NYC Reunion 2: The City That Always Bring Receipts

The Real Housewives of New York City - Season 10
The Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 21, Reunion Part 2

Andy still grills Dorinda about her alcohol use.  Dorinda says she thought she had some issues in the fall, but “checked” herself. Andy asks what she has done to keep herself in check.Dorinda says she goes to a therapist every two weeks, and talks to her mom.
Andy asks Dorinda how she feels about looking back at the moment in Categena where LuAnn said, “There she goes, she’s turning”.  Dorinda says she was still upset about this.  All the ladies talk at once, except for Sonja, who sits quietly.
Bethenny tells Ramona  that on several occasions, Ramona pointed out that Dorinda was drinking too much, but is not talking about it.  Bethenny says Ramona has some kind of alliance with Dorinda.
We are shown the clip of LuAnn, and Dorinda in Cartegena. Dorinda says LuAnn asked her a loaded question and she knew it.

Ramona gives her opinion, and says out that LuAnn was out of place to ask Dorinda these questions when she was fresh out of rehab.
A viewer asks if Dorinda will go to rehab like LuAnn.  Dorinda says LuAnn did not have some kind of reveltation, and the only reason why she went to rehab was because she was arrested, and was forced to do so. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 21 carole dorinda reunion part 2
Dorinda, and Bethenny talk over each other. Dorinda says she would go to rehab if things hit rock bottom.  Bethenny keeps asking if she has to wait until then to get help.
Dorinda tells Andy to move on to the next question.

The ladies are asked if LuAnn should apologize to Dorinda.  Everyone says yes except for Bethenny.  She says they should all remember that LuAnn was fresh from rehab, and is acting differently now, and they need to be supportive of this. Dorinda reminds her she was nothing but supportive when LuAnn came back.
Sonja makes a comment about Dorinda drinking, and Carole tells her it was out of line.  Dorinda reminds Sonja that she drinks too much at every social occasion as well.  Sonja says, “Well at least  I don’t get drunk, and talk about my friends’ vaginas”.  Again Sonja, do not ever change. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 21 sonja reunion part 2

Andy ends Dorinda’s part of this reunion discussion, by asking all the women who thought it was messed up that LuAnn invited Scott at the last minute to her cabaret show, but not John.  Everyone except for  Bethenny thinks it was wrong.
Bethenny tries to stick up for LuAnn, but Dorinda tells her LuAnn sent her a text saying that cabaret night was ” a girl’s night only, and I thought you knew that”.
Ramona says it was Bethenny’s fault.
Ramona says that Dorinda did not want to talk to LuAnn that night during her night, but Bethenny had to go tell LuAnn there was an issue. Bethenny says she did what she did, because Carole told Tinsley she should tell Dorinda what was going on right before the show, which ended with people yelling Jovani at the stage. Bethenny imitates her, screaming “Jovani”.  Ramona says it was very mean spirited.
A viewer asks who among the women is legitimately concerned about  the amount Dorinda drinks. and how she act when she drinks. Everyone is.
Dorinda ends this, saying she hopes that she and LuAnn will get their friendship back at some point. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 21 dorinda reunion part 2
This whole conversation is a little ridiculous without LuAnn being here.

The focus turns to Tinsley and Scott.  They are on a break right now, and seeing other people.  Andy asks Tinsley if it hurt when Scott dates other people, and the women remind Andy yes it hurts.  I wish Ramona had mentioned what a thoughtless question that was, since that is something Ramona would do.
Tinsley says she sees other people but it sucks and she does not like it.  She says she has to be adult about the situation, and just wants to move forward. Tinsley also mentions she is keeping Dale away from Scott until there is an engagement. Tinsley says she hopes she and Scott will be engaged soon. Andy asks Tinsley if she wants Scott or a husband. Tinsley tells him she wants Scott.

Andy says they were going to use the next part of the reunion to talk about how for LuAnn came from going to rehab, to becoming a cultural icon with her “hit” cabaret show The Countess and Friends.  Carole rolls her eyes.  Instead, we are treated to clips of LuAnn over the season.
Andy asks the ladies what they thought about LuAnn’s change over the season.
Bethenny spoke to LuAnn a few days before the taping.  LuAnn had some legal problems. Dennis was helping her out with that, and helping her realize she needed rehab.  LuAnn’s family has a  lawsuit against her, because she was supposed to set up a trust for her kids when she sold her house.
Ramona says that LuAnn told her she was drinking again on the Mexico trip.
Some of the other women said they knew also.  Bethenny says she didn’t come to the decision to go to rehab on her own, but there were other people there who encouraged her to seek help.
Sonja says she was during well during the cabaret, and she didn’t see anything, but Andy and Carole think she was off during the performance aired on the show.
Bethenny says LuAnn just wants to be loved.

Ramona is asked how she thought it would be alright to ask Tom for an invite to his party how would she feel if it was one of the other women, and Mario.  Ramona says that is a good question, and she was not thinking clearly about it at the time  Ramona says her friend wanted to go, so she asked. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 21 ramona reunion part 2 No one is buying this, including Andy, who wonders why Tom would want Ramona at his party, when she was badmouthing him.
Andy asks the women about LuAnn’s cabaret show, and asks if the success from the show was effecting her.  Dorinda says some people could not deal with her ego.  Dorinda says maybe it was a defense mechanism.
Bethenny is was part of bigger things happening at the same time.
Bethenny says if LuAnn was there she would say that her family suing her was the catalyst of what started everything again, and why LuAnn decided to go back to rehab.

The next topic is the friendship between Bethenny and Carole, which fell apart this season.  We are treated to painful montage of the two fighting from the season.
Bethenny says they saw less of each other over the summer before filming, but were in communication, and seeing each other. Bethenny says she felt like something was shifting, and felt left out.  Carole says she has tons of text messages that prove she wanted to do all these things for Bethenny, and no one wants to see them.
Adam get brought up, of course.
Andy says it seems like they kept having conversations with a lot of miscommunication,  any they just kept saying they wanted things to get back to normal.
Carole says Bethenny seemed like she was ready for their friedship to be over, not ready for things to get back to normal. She says Bethenny was dismissive, and did not want to talk.
Bethenny brings up Carole texting her.  Carole tells Bethenny she was just asking her not to tell anything to the other women.  Bethenny tells Carole she really said was, ” don’t talk about me on camera to the other women”, and offers up her phone for receipts.
Carole pulls out her phone, puts on her reading glasses and reads texts from Bethenny out loud, where Bethenny is saying she loves her and feels like she is shutting her out.  No one else finds this out of control, or unusual  behavior for a friend.

Bethenny says Carole has been saying horrible things about her all season.  Carole says the opposite it true.  It is so much fun spending time on this, oh joy, Bravo please shows us more clips of Carole and Bethenny talking about each other behind each others’ backs.
Carole says Bethenny’s comments got excruciating for her,  around the time they went to the Mayflower Hotel.  Bethenny wants an example of when she insulted Carole, right after we were just shown clips of this. Carole asks Bethenny if she is going to stop bullying her and let her talk, or just keep interrupting. Bethenny chooses the latter.
Please can we just move on.  No?

Carole pulls out her reading glasses, and reads a list off her phone, including calling her childless. Receipts!
Carole says her husband died and if he had not died, they might have had children.
Carole talks about Bethenny age shaming her.  Bethenny says all she did was say Carole was acting like she was forty five when she is fifty three.  I’m pretty sure not even Bethenny knows what that even means, but Carole points out that is age-shaming.
Ramona grins like a chesire cat.
Bethenny says this list of Carole’s is weak, and Carole says she would not say these things to an enemy.
Bethenny says Carole called her a narcissist, and says she has mental disorders. Carole denies, and Bethenny points out narcissism is a mental illness.
Andy point out that things got worse after the season ended, with Carole discussing things about the issue on her blog, and reads some passages.  Ramona giggles.
Bethenny asks Carole when she got her medical degree. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 21 carole reunion part 2 Carole asks her the same question, and Dorinda pipes in. Dorinda says Bethenny has diagnosed her as an alcoholic, and called other people names.
Carole tells Bethenny that she was the one who said on TV that Carole does not have a career. Bethenny doubles down, and tells Carole she has no career.  They yell, and fight some more.
Carole says “I have no shame in my career game”.  I love Carole counteracting Bethenny, she is the only one who can check her.
What?  There is a part three of this next week?  Whyyyyyyyyy?

What did we learn this week- I’m not sure why Ramona got so much joy out of rehashing Bethenny and Carole’s fighting from over the season, but at least someone had fun watching this.  Is this why we are going to have a part three of this reunion, without LuAnn?

-Aoife, TV Maven



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