Rodeo Days, Lap Dancing Nights

housewives of dallas season 3 kameron bull
The Real Housewives of Dallas – Season 3, Episode 5, Rodeo Barbie

Everyone is back from Beaver Creek, and recovering from the trip, and everything they purchased at Beaver Liquors.LeeAnne and Rich go out to dinner.  LeeAnne tells him she is still dehydrated from the trip.   She tells him she was shocked that D’Andra and Brandi bonded in Colorado, and  tequila is why they are friends now.
LeeAnne decides to dive into it with Rich.  She says the last time they talked about marriage, they decided to have a date to set a date.  LeeAnne says it made her feel like he does not want to get married.  Rich says it was a joke. Will people ever stop saying everything is a joke when they are called out on saying something harmful?
LeeAnne says she does not know why she is afraid to make him set a date, and Rich says she cannot make him do anything. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 8 rich LeeAnne asks Rich if he thinks they do not talk about when they want to get married because they both do not want marriage.  Rich says he did not propose to LeeAnne just to propose.  Rich tells her they have a communication problem, and he does not talk to her because he does not want to piss her off.  LeeAnne asks why they have not yet set a date,  Rich says they have a lot going on.
Rich tells LeeAnne she is the only women who has ever been his best friend. LeeAnne says she is scared, and says she wants real commitment from Rich. LeeAnne tells us she wants someone who understands commitment.  Rich asks LeeAnne to marry him again, and LeeAnne says yes.  LeeAnne says she will start making plans, and Rich says the date will come “organically” from the planning.

Pink Princess Kameron once again talks to her children as if they are her adult peers.  She tells them all about the Global Pet Expo, because children really want to hear about business expos, and pink Sparkledog food.
Her daughter Hilton, famous for always saying, “Awkward!”, tells her mother, people will  not buy the dog food out side the expo, ” ’cause it’s dumb”, and it is pink dog food. The children say they do not want her to be away at the expo, and Kameron tells them to never think that pink Sparkledog food is more important than they are.

LeeAnne comes over to D’Andra’s.  D’Andra says she has not been getting enough sleep lately, and she really needs to write a business plan.  D’Andra tells us she has to start her business as if it is a start up company, but she wants to build a company from the ground up by her own.
LeeAnne brings up her conversation with Rich the night before. She tells D’Andra he kind of proposed to her again last night.  D’Andra is not pleased to hear there is no date, and asks how LeeAnne  knows this is real.  LeeAnne asks because she knows.
LeeAnne asks D’Andra how she and Brandi became friends on the trip. LeeAnne says she knows what Brandi is capable of, as she is a victim of Brandi. Victim?
LeeAnne says Brandi knows D’Andra and LeeAnne’s friendship has a deep foundation, and Brandi will use that to get to LeeAnne. D’Andra wonders what is going on, since LeeAnne made up with Brandi at the Bubbles and Bru party.
D’Anra humors LeeAnne, and says she will keep this in the back of her mind.

It is D’Andra’s birthday! Brandi has arranged a rodeo birthday party, and D’Andra pre-games with some Patron.
As everyone arrives at D’Andra’s, she makes them all take a tequila shot.  Brandi brings her friend Joyce.  Stephanie, and Cary are still on their respective vacations.
As they drive, Kameron calls bulls “bowls”.  The ladies try to explain the difference to her.
They arrive in Ft. Worth, where there is a rodeo festival!
First they witness a parade of “bowls”, then head to a bar.
The women do beer bongs.  As Kameron holds the beer bong for Brandi, she tells her she does not understand how she wants to do that.  Kameron tells us in college she did a champagne bong.  Kameron went to college?
D’Andra, and LeeAnne also drink from the beer bong.  Brandi makes a nasty comment about LeeAnne to us, saying it is sad to watch a fifty year old woman drink from a beer bong.  Brandi, what do you think you will be doing at fifty?
LeeAnne ends up violently burping, and says this is why she does not drink beer.

The ladies decide to take turns riding a mechanical bull.  D’Andra fares better than Brandi. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 5 dandra bull
LeeAnne jumps on the bull, and breaks two nails when she is thrown off.
Kameron wants to try, this being her first time on a mechanical bull. LeeAnne has to help her on the bull.  She tells everyone she is really afraid.  Everyone tells Kameron she looks great, which calms her right down.  The group yells advice, but to no avail, and Kameron  loses her balance.
The ladies go to the actual rodeo, and watch the action.  D’Andra tells us watching hot guys in tight pants riding bulls, and Kameron riding a mechanical bull are very different things.
Back at the bar, everyone toasts to Kameron. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 8 eatin Kameron asks Brandi what it is like to hang out with  the rest of the group, without Stephanie.  LeeAnne tells Brandi she has to enter society to understand it, and that Wescotts and Simmons are constantly under a microscope, so life is harder for them.  Kameron talks about how hard it is to be part of Dallas society. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 5 Kameron popcorn
D’Andra tells us Kameron married into society, but D’Andra has been dealing with it since birth.
D’Andra tells the women this is her year to figure things out with her life, her business and she wants to start being true to herself. D’Andra tells us Brandi understands this, and is one reason why she  wants to be friends with Brandi.
Brandi tells D’Andra she is sad D’Andra has to apologize for who she is, which results in LeeAnne makes faces.
D’Andra opens presents. Brandi bought D’Andra the necklace she did not get to buy in Beaver Creek! housewives of dallas season 3 episode 5 brandi barEveryone thinks this is really sweet, except for LeeAnne, who makes more amazing faces.
Kameron tells us Brandi is investing in D’Andra’s friendship, and “buying her over”.  D’Andra tells Brandi she is surprised they became friends, and she is happy, even though LeeAnne warned her to not trust Brandi. D’Andra, why would you do this?

Kameron and LeeAnne go to one corner or the bar together. Kameron tells LeeAnne Brandi is taking advantage of D’Andra.  Kameron thinks that D’Andra should stay with people in her own class, and not Brandi, who is not part of Dallas society, and makes poop jokes all the time.  What universe is this?
The women dance, and drink more.  D’Andra gives a toast to everyone who came to her party, and there is more dancing.  Even Kameron dances, and smiles, while sitting at the table.  LeeAnne gives D’Andra a lap dance because tequila. Then, LeeAnne dances on the floor, and whips her hair around.
Brandi tells us she feels like LeeAnne is jealous of her new relationship with D’Andra.

The next day, Stephanie is back, and comes over to Brandi’s. Stephanie and Brandi have been away from each other for ten days.
Stephanie tells us she wants to hear the scoop.  She tells Brandi and Brandi’s mom about Italy trip.
Brandi tells Stephanie about the rodeo. She tells her about LeeAnne’s lap dance with D’Andra, and gets on Stephanie to show her how rough LeeAnne was grinding. Stephanie tells us hearing  this is “magical”, and Rich must be a lucky man.
Brandi tells Stephanie D’Andra said she needs to be dong things for herself, and LeeAnne told her not to be friends with Brandi.
Stephanie tells us she does not want to judge LeeAnne based on other people’s comments, and LeeAnne has been working so hard on changing.  That is nice to hear from Stephanie, especially when is it something Brandi said.

What did we learn this week- This group really does have a good time when they are out to party.
If Kameron’s goal is making friends with the women of this group, riding the mechanical bull, and holding Brandi’s beer bong was good, but then talking about how she and D’Andra are different than everyone else because of Dallas society will not help.  It works on LeeAnne, no one else.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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