Pesach, Parents, and Private Eyes

shahs of sunset season 7 episode 7 vida largerShahs of Sunset – Season 7, Episode 7, It’s Passover, Let Your Girlfriend Go!

Leora the wedding planner, takes Vida, MJ, Tommy, and some of their wedding party to see the site of the wedding.  Vida criticizes everything right away, including the program, which is boring, and “cheesy”.She said the program is for “fanatic family”, and they are not fanatic.  Again, Vida says this will be cheesy, and does not approve. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 7 tommyMJ tells us no matter what happens, she is making sure she has a traditional Persian wedding.

Mike and Reza meet for lunch.  Earlier that day, Adam had his conversion at the mikvah!  Mazal Tov Adam!  Reza’s father is very happy about the news.
Reza tells Mike that he told Adam about investing all of his money into shampoo.   Mike does not even let Reza continue, and asks him if he really wants a child.  Reza insists he wants a family.
Adam joins them, and Mike welcomes Adam into the tribe.
Adam asks of Morgan is Jewish, and if he is going to ask her to convert.  Mike thinks his relationship with Jessica was doomed partly because of their differences.
Mike will also be hosting seder for Pesach. You may know this holiday as Passover thanks to some dead English man, who decided to rename it.  Pesach, now you know.

Destiney and MJ meet for wine.  Destiney tells MJ she is shining, and glowing, from being about to be wed.
MJ and Destiney get into a conversation about their families, and Deintey talks about her father.  She tells MJ after he left her family as a child, she met him again for the first time ten years ago.  Destiney tells us she wants to see him again,  She tells MJ she has hired a private investigator to find him. Destiney says she told her father as a child she was not her father because he left her them, and her father told her she was no longer his daughter, because a daughter would not speak to him like that.
Destiney runs to the bathroom to cry, with MJ following.  MJ tells us Destiney has this solid armor, and a need to be protected but she cannot live like that.  MJ tells Destiney among other things, that she is fierce, which makes Destiney laugh.

Nema has GG come to a gym, to take photos for her company, which has yet to be created.
GG tells Nema next year she wants “something growing in side of her”, meaning she wants a baby.  Nema asks about Shervin as a possible father, and they both agree the baby would be too hairy.
Nema tells GG she looks “hot as hell” before the photo shoot.  He tells us Golnesa radiates, the world will love her, and she will sell a billion products. Nema, stop drooling over GG, and see if she wants to pursue some kind of romance with you.

Destiney has her mother over to talk. Destiney tells her about hiring a private investigator to find her father.
Reza comes by, he and Destiney’s mothers were friends when they were younger, and he knows about the situation.  Reza tells Destiney’s mother that every time Destiney talks about her father she cries, and something has to be done about that.  He tells Destiney the things that she does not work on her life will come up again, over and over.
Destiney’s mother asks her what will happen when she meets father. She asks her daughter if she will cry, and tells her that her father is not a bad man.
Reza insists if Destiney does not deal with this, she will be repeating the same thing in her own life, with her own children. Destiney protests, and says there is no way she will ever put her future children in the same situation.  Reza  gets Destiney’s mom to understand that Destiney finding her father is the best thing for her.

Mike cleans his ball at the bowling alley. He, Morgan, MJ, and Tommy are having bowling night!  MJ is wearing a leopard print jumpsuit, because that’s how she bowls, and rolls.
Mike and Tommy act very competitive, but MJ reminds both of them they have brothers who are doctors, and they are not.
MJ talks to Morgan alone about Mike’s parents.  Morgan says she knows Mike is not comfortable introducing her to them, and that the situation is not ideal.  MJ tells us that it is “so shady” of Mike to not being a serious girlfriend to meet his parents.
In the end, MJ and Tommy win.  Part of the celebration includes Tommy eating a chicken wing MJ claims she dropped on the floor.

The group goes out for a night of fun at a club, and MJ wears a blonde wig.  She says she likes the way it makes her feel.
Reza asks MJ and Tommy if they are getting excited, and if MJ is thinking about her bachelorette party.
Reza tells us, “The turn up is real” when they go to Vegas for MJ’s for bachelorette party. MJ tells Morgan she will meet Mike’s parents in Vegas, since they will be attending.  Why are parents invited to the bachelorette party? Will there be one party with parents, and Vida, and another secret one with only friends? Hmmmm
A friend of Shervin’s tries to flirt with GG.  Nema tells us he knows that GG  is using “this poor guy”, to rile him up. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 7 nema gg large Again, Nema tells us GG’s Jedi mind tricks will not work on him. Nema, you have already fallen for every trick she has played to get you more into her.

Destiney meets with a private investigator, and invites Reza for moral support. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 7 destiney large Reza tells Destiney not to be afraid of the unknown.  Monique Lessan, the Persian PI arrives. Destiney says she hired Monique because she is Persian, and knows the culture very well.
Destiney tells Monique one time she looked at her father’s suitcase, and found different IDs from all over the world.  Destiney says he speaks seven languages, but does not know how he learned them.  Destiney wonders if he has another family, and says she has a lot of questions she need to be answered. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 7 destiney medium
Reza tells Monique he thinks Destiney’s mother knows everything, but will not tell her children.  Reza also tells Destiney this is no way for her to live, and she should get a handle on it.

Morgan, and Mike set up for seder. Adam comes over early to help decorate. Mike mentions again he is very happy for Adam about his conversion.  Mike’s business partners are invited, so hopefully there will be as little drama as possible.  The men are given fake-looking kippot to wear.  Mike says he has people of different faiths at the dinner, because all of his friends are like family.
The group has a real seder, and go through the whole service in English.  Reza tells us that everyone has to wait forever to eat during this long service, which reminds him of his ancestors spending a “gazillion” years in the desert, waiting for something to eat.
Finally, it is time for shulchan olruch, which is the dinner portion of the seder.
Reza invites Tommy to join everyone in Las Vegas, but he declines. Reza asks Mike if it is alright if Morgan attends, and Mike says yes.
Reza tells us that on Pesach of all times, he should let his girlfriend go…to Vegas.  Mike tells us he does not want Morgan to go to Las Vegas, where his family will be, but he does not want to look like an “asshole”.

We get to see what else happened at dinner next week. Another great editing ending by Bravo.

What did we learn this week –  It is great to see the group support Destiney with trying to find her father, and all the lifelong, and continuous issues this all brings.

GG should stop playing with Nema and make a move if that is what she wants.  Otherwise GG, end that dream for Nema.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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