Smashy, Smashy, Kameron Says Brandi is Trashy

housewives of dallas season 3 episode 6 leeanne confessional
The Real Housewives of Dallas – Season 3, Episode 6, Smashing Friendships

Brandi prepares for the monthly visit from social workers, to make sure baby Bru is in good hands.  Brandi tells us adoption does not happen overnight.
Brandi tells her girls to tell the social workers she is an amazing mom. One of her daughters decides instead, she will talk about how much Brandi talks on the phone with Stephanie.The girls interject on all of the questions, as Brandi notes, just like their mama would have as a child.
housewives of dallas season 3 episode 6 brandi
The social workers understand, but Brandi tells us her kids are being “little shitheads”.
When asked by the social workers, the girls also insist they do not want any more siblings.

Kameron says goodbye to her children. She gets ready to leave for the Global Pet Expo, to peddle her pink Sparkledog food.
Kameron calls Kourt for moral support.  She know if she does not find a distributor, this is the end of SparkleDog.  Kameron tells us this is a business trip, so she is flying commercial,  we assume first class.

LeeAnne and D’Andra go out for coffee, and pie.  LeeAnne tells D’Andra about an event she is throwing called “A Smashing Good Time”, where everyone will be smashing things at the Anger Room.
Everyone will be share something with the group, and then smash some trash.
D’Andra tells LeeAnne she is building her new business without any help from her mother, and says she needs to cut down an expenses. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 6 dandra also D’Andra will have to cut down on shopping, and she will have to cut down on her housekeeper. Our hearts are all breaking, can you feel it?
LeeAnne tells her to just deal, and tells D’Andra she needs real plans for business. LeeAnne tells us if D’Andra got to be so blunt about her and Rich, LeeAnne can do the same to D’Andra right now.
D’Andra feels like LeeAnne is being condescending to her like her mother would.

LeeAnne meets her friend Steve, her wedding planner, and close friend.  LeeAnne tells us he is the best wedding planner in the entire country, and he loves her, so this will be a great wedding.
Rich joins them for this meeting.
Rich says he does not want five hundred, to one thousand people, like LeeAnne wants at the wedding.
housewives of dallas season 3 episode 6 leeane rich
Steve tells them to start thinking about how many people they want at their wedding, because that helps plan the whole affair.
LeeAnne tells us that this is her one and only wedding, so she does not care about the money.  They set the date at one year, one day away.  LeeAnne tells us she cannot wait to tell D’Andra she was wrong, and she now has a wedding date. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 6 leeanne confessional
Steve tells Rich he will be working on his bachelor party. Rich asks Steve if he will be inviting Stormy Daniels to the party.  Rich, you are so corny, and not in a fun way.

D’Andra comes over to Cary’s dad’s place. As they start to talk,  D’Andra says her life is falling apart. D’Andra tells Cary about having to start her business on her own.  Cary tells D’Andra if she needs anything she is there for D’Andra.
D’Andra says she has a friend who lost all of her money, and was ostracized by Dallas society. D’Andra says she is afraid the same thing will happen to her.
D’Andra cries about how LeeAnne chided her about spending too much. Cary tells D’Andra that LeeAnne claimed she only had two hundred dollars in her bank account.  D’Andra gets all worked up about that comment, and she has five bank accounts. Again, we all relate.
D’Andra thinks it is low to talk to other people about your best friend’s financial situation.
Cary tells us she would rather tell D’Andra what LeeAnne said, then let it blow up in her face later.

It is the day of LeeAnne’s smashing event.  LeeAnne is wearing a fake mustache for some reason, and is working on facial decorations for everyone.
Brandi and D’Andra ride together to go smash.  D’Andra tells Brandi she is angry at LeeAnne.  She relates the story about the two hundred dollars, noting that was one account for shopping.
Brandi asks D’Andra if she remembers when she said LeeAnne uses everything people tell her to her advantage. D’Andra says she is so in shock, she does not know how she is going to handle the day.
Kameron arrives, and is very confused as to why LeeAnne is wearing a fake mustache.  Kameron tells the ladies the Global Pet Expo was a success, and she cannot wait tell Court.
D’andra arrives to the event,  furious at LeeAnne.
The ladies are suited up, and given safety equipment.
The woman who runs the program tells the women the smashing brings up emotions for people about things that happened decades ago, so they should be prepared.

LeeAnne takes off her mustache, and tells the group they are not letting each other see who they really are, and she wants them all to be real.
D’Andra responds by saying she has never been fake, and that is why she is angry.
D’Andra asks LeeAnne , “What the fuck is up” with telling someone she had two hundred dollars in her bank account.
Kameron wonders why D’Andra is so upset, because no one would ever believe a rumor like that.
D’Andra keeps going and tells LeeAnne the rumor is humiliating, and starts to cry.
She says everyone in Dallas thinks she only has two hundred dollars, and that LeeAnne betrayed her, then reminds LeeAnne she has kept all of her secrets.

LeeAnne says it was not malicious, and she was trying to figure out how to make D’Andra’s current financial situation better.
D’Andra yells at LeeAnne, saying she does not understand anything about her life. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 6 dandra smashy
Everyone comforts D’Andra, Kameron noting she had never even heard this rumor.  Stephanie assures D’Andra the group does not think any less of her, Brandi reminds everyone she grew up in a trailer, and it was not even a double wide.
D’Andra tells us she thinks LeeAnne is enjoying that she is financial trouble.
LeeAnne tells Cary she thought what she told her was going to stay in Beaver Creek.  Cary tells LeeAnne she can be “pissed” at her, but she wanted to tell D’Andra.

Everyone smashes things and has a good time.  Everyone is all smiles, so clearly it felt good.  LeeAnne gives everyone pens to write things on plates they will be throwing against a wall.
LeeAnne apologizes to D’Andra, and they hug.
LeeAnne dedicates her plate throw to her glass smashing incident last season, and is happy she is getting more in control of her anger.
Brandi gets very emotional, and tells us she is going through a lot right now, and the ladies comfort her too.

Brandi and Stephanie to go another room.  Brandi tells Stephanie that she should have told LeeAnne how she really feels.  Stephanie tells Brandi that LeeAnne is really different now, and if she has a problem that she can tell LeeAnne.
Brandi tells LeeAnne in front of the group that LeeAnne has hesitations about D’Andra being friends with her.
Kameron of all people pipes up, and tells Bandi she was worried when she and D’Andra got close.  Kameron tells Brandi she is a bad influence on D’Andra.

Of course, Brandi gets upset about this.  She walks off, telling Kameron if she does not want to be herself, she should not blame it on her.  She says D’Andra is a  grown woman and can make her own decisions, and  if these “bitches” don’t want to be around her, “sayonara”.
After a minute talking to Cary, Brandi returns to the group.
Brandi tells them she has a lot of integrity and morals, and she is a good example to her children.  She says likes to have a lot of fun, and if anyone thinks she is a bad influence, then do not be friends with her,
This results with everyone talking at once.  LeeAnne says she was deeply hurt after her friendship with Brandi ended.
D’Andra is drained, and walks away, saying she can no longer deal.
If I say this event was a smashing success, will you hate me?  Will I hate myself in the morning?  See you next time!

What did we learn this week- I cannot believe Bravo somehow made an entire episode about a small spat between LeeAnne and D’Andra, but here we are.  These two are not going to end a ten year friendship because LeeAnne told Cary that D’Andra had two hundred dollars in her bank account.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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