Nowruz: Vida Criticizes You, Reza Tells Adam He Invested in Shampoo

Shahs of sunset season 7 new year
Shahs of Sunset – Season 7, Episode 6, Emeralds Aren’t Forever

GG goes to a jeweler to get an appraisal for her engagement ring from Shalom.  Yes GG! Sell that thing!GG says she does not know if she wants to reset the ring to make it look less “engagementy”, or sell it to help out her new business. Shervin arrives for moral support.  The jeweler comes back, and the ring is worth one hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars!  Sell it GG, sell it!

Tommy and MJ go to a couples therapy session.  MJ starts by saying she is in love with Tommy, wants him to feel loved, but there are things in their relationship they need to improve.
She says Tommy yells when he communicates, and she needs that to stop.
Tommy says he constantly hears a lot about what he does wrong.  Then, he says something nobody ever wants to hear, especially MJ.  Tommy says MJ can be just like her mother, nitpcking at him over nothing. Ruh roh! MJ does not punch Tommy in the face, so that is a positive sign.
The therapist asks MJ if she can communicate better with Tommy.  Tommy says he feels like he does not get the appreciation he deserves.
They both agree they want to make things better for their relationship.

GG and Shervin go to the beach, to set up for the pre-Nowruz festival, Chaharshanbe Suri.  Everyone gathers in an open space, and at sunset, a bonfire is made. Everyone jumps over it, as a way to purify for the New Year. This is done the week before Nowruz.  Look at what you learn from watching this trashy reality show!
There is a beach in the area where there this is permitted, thanks to GG’s parents, who started doing this tradition on the beach after they arrived from Iran.
At the celebration, Nema tells us his dad tried to not let him grow up with a Persian accent, and wanted him to just be “American”. As adults, he and Mona have been rediscovering their culture.
Golnesa’s parents arrive.  Nema tells us he really needs to make a good impression on them.

While everyone is celebrating, Reza and Adam are dealing with the police. There was a break in at Reza’s property, where to he had stored a lot of his and Adam’s belongings. The thieves ransacked everything Reza had stored, stealing and destroying almost all of his and Adam’s belongings there.

Back on the beach, everyone takes turns jumping over the fire pit.  As one jumps, you say a line in Farsi.  Nema has to be told what to say.  GG burns her marriage license in the fire before she jumps.  GG tells us it “feels so fucking good” that it is burning.  Again GG, Yes!

The next day, the group goes to dinner at a Persian restaurant.  Destiney says she loves going to Persian restaurants for the music, obviously the food, and they use the right amount of certain spices.
Destiney tells everyone she is dealing with a lot, and has had an emotional week. She says for those who do not know, that her father he wasn’t around at all growing up, and she needs closure on. Nema tells Destiney talking about it closure, but Destiney says she will have closure only when she talks to “that son of a bitch”.  Nema tells us he, Destiney, and Reza are all in the same position, in terms of what they went through growing up.
Destiney says she hired a private detective to find her father.  Destiney tells us it is Persian New Year, and is a time for closure on something she has been coping with her whole life.
Everyone gets up and dances. Destiney tells us whenever in she was pain, dancing was her outlet.

Reza prepares a Nowruz feast, and includes a Haft-sin. This is a set up of seven items that start with the Farsi letter sin, and other symbolic items, including live fish. The goldfish dies. Reza takes it out of the bowl, and brings it to the toilet, all while saying the blessing over wine in Hebrew. Reza tells us he is fully aware that he said a blessing for wine while taking the goldfish to its final destination.  He says it is the only Hebrew prayer, or blessing he knows by heart, and it will have to do.

Happy Norwuz!
MJ and Vida come over to Reza and Adam’s for their Nowruz meal.  They are joined by Mike and Morgan.
Vida immediately looks over Reza’s Haft-sin, and criticizes him for not having live fish.  Reza tells us he knew Vida would say something about this.  Reza tells Vida the goldfish died, which makes her more critical about the Haft-sin.
Reza asks Morgan if she is going to Mike’s family for dinner, and she says no.  Mike says it is not the right time, and says he wants to do everything right with Morgan.
Reza shows Vida an emerald be bought for his mother for Nowruz. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 6 reza vida Adam accidentally drops it on the floor, and the fall chips off the corner of the emerald.  Reza cannot believe it.  Adam offers to pay for it, and Reza tells him he could not afford it.Shahs of sunset season 7 episode 6 morgan adam Reza tells us this Nowruz is not shaping up so well, so far.  He has an investment he is keeping secret from his husband, he bought his mother and emerald, but did not tell Adam, the emerald is now ruined, and the goldfish is dead.

Later on, half of the group does to dinner at Mike’s mom’s Sue’s home.
Vida makes a point to tell Reza that Sue’s fish on her Haft-sin is alive.  Reza, and Mike whisper to each other that Vida is pure evil.
At GG’s party, the rest of the group arrives for the celebration.  GG’s friend Ali comes out dressed as Haji Firuz  a Nowruz mascot.  He is the companion of the Nowruz version of Santa Claus.  As Haji Firuz, Ali’s job is to hand out gifts.  He makes everyone dance, and really work it before they get their money. Shahs of sunset season 7 episode 6 nowruz
GG tell us she loves that she has a gay Haji Firuz at her Nowruz celebration.
Nema tells us he is really happy he now has some Persian friends in his life, and he feels like he is gaining family.
GG and everyone Facetimes Mike, Destiney loudly asks Mike if he invited Morgan, and Mike says no. This happens in front of everyone at Sue’s house.
Before dinner, Mike asks MJ about the details of the wedding. MJ says she is having a bachelorette party, and Vida asks if they will get wild. Mike says they will get crunk.  Vida asks if that means “overdrunk”, and the group explains to Vida what crunk means.  Again, Bravo, please give Vida her own show.
Destiney Facetimes Reza. He tells her in Farsi that Morgan was not invited, and she is mortified she asked Mike in front of everyone.
Destiney tells us something wrong with Mike and Morgan’s relationship if he is not inviting Morgan to Nowruz dinner.
Mike makes a toast.  He says he is so proud of MJ for being so strong, and is so happy for her and Tommy.  Everyone toasts to Shams.

The next day, Adam and Reza visit an egg donor/ Reza tells us he did not bring his wallet, and is not paying for any of this.  Reza says he wants a Caucaisian egg donor, so the child(ren) will look like Adam. It will cost Adam One hundred, twenty-five thousand dollars, just for the surrogacy fee alone.  If he wants twins it will cost ten to fifteen thousand dollars more.
Adam says he does not have the money at the moment, but has half of it.  The egg donor rep walks out of the room to give Reza and Adam a chance to talk about paying for this.
Reza finally tells Adam he spent five hundred thousand dollars on a shampoo business. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 6 Adam Adam says he didn’t realize the extent of what Reza was doing with the shampoo company. Reza tells Adam he did not plan on telling him. Adam says if that is the case, Reza was going to lie, because not not telling something like that is lying.
Reza says he doing it for their future, and he cannot handle another financial burden at the moment. Reza says when house is done, they will refinance the home, and put that money “into a kid”.
Adam says that is fine with him. Reza tells Adam he has really been pressuring him to have a child. Reza wants Adam to be more open and honest, and Adam asks the same of Reza.  Reza tells Adam they are, “gonna sell a lot of shampoos”.  They high five.

What did we learn this week- Again, especially after watching Vida at all of these Nowruz celebrations, Vida needs her own show.  Bravo when will you hear our plea?

Reza had better sell a lot of shampoos, but at least he finally told Adam.

-Aoife, TV Maven



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