Vicki’s Birthday: Whoopin it Up At the Golf Course

housewives of orange county season 13 episode 7 tamra vickiThe Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 13, Episode 7, She Said/She Said

Stephen, Shannon’s new physical trainer comes by for a workout. Shannon tells us she does not want to work out. She says her weight has been effected by all the stress in her life, and she is glad she has been making strides.
Archie lies down,  so he can be fluffy and cute on the grass.

Tamra and Eddie head out for drinks with Emily and Shane. Tamra says she has been friends with Emily for three years, but knows almost nothing about Shane, and he hardly ever interacts with her.
Eddie talks about how he went off his medication, but has to keep taking his blood thinners.  Tamra prays Eddie will get through this.
Thanks to the magic of bad editing, seemingly out of nowhere, Shane says he yelled at Gina a few times, and welcomed her to “not be loud and obnoxious”. He denies throwing her out of his house.
Emily tells us that this is Shane’s humor, and not a lot of people get it.  No.
Tamra is polite, but seems like she wants to tell Shane to never speak to someone like that.  However, Eddie tells Shane he would have done the same thing.

At the Haus of Gunvalson, Steve pours Vicki, and himself a glass of wine. The chicken is defrosted and needs to be cooked. This is the height of Housewives excitement!
Vicki tells us she cannot tell if Steve wants to get married, and that she wants to get married. We know Vicki, we know.
Vicki reminds Steve her birthday is coming up, but somehow, he already knows.  She says she always does something fun for her birthday, and Bravo shows us clips of horrible Vicki birthdays of yore. Let us hope this year is a good one for Vicki.

Gina and Emily go shopping. Emily’s Tesla battery died out, and Gina tells us this is a very bougie problem she has too.
Gina tells Emily that after she left girls night, Shannon said she was concerned for Emily because of her own marriage. Gina tells Emily she said it could be either way. She tells her she also told Shannon that he thought Shane yelled because she woke up the children.  Emily says no one should be talking about her marriage. housewives of orange count season 3 episode 7 emily
Emily says she can take care of her self.  Gina tells her at this point there is no issue between them. so it would be great if the other ladies stopped talking about it.

It is almost six in the morning, and Kelly takes her daughter Jolie to work in a soup kitchen. Kelly tells us she does not want Jolie to be spoiled, and want her to understand what work is like, and what it means to help people.
After working in the kitchen, they serve breakfast.
Afterward, Jolie tells Kelly that was the best experience ever.

Tamra and her mom, Sandra talk about how Tamra’s foot is healing up.  Tamra’s mom  has a boyfriend who is a plumber, and he smokes pot! Tamra jokingly tells her mom she should hire him for a problem she is having, and Sandra tells her that he was already asking her details about the issue after she brought it up.
Tamra tells Sandra that Shannon got awarded alimony from David.  Sandra thinks eve at the reduced amount, that David could not possibly afford to pay her all that money. David took his name off all the utilities, since Shannon can now afford to pay them.  Shannon did not know that she had to pay for water, and called Tamra about it in tears.  housewives of orange county season 13 episode 7 tamra confessional
Tamra tells her mom Shannon never calls to check up on her, or to see how Eddie is doing.

It is Vicki’s birthday!  She is excited to use her new golf clubs from Sweden that she got for Christmas. Again, excitement abounds!
Vicki, Gina, and Tamra head out to play golf. Tamra complains to us that Vicki is no longer whooping it up since she met Steve, and she misses that side of Vicki.
Kelly, Shannon, and Emily join them all on the course.  Gina has never been golfing before, and says it is a pastime of “the older generation”.
Before getting into their golf carts, Tamra reminds everyone that the carts have breathalizers.
Shannon has some issues driving her golf cart full of Housewives, but that always happens. Somehow, no one gets tossed out of the cart.
The alcohol cart comes by! Shannon again has more issues with her golf cart.
Vicki says she cannot drive the cart anymore, and Tamra makes her take a breathalizer.  She passes it, but says she feels “fuzzy”.
Apparently, Kelly has been playing golf most her of  her life, and is really good.  She impresses Emily and Shannon as she swings.housewives of orange county season 13 episode 7 emilyVicki says there has to be a rule book that you can’t be loud driving a golf cart, you can’t drive it certain places.
Thankfully, Shannon can no longer drink, and Emily has to drive the cart.

Emily talks to Shannon on the side. Shannon tells Emily Gina said she was saying she was concerned about Emily’s marriage.  Shannon says she never suggested that he was abused, nor did she use the word.
Shannon says she walked on eggshells with her ex, over things like making noise that would wake up the kids. Emily says her marriage is not Shannon’s marriage with David. Shannon says she would never judge anyone’s marriage.
Vicki ends up lying down, “wasted” on the golf course, and Tamra gives her another shot.  Tamra tells us this is the Vicki she misses.

Everyone sits for lunch.  Everyone toasts to Vicki and Shannon’ birthdays.  Shannon asks the table “who put the words abuse, and Shannon Beador together in the same sentence”. Gina tells Shannon that it was something David would have done to her, and that she was projecting her own “shit” on to Emily’s marriage.
Tamra, and almost everyone else jumps on Gina, and says they would never use the word abusive to describe anyone’s marriage.  Gina just explained that did not happen, so why are these people  still yelling her her?  Emily says nothing, but looks hurt behind her shield of sunglasses.
Tamra says this is a big misunderstanding and she wants to know who used the word abusive.  Kelly tells everyone it was Emily, when she was telling her about what the other ladies were saying at dinner.

Gina and Emily go off to talk, and the two think this is ridiculous. I honestly think they just took advantage of this opening to get away from the table for a few moments.
At the table, everyone yells at Shannon, after she wonders why everyone is yelling at her.  Emily was the one who used the word abusive, not Shannon. Did anyone remember this?
Tamra sticks up for Emily, and Shannon admits she acknowledges what she says, but she never said there was any abuse.housewives of orange county season 13 episode 7 shannon Tamra is adamant, and keeps screaming. Shannon says she has never seen Tamra act like this toward her ever.  Kelly speaks up and tells Tamra  to stop picking on Shannon.
Far away from the table, Gina and Emily hug it out. Will these two be distancing themselves from the rest of the group?
At the table, Tamra says when someone goes after someone else’s husband, of course they will be upset.  Shannon repeats again that she never used the word abusive.  Vicki tells us she thinks Tamra is being ridiculous.  Happy Birthday Vicki!
Shannon tells Tamra not to lump her in with this whole situation.  Tamra says she compared Shane to David, and that was not right.
Finally, Shannon breaks down, and through tears, asks Tamra if she knows what she goes through every day. Shannon has to get up, and walk away from the table.

What did we learn this week-  Why are the women arguing about nothing?  There is no issue with Gina and Emily, so why obsess over it?  I see Tamra is done with her friendship with Shannon feeling a one-sided relationship, but talk to Shannon about that.
I hope it did not ruin Vicki’s birthday, also.

-Aoife, TV Maven




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