, on Bad Girls Club, who died and made you Jesus?
Bethenny says this is not about Ramona, and Jill was happy she came to the funeral.housewives of new york city season 10 reunion part 1 bethenny Bethenny and Jill have texted since the shiva visit.  Carole and Dorinda whisper about how this is all nonsense.
Andy tells us Jill is seeing someone Ramona dated.  Ramona cannot help it, she and Sonja have dated everyone in their social group.

Bethenny talks more about Puerto Rico, and thanks everyone for supporting the relief effort,  even if they hated her.  Carole and Dorinda say they do not hate her, and Dorinda says she was there in Puerto Rico for her.
Ramona says Bethenny does not think about what she says and does not see how her behavior effects them.  This is coming from Ramona, and we see a montage of Ramona being nasty to Bethenny through the ages.
Ramona calls Bethenny a bully.  Bethenny tells Ramona she does not walk to talk to her, and Ramona cannot handle that at all.
The Nutracker incident is brought up next, and Dorinda still feels like Bethenny should have thanked her, as do Carole and Ramona.
Bethenny says she asked Dorinda for help finding a nutcracker for Bryn.  Bethenny says Dorinda called  this man who was able to get her a nutcracker, and he was trying to pull some strings to make it happen. Loud Ramona hell breaks loose, and Andy has to yell at the women, “I want to hear her fucking answer”.
Bethenny says she did thank Dorinda several times for the nutcracker. Dorinda says it was all done off-camera, and Bethenny does not know how to be gracious.
Bethenny is asked  why she did not support Ramona with her skincare line.  Bethenny says she does not take Ramona’s business ventures seriously.  She says Ramona’s skin care products do not yet exist, and she needs a lab for them.
Ramona screams, makes faces, and says she cannot take Bethenny’s lies anymore. housewives of new york city season 10 reunion part 1 ramona sonja bethenny
Bethenny says Ramona always makes fun on Sonja for having fake businesses.  Everyone yells at Bethenny, saying she has done the same thing.
Bethenny says to Ramona it is not fair to make women at home think they can start their own business, when she does not even have products to sell.
Ramona says her skin care line status is they are “reconfiguring the contents” of the products.
Bethenny comments on this, and Ramona tells her to “take a mirror”, because she has been a “big bitch” to her.
Ramona ends by calling Bethenny fake with her fake tits.  Ramona, your breasts have implants in them as well.
Andy asks why Bethenny did not acknowledge Ramona at LuAnn’s cabaret.  Bethenny says she did not want to get into it that night.
Andy notes that people come to Bethenny when they need to talk to someone, including Ramona, Dorinda, the very women yelling at Bethenny on this stage.
Everyone says Bethenny is able to offer that kind of support, but Dorinda says it is not genuine.

Dorinda is put on the spot. I wonder if Andy will bring up drinking?
We are shown a Dorinda montage, which is really more of a collection of scenes where Dorinda was drunk, and the morning after.  Oh, editing. At least they showed LuAnn and Dorinda lighting candles together at church.
How can they discuss LuAnn and Dorinda’s issues when LuAnn is not there to speak up for herself?
After the clips end, Dorinda immediately says she apologized to LuAnn, and feels like LuAnn should still apologize.
Andy asks Bethenny if she thinks Dorinda has a drinking problem.  Before Bethenny can answer, Dorinda tells her how hurtful all of her comments have been.housewives of new york city season 10 reunion part 1 carole dorinda tinsley
Andy asks again, and Bethenny says she is not qualified to answer that question, but then brings up Puerto Rico.  Dorinda says Bethenny has no friends, points to the women on the stage she has cut out of her life, or talks about behind their backs.
Bethenny says she did not know how drunk Dorinda was before or at the dinner.  Dorinda says she wishes she had stayed home, and not gone to Puerto Rico.
Carole says it is not constructive to call someone a drunk on television,.  Bethenny instantly fires back that it is not constructive to call someone a narcissist on television, but that did not stop Carole for calling her one.
Andy tells Dorinda there are times when she drinks too much on the show where it is fun, and funny. We all agree with that. CLIP!
Andy says there are also times where bad things that happens and asks Dorinda if she has a relationship with alcohol that is sometimes unhealthy.  Dorinda says she does, absolutely.  Dorinda talks about being depressed.  housewives of new york city season 10 reunion part 1 dorinda
Bethenny says Dorinda drinks in the morning, and Dorinda says she is sure she has called Bethenny in the morning when she was drunk too.
Dorinda says that she is happy where she is today, working out four times a week with a personal trainer. Dorinda says it is disgraceful that Bethenny has said foul things about her in the media.
We are informed this will continue next week. All drinking, all reunion.

What did we learn this week-  Why was so much time spent talking about Bethenny disrespecting Ramona’s skin care line?  Was that really such a big storyline this season?  Does anyone care?

I feel bad for Dorinda that whatever is her relationship with drinking is being dictated by Bethenny, who is not living inside Dorinda, and does not know what is going on with her.
I understand being concerned about loved ones who are having issues with substance abuse, but making comments that end up on Page Six is not caring, and does not help.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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