Reunion Part 3: It’s My Narrative, Shmoron

housewives of new york city season 10 episode 22 bethenny carole reunion 3The Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 22, Reunion Part 3

Carole just told Andy was “full of shit”, after he agreed with Bethenny that Carole was bashing her. Carole has an issue with the word “bash”.  Is this RHOD all of a sudden? Receipts are shown of Carole’s friend bashing Skinny Girl on an Instragram video, in which Carole calls Bethenny “unhinged”.Red Scarf Brian is brought up!
Andy asks Carole what happened with Brian, and if she felt different about him after watching the show.
Bethenny tells Carole she is leading the narrative on this non-issue, to borrow a word from Carole. Bethenny denies that Brian ever texted Carole, and says he texted her that he was not interested in Carole.  Carole talks about her own contact with Brian.  Bethenny then makes hand gestures suggesting Carole is being ridiculous, about the fact that Brian texted her after the party, and not Bethenny, as if Carole never got texts from him.housewives of new york city season 10 bethenny vs carole reunion part 3
Carole uses the word narrative, and Bethenny tells her to find a new word.
Then, Bethenny gets up in Carole’s face with her phone, and her texts from Brian, and calls Carole a “shmoron”.  housewives of new york city season 10 bethenny carole reunion part 3Bethenny sit down, you are way out of your element.  Either that, or this is bad editing.
Andy tries to end this conversation, but Bethenny is not done making noise. Carole says when she watched the season back, she could see that she was trying to salvage the friendship, and Bethennny had no interest in fixing their friendship.  No, Carole. We saw Bethenny genuinely hurting over this all season.
Dorinda hopes the two of them will become friends again in the future.
As Bethenny and Carole keep yelling at each other, the reunion goes to commercial.  Again, Bravo gives us great editing.

Sonja is in the spotlight next.  For some reason, Andy brings up that Sonja was on anti-depressants in the beginning of the season.  We see clips of Sonja badmouthing Tinsley, getting into a fight with Dorinda, comparing losing a husband to a divorce, the shoe line,  Did you know Sonja has a shoe line?  Also, Sonja packing up her townhouse.
Sonja is now in an apartment on the Upper West Side.
Everyone salutes Sonja on the move, and being able to get the townhouse in shape to rent out.
A viewer asks if there was a reason Sonja went on a retreat in Costa Rica, and went on anti-depressants.  Sonja says Bethenny helped her realize she needed therapy of some sort.  She says after she came back from Costa Rica, she went cold turkey off her anti-depressants.  Readers, please do not ever do this.  Sonja says the withdrawal is the reason why she said all of those things about Tinsley.  Tinsley and Carole do not buy this.
Tinsley reminds Sonja she called her a prostitute, and does not think it was because of withdrawal symptoms.housewives of new york city season 10 episode 22 tinsley too reunion part 3
Ramona says withdrawing like that will absolutely have effects on your behavior, and how you think.  Ramona is correct.

The big fight with Dorinda comes up again, and Dorinda once again reminds Sonja that losing a husband is not the same as getting a divorce.  Dorinda says she has done both, and says they are nothing alike.  Dorinda says divorce is a choice, but Sonja says she did not want to get divorced, so it was not a choice for her.
Dorinda says when Sonja are together one on one, they are good, but this group makes them fight.
Dorinda is asked why it upsets her so much that Sonja wears her husband’s family crest.  Dorinda tries to explain, saying her own daughter wears her father’s tartan, and Sonja,  and Bethenny interrupt.
Afterward, Sonja says she feels like she is in a good place with the whole group. housewives of new york city season 10 sonja reunion part 3  Sonja says she is always going to be her, and that everyone will hopefully always be there for her.  Ramona gives Sonja a big kiss on the cheek. Sonja tells Ramona she has never torn her down, or said nasty things about her, but wishes Ramona would stick up for her more with the women in this group.

The focus turns to Carole. We see clips of her running the NYC marathon, writing a piece  for Cosmo, and everything that happened with Adam this season.
Andy, and Ramona comment on how Adam looks lovingly at Carole in the clip from Carol’s athletic wear party.
Carole says she will not be running the marathon again, at least this year.
Tinsley says Carole is a loyal friend, she is a “girl’s girl”.  They have not seen each other that much since the season ended.
Carole says she and Tinsley are not “thick as thieves”, like Bethenny always suggested.
Bethenny grills Carole about it, and Carole calls Bethenny out on making up some Vegas trip that never happened.
Tinsley says she feels weird about everyone labeling her and Carole’s friendship.
A viewer asks Carole if she is a serious journalist.  Carole says she had a fifteen year career for ABC news, but Bethenny brings up this job ended twenty years ago. Everyone tells Bethenny to just stop.
Carole says she is now doing a monthly column for Cosmo, and Bethenny asks Carole if she puts that on her resume.
Bethenny says that Carole made a comment to Bethenny, saying she has nothing to put on her resume, then Bethenny lists her own resume. What is this?

The Cartegena trip  is the next topic!  Will there be discussion of the women pooping on the floor, and not cleaning it up?
Bethenny winces watching clips of herself crying on the trip.
We are shown a clip of one hotel staff member accidentally stepping in one of the ladies’  shit, and another  hotel employee cleaning one of the mattresses.
Bethenny is asked a question about her and Carole’s friendship.  Carole says something, Bethenny makes noises to try and get her to stop talking, saying she is saying her own narrative.  Bethenny, you are not even using words now, stop.
Carole says she is sensitive to highly unstable negative energy.  She says she is a very sane person.  Where is this going?  Carole continues, saying she does not like to hug, and found out she has an enlarged hippocampus, and is not emotional about things the way people are typically with emotions.

Tinsley is asked why she thought everything was alright on the boat, when the rest of the group was frightened.  Tinsley compares it to being on a bumpy ride in a car, and she has been through it before.
All the women have issues with this, saying they did not feel okay, or safe.
Ramona says to Andy, “you    have   no   idea”, about the situation on the boat.  Sonja says the waves were going over the boat.
Ramona reminds everyone they would have been dead if the captain had not cut the rope to the anchor.
Everyone talks about the paella parasites they got, and Ramona is asked why her poop was on the floor.  We do not get an answer, and we want to know why no one could clean up after themselves, come on Andy!

Andy brings up final thoughts on the ladies biggest regret of the season.  Bethenny says to Dorinda if she called her a drunk, she was wrong, and she apologizes.  Dorinda appreciates this, starts crying.  Tinley apologizes to Sonja for screaming at her.
Ramona regrets posting that photo on Instagram, and asking Tom to go to his New Year Eve party, both things that hurt LuAnn.
Andy asks if Carole’s biggest regret is saying he was full of shit on the reunion. No, Andy. Carole says it is what happened between her and Bethenny, and wished they could have had a conversation.  Bethenny cries.
Dorinda says she regrets being drunk at that Puerto Rico dinner, and says she is working on herself.
They all do shots of wheatgrass juice, and Andy toasts to “Lu”. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 21 reunion toast

What did we learn this week-
If you are on medication, please do not stop using it “cold turkey”.  Talk to your  doctor, and wean yourself off under a doctor’s direction.

When Bethenny is challenged, she does not stop, even when she starts making noises, and making gestures instead of using her words.  This is not fun to watch.

Carole will not be returning next season. I miss the days of her and Heather, but they are long gone.
Who will be the new Housewife?
Until next season,

-Aoife, TV Maven


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