MJ Mourns Her Dad, Nema is a Thoughtless Cad

shahs of sunset season 7 episode 4 MJShahs of Sunset – Season 7, Episode 4, Javid Shah: Long Live the King

Things are serious in the world of the Shahs.
Reza arrives at Mike’s place.  They both wonder what they can do for MJ right now.  Her father, Shams, is not doing well at all.  MJ said, “this is it”, the night before, which is a complete 180 from her usual outlook.Reza calls MJ and asks her if her dad is with us. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 4 reza
The answer is no. Reza tries to comfort her.  MJ says she wants some quiet time at that moment. Reza tells MJ her father was able to go knowing that she has Tommy caring for her.
Reza tells us Shams was the first person to whom he came out, and he was “really cool” about it for a Persian parent. Reza says it made him feel like maybe he could come out to his parents too.

Reza calls MJ, saying he and Mike would like to do a Persian feast in honor of Shams, and MJ agrees.
Reza feels for MJ and tells Mike this is  all too much for her right now.
Reza calls GG and tells her Shams has passed, and they are throwing a dinner party to get MJ out of the house.  GG tearfully accepts the invitation, and asks if they need any help.
Reza asks Mike if he can help him put the house together.  Shervin will be called about the flowers. Reza tells Mike he is left holding a sausage, and knife “like a gay serial killer”.

Shervin and GG go to the florist.  GG says for a long time, MJ seemed like she was in denial about her father being really sick, and close to passing away. Shervin says everyone in the group is extra scared at the moment, because MJ’s father is the first parent of the group’s to pass away. It makes everyone think of their own parents.
Reza goes home to pick up dishes, because either Mike has no dishes, or they are packed away in a box somewhere.
Reza also tells us that everyone knew MJ was in denial about her father, but the hope kept her going.  He says he is there for MJ, with whatever she needs.

GG and Shervin arrive at Mike’s place with the flowers.  GG asks Reza what he needs help with, and Reza says nothing.  They all have a drink and toast to Shams.  Mike’s girlfriend Morgan comes by.
Reza says as a Persian, when someone dies, the community is supposed to care for you so you are able to be propped up on the couch to grieve.
Reza asks everyone what will happen with the wedding? Shervin says it should not stop, and they should not let MJ stop it.
Nema arrives with more flowers.  Reza tells Nema he heard he was moving, and Nema says he is moving to a place in Venice. Nema tells us he is more confused than he has ever been.  He is “enamored” by GG, but wonders if a crush was worth ruining his long term relationship.  Vida comes to be with her child , Sammy makes an appearance  for the first time this season.

MJ and Tommy arrive.  Tommy tells her she looks great. MJ says she knows Mike does not have curtains, everyone is staring, and she does not want to do anything in front of anyone.  Tommy tells her he understands. We love Tommy, this is how someone should act if their partner in love is grieving.
MJ and Tommy enter the house, and MJ gets big hugs from everyone.
Nema apologizes that Mona could not make it.
MJ talks about her wedding coming up,
Tommy cries, saying he wishes he could do more for MJ.  Someone points out he is doing everything he can do for her at the moment.
Vida comforts MJ by telling her that she has Tommy to help her right now.  Vida tells MJ if she wants, Vida will be with her all day, every day.  She tells MJ she did everything with her father, every treatment, every hospital stay.   Vida tells us Shams was her family, even though they were divorced.
MJ tells us Vida has been more maternal than she has ever been in her life, and that it is a beautiful thing.

Everyone feasts, and Reza pulls MJ away for a moment.  He tells her they were supposed to go to her dress fitting Friday, and to let him know if she wants to cancel.  MJ says she does not want to cancel the fitting, and she wants to just do everything as planned.  Reza tells MJ one thing about her father was he truly lived, and was a “cool ass cat”.  Reza tells us he is glad MJ is not in a sinkhole, and he wants to make sure nothing stops the momentum MJ has about the wedding.

Nema says Mike’s house reminds him that he has no goals.  He says he has always stayed away from other Persian men with the gold chains, but is now changing his perspective,  He notes Golnesa wears a gold chain with a big gold pendant with words in Arabic, and he thinks that is “kind of cool”.
Reza give a speech, then turns the floor to MJ who thanks everyone, especially Vida.  Vida says Shams had thirteen siblings, and brought them into the US, as well as hundreds of other people trying to escape the war in Iran.  MJ says she wants to remember him in a celebratory way. She says  hope he comes back as a ghost, and is at her wedding and in the labor room.

The next day, GG goes to her family attorney, and tells her she wants to get this divorce already.  However, GG and Shalom have not yet filed the most basic paperwork . GG’s lawyer says the process is slow, but it will move alone, and she will be divorced soon enough.

Nema throws a birthday party for Mona!  Adam arrives first.He tells Nema that Mike, Reza, and MJ are not coming because of MJ’s dress fitting.
Shervin and a beret-sporting GG walk in.  GG tells us she tried to look good that night because Nema would be there.
Destiney arrives., and someone says Erica is coming that night.  GG asks Nema if Erica is going to kill her.  Nema tells GG they had issues that predated GG, and had nothing to do with her.
Mona Birthday Girl arrives, and everyone gives her big hugs.
Erica arrives, and she and GG are introduced.  GG tells us it takes “great big balls” for Nema to invite them both.  GG asks Erica which sibling she is closer to. Erica says the better question for the moment would be which sibling she likes more. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 4 erica gg
Nema tells us that Erica knows that GG is the girl he tried to kiss.  Nema says GG is like a dragon who can go off at any time, so he has no idea what she will say to Erica.
GG tells Erica she is sure Erica knows this after being with Nema, but Nema is a “Nancy” when it comes to certain things. GG, what are you trying to say here?
Erica asks GG how long  she has known Nema to make a comment like that.
Nema tells us he cannot hear what they are saying, but hopes that it involves having a three way. No.
Nema makes a toast to Mona, and Mona is ready to dance.
Nema dances with Erica, and Destiney tells them they are cute together.  Nema talks to Destiney about the situation with Erica, and how he feels about GG.  Destiney tells us Nema wants to eat his cake, and eat another cake at the same time.  She wonders who he thinks he is.
Nema says he genuinely feels mortified about Erica, and he has to let her go.

Reza, Mike, and MJ go dress shopping.  It is  bittersweet moment, from when they arrive at the bridal shop.  Reza is introduced as MJ’s Man of Honor, and Mike is introduced as her “Dick Meter”, meaning Mike’s erection on certain dresses will influence her opinion.
Reza tries on a veil, and Mike tells him he would make an ugly bride.
The topic of MJ’s breasts comes up, which is not unusual, especially for a dress fitting.
Mike goes to the dressing room to ask MJ if “needs help with her titties”, but MJ is crying.  She is wearing a wedding dress.  Reza comes in, and asks everyone but Mike to leave.  He asks MJ if it is too early.
shahs of sunset season 7 episode 4 MJ Reza
MJ says it is not.   Reza says she looks beautiful even when she is crying. MJ tells Mike she wanted to share this moment with their father.
Reza brings in a maid of honor gift, a bracelet that MJ puts on right away. MJ gives Reza a giant hug, and the gesture has lifted her mood a bit for the moment.
Mike says MJ is strong, that he and Reza are going to take care of her, because he promised this to Shams on his deathbed.
MJ says her dad always had faith in her, and knew how to make her laugh. She says right now, she has to push through.

What did we learn this week – This group has had so many ups and downs, but I am glad they are all in a place right now where they can be there for each other when someone truly needs support.

I don’t know what Nema was thinking inviting both Erica, and GG to Mona’s party.
What in hell is this “Nancy” nonsense with Golnesa, also?  It is a relief that nothing happened between GG and Erica at the party, but GG took that chance to say something when she was able to. I’m sure we’ll see more of this all season long, and at the reunion.

-Aoife, TV Maven



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