Party Time: Shane and Steve’s Table for Jerks

housewives of orange county season 13 episode 8 gina kelly shannon
The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 13, Episode 8, Seeing Red

At Vicki and Shannon’s birthday party, Tamra continues to fight with Shannon, and Shannon storms off.  Tamra says she knows what it feels like to have a husband who has been attacked with rumors, and wishes Shannon would listen to her.Kelly goes after Shannon, and convinces her to come back to the table, and tell Tamra that this is not alright.
Back at the table, Emily repeats that she wants to be with Shane and she also makes more money than him. The ladies like this second comment, and so do I.
Shannon and Kelly rejoin the others.  Shannon tries to talk to Tamra, but Tamra does not back down.
Shannon tells us everyone at the table said something about Emily and Shane’s marriage, but she is the only one saying anything now.
Vicki asks if  the cake be brought out to stop the fight, and thankfully, cake time is happy.
The party ends, everyone leaves the table to go home, and Shannon sits alone at the table.
Tamra tells us Shannon is out of line, and just thinking about herself.

Steve show up to drive Vicki, and Tamra home from the party.
Tamra talks to Steve for a minute, telling us since she and Vicki were not friends when she started going out with Steve, she does not know him at all.
Tamra tells Steve that he has to “marry Vicki right now”, and Steve walks off to get another drink.  Steve does not talk at all.
Tamra tells Steve he and Vicki have to. “fuck like fucking rabbits”.  Steve is more silent, and red.
Vicki tells us Steve does even like talking about sex with her, and does not want to talk about it with Tamra.
This drive home must have been fun!

Tamra is throwing Eddie a party for his forty-fifth birthday. She bought Eddie a suit with hearts all over it, and is making everyone wear red.  Eddie asks how many people they are expecting, and Tamra asks him if he invited David Beador.  Tamra tells Eddie not to invite David, because Shannon is her friend. Eddie digs his heels in, saying David is his friend, and it is his party. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 8 eddieIn the end Eddie says will not invite David, and David is enough of a grown up to understand.
Tamra says she does not want Shannon mad at her, and Eddie says Shannon could be mad at her for anything.  The husbands, and boyfriends of the OC seem to be the biggest jerks out of all the franchises.

Gina is having a challenging dinner time with her young children, and Vicki shows up!  Vicki tells us she has a soft spot for Gina because she has kids, and her husband is not around, like Brianna. Vicki says she wants to be there for Gina, and help her out a bit also.
After watching Gina with the children, Vicki tells she does not see any help for Gina, and Gina is doing everything.  Gina and Vicki try to eat, but one of Gina’s sons smacks her in the head.  This child ends up in time out in his room.
Vicki tells Gina she just did a great job with her son.  Gina tells Vicki Matt would be upset if he knew their child was putting his hands on his mother like that.

Emily asks Shane if he is excited about Eddie’s upcoming party. He says he does not know any of the women, but he heard one of them. Shane, you are a charmer.
He says he is looking forward to the event, but is not excited about it.
Emily says she hopes that the other women will meet Shane, and see he is a wonderful person. Oyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, we can already tell this will not be good.

Kelly and Shannon meet for coffee. Kelly orders boba tea, but does not like the tapioca balls. Kelly convinces Shannon to get a matcha tea.
Gina comes to see Tamra, and asks her how she is doing.  Tamra tells her she is still upset about Shannon.  She says what happened with Shannon was very frustrating, and Shannon made it all about her, as always.
Kelly tries to get Shannon to see that Tamra is going through a lot of things right now.
Tamra tells Gina Shannon has never called her to see how Eddie is doing.
Shannon thinks there is something else going on beyond how Tamra feels about their argument at the part. Yes Shannon! Please talk to Tamra.
Gina tells Tamra she is so used to Shannon shutting her down when she tries to talk to her about things,that Tamra does not try to talk to Shannon when she needs to do so. Gina says this is not a friendship, and Tamra should be able to talk to Shannon about everything.  Tamra agrees.

Tamra and Shannon meet to talk, and Shannon is using a scooter.  Shannon says she hurt her ankle.  Tamra tells us this seems like a Single White Female situation, and does not believe Shannon needs the scooter.
Shannon and Tamra get flowers for Eddie’s party.  Tamra asks Shannon if she is going to go to the doctor, and Shannon says she will see how things go. If you hurt your ankle bad enough to use a scooter, please go get it looked at.
Tamra tells Shannon they need to talk and Shannon agrees. Tamra finally tells Shannon that Shannon calls her all the time, but never returns the support.
Tamra tells Shannon she is going through a lot, and she knows Shannon is having a hard time. However, Shannon never asks her how she is doing, and how Eddie is doing.  Shannon apologizes and tells her she is working on not being as reactive as she used to be. Shannon tells Tamra to please talk to her anytime she needs.
Shannon tells us she is sad to hear Tamra say this and will do whatever she can to be a better friend.
Tamra tells Shannon Eddie refuses to take his medication, and he is frustrated with doctors. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 3 tamra crying Tamra feels like Eddie is losing faith, and she feels like her prayers are going unanswered.
Shannon takes Tamra’s hand and offers support for everything Tamra is going through, apologizes again, and they hug.  Hooray for these two working things out, because as friends, they really need to support each other right now.

Everyone gets ready for Eddie’s party, and wears red.  As she gets ready, Tamra reveals that she found some poster-sized headshots of Eddie, from when he was in college.  We all hope will be at this party.
Tamra scoots around the party with big hair, and a wine glass in her free hand.housewives of orange county season 13 episode 8 tamra  Eddie is not only wearing a red suit with white hearts all over is, but also dons a red top hot.
Gina finally meets Shane and greets him with a happy “It’s fucking Shane!”. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 8 shane gina
We are not sure how Shane feels about this.
All the ladies arrive.  Tamra’s mom, Sandra, is very concerned that Shannon is using a scooter, because she is a total mom.  We love Sandra, and this is one reason why.
Vicki tells Steve he accidentally referred to him as her husband, and he tells her to call her whatever she likes. Steve seems to be so uncomfortable all the time.

Kelly tells Sandra, and the others she cannot stand Steve.  Apparently, Steve spoke to Page Six sometime between the last reunion, and the filming of the current season.  Despite not even knowing Kelly, Steve made some nasty comment about her and is on Michael’s side.  Sandra is sad to hear this.
The old headshots of Eddie come out! Kelly holds one, and glares at Steve.
Kelly tells Vicki she feels very uncomfortable around Steve. Vicki tries to hang up the other headshot of Eddie, and tells Kelly if she feels uncomfortable, she should not go near him. Vicki tells she is not worried about Kelly, even if she decides to say something to Steve.
Gina goes into the kitchen with Emily. Gina tells her she and Matt are having problems with their marriage. Gina says if they are eventually able to live with each other, she does not think they will “live happily ever after”.
Gina tells Emily she is usually not an emotional person, but starts crying.  Emily comforts her, and tells us she feels for Gina, because even the best marriages are hard at times.
Vicki comes inside the kitchen, in the middle of Gina and Emily’s conversation.  Vicki tells Gina she regrets not working on her marriage more, and tells her to make Gina to make her marriage better right away.
Emily agrees with Vicki’s advice.

Shannon and Kelly have some nibbles alone, at a small table.  They both wonder if Shane is around, and Kelly sees Steve at a small table with Shane. These two are the biggest jerks at this party, so the two of them hanging out alone makes perfect sense.
Kelly is not aware of who Shane is, despite being introduced to him earlier.
Kelly wants to confront Steve about his comments about her.  Shannon tells her the polite way to go talk to Steve about this, coaching her a bit.  Shannon hopes if Kelly can talk to Steve calm manner, he will understand why Kelly is so upset. Shannon, have you met Kelly?
Kelly and Shannon come over to Steve and Shane’s table.  Kelly tells Steve  she does not want to make a big deal about things,  but what he said to Page Six made her upset. Steve claims he does not know what he said.  Convenient.
Kelly starts getting upset, and says she can pull Steve’s comments up on her phone. Steve is not having it, and tells Kelly, “Take your drama somewhere else”. Steve, if you do not want to be confronted about things, do not say nasty comments to people to the tabloids.
Shane jumps in, and in what we are quickly learning is typical for Shane, is he makes everything worse. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 8 steve kelly
Steve flees, and retreats to the house. Vicki comes to him, and Steve says he is not going to give in to Kelly.  Vicki comforts him, as if Kelly is acting like this for no reason.  Vicki, stop defending the bad, or sometimes horrid behavior of your men.

Outside, Shane and Kelly are getting into it.  Shane asks Kelly if Steve is the only man to ever write about her in the tabloids. What is that?  How does Shane think this is  in any way?
Shane asks Kelly if she is drunk, as if that would be odd at a party that serves alcohol.  Kelly tells him she is not drunk, and Shannon diplomatically backs her up.  We know Kelly, and she has most likely had some wine, but she is not drunk, nor is she super drunk. Shane is LDS, but after living among us muggles for so long, how has he not learned that it is not his business how much people drink ever?
Shane then actually says “ugggggggh” when told Kelly is sober. He asks Kelly how anyone can bear to be around her.  This is something I expect to come out of the mouth of a twelve yer old boy, and not a grown man.
Kelly is extremely upset at this point.  She calls Shane a twerp, dork, and a “pussy”. Shannon the diplomat apologizes on behalf of the nation of KellyLand.

Kelly comes over to where rest of the ladies are, visibly upset.  When asked what is wrong, Kelly says she went to talk to Steve, and tells them about the, “little bitch” talking to Steve.
Emily tells Kelly that “little bitch” is her husband, and to not talk about him like that. Kelly says Shane should not have into it with her and Steve, and once again calls him a little bitch. Emily yells, “That’s my husband!”.  Emily gets in Kelly’s face, and they yell at each other. Kelly dares Emily to hit her.
Emily kicks Kelly out of the party, saying no one wants to talk to her. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 8 emily gina large  Please note this is not even Emily’s party.
Happy Birthday Eddie!

What did we learn this week – What happened?  How did all the men of the OC end up being such jerks?  We thought it was going to end with David and Michael leaving, especially David.  Now, Steve and Shane seem to have replaced them.

Please do not think that Shane acts like this only because he is LDS.  He would most likely be a judgemental, emotionally stunted jerk, no matter his belief system.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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