Pope Vicki’s Italian Night: God Is Dead

housewives of orange county season 13 episode 10 kelly italian party large
The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 13, Episode 10, Italian Fight Night

Kelly accompanies Tamra a follow up appointment for her foot.  Tamra
cannot wait until she is healed, Eddie is off his medication so they can “bang like monkeys”.  Tamra then wonders if monkeys bang.   This show delves into the real issues.They talk about the fight from the party.  Kelly talks about how Emily acted. Tamra tells Kelly she thinks Emily is really sweet.  Emily and Gina seem to be the nicest people on the show, so yes Tamra.
Kelly says she does not like the way Emily treated her, since she was trying to talk to Steve. Tamra tried to tell Emily that, and it was not about Shane at all.housewives of orange county season 13 episode 10 TamraKelly tells Tamra she knows this information from when she and Vicki were friends. Steve dumped Vicki the year before, moved out of her house, then moved in with his mom. Tamra says Vicki told her Steve has two houses. Kelly says no, he does not, and the Haus of Gunvalson is a revolving door of men.

Gina, Emily  and all of their children go to the farm for a fun day.  They eat fresh carrots, go on a tractor ride, and then strawberry picking! Gina exclaims, “Holy cannolis”, when looking at the strawberries.
While the kids are hopefully gorging on strawberries, Gina and Emily talk about the group.
Emily says she keeps waiting for Shannon to come out of her shell.  Gina says she apologizes for how she acted with Shannon but that is how she saw things about her own marriage.  Emily says that is fine, and is called an opinion.  Gina tells us Shannon going to have problem, because Gina has a lot of opinions.  Gina tells Emily it is hard to get a read on her, and she never tried to befriend her. Gina tell us Shannon is so cold, she is a polar vortex.  Gina does not like the thought of being at a dinner with Shannon, but she tells Emily she is not going to let other people’s opinions effect her life.

Vicki goes to taste some wine with Tamra, for an “Italian night”  They show up wearing the exact same sandals.  Spoooooky!
Vicki tells Tamra she is throwing the Italian night since it would be a fun thing to get the girls together. What is an Italian night in Vicki’s mind? What does that even mean?
The two talk about Kelly, and her feelings on Steve. Tamra tells us she is nervous about Steve, because Brooks seemed like a nice guy too. Tamra tells Vicki, Kelly said Steve had to live with his mom. Vicki says this is not true, he just stayed at his mom a few weeks because his place was rented out. Vicki says learned from past relationships what to do what not to do. Vicki says Kelly needs to “shut her fat ass mouth”, and she needs to mind her own business.
Vicki tells us Kelly and Michael had a volatile relationship.  Tamra tells Vicki about the dinner for which she was absent, especially Gina talking about divorce.  Vicki gets very upset, and says she does not like her “flipping” attitude about marriage.  Vicki, Gina is not your child.
Vicki gets more wines to taste, Tamra says at least the one she is drinking “doesn’t taste like asshole”.

Kelly and Gina go for a workout up, and down some stepstreets.  Gina says there are too many fitness options in California.  Kelly tells Gina she seems a little down. Gina says she is dealing with a lot of stuff, and Matt got his paperwork together. Kelly asks if she got served with divorce papers
housewives of orange county season 13 episode 10 gina kelly
Gina says she has a lawyer, and there is no animosity in this divorce.  Kelly asks us if people who do not fight, and are best friends, why would they get divorced. Kelly asks Gina if she did not notice the problems before.  Gina says she noticed after she had space with Matt.  Kelly tells us she does not get why Gina would “throw in the towel” on her marriage. Gina tells Kelly she grew up with Matt, but they are adults now.
Gina tells us likes Kelly because she is a little rough, and raw.
After being asked, Gina tells Kelly she and Matt still have sex, and again Kelly asks why Gina is getting divorced.  Gina says there is no emotion in the sex at all, but Kelly does not believe this.

Emily gets ready for Italian night. She asks Shane how he would feel if Kelly came to apologize. Shane says if someone wants to apologize for their behavior, that is fine. Shane, why are you not accountable for your bad behavior?
Emily tells Shane that Kelly is crazy.
At Vicki’s, Domenico, an Italian chef, and old friend and chef of Vicki’s is told who he is allowed to flirt with out of all the women. This is done with a system of x’s or checks on each woman’s menu.housewives of orange county season 13 episode 10 vicki chef flirty Dominico asks Vicki if he is allowed to flirt with her, but she says no.
Tamra, and Emily arrive. Tamra gives Domenico a warm greeting as she has not seen him in eight years. Tamra tells us Vicki and Domenico have a spark.  Gina shows up in a white hat and white suit, and “looks really Italian”, according to Vicki.
Vicki tells Domenico Gina has a check mark, and Gina asks what that is about, but is not told.
Shannon says she has not been at Vicki’s house for a long time.  Flashback to the last time Shannon was there, when Brooks was still around. We all have a collective shudder.

Vicki starts the celebrations with wine, and a toast. Shannon asks for vodka.
Emily talks to Kelly, off to the side.  Emily asks Kelly come to the house and talk to Shane. Kelly agrees, and says she owes him apology. Emily says Shane is really nice. Kelly says she was wrong to yell at him like that.
Dinner time.  Gina is really excited to have Italian food. Tamra again tells us Vicki always had this weird connection with Domenico, and she thinks Vicki slept with him.
Domenico prepares dinner with the ladies.  Vicki tells us the women are disrespecting her kitchen, and the only thing she learned in this cooking lesson is no one can cook.
During a secrets, and whispers break, Shannon tells Tamra that Kelly is pissed at Vicki. Tamra asks what about.  Apparently, Kelly told Shannon Vicki is liar.  Kelly tells Tamra she called Vicki yesterday, and then Vicki comes into the room. Kelly said when they talked, she said would feel weird if Steve was there, but Vicki told her that would not be an issue on that night.
Vicki then gets asked by Kelly about the phone call. Vicki brushes it off  and tells us if Kelly wants to bring drama, she can go somewhere else.
Everyone sits down, and Vicki tells everyone to have a nice night, Kelly says Tamra is “talking shit”, and Vicki tells her to stop.

Again, the women decide to talk about how weird Gina’s divorce is because there is no abuse, Matt is not causing her pain, and he is not being horrible to her.  Gina says to the ladies people can structure their families any way they like.
Immediately, all the ladies jump on Gina about staying married.  Gina tells us because of their past they think they know more about her situation than she does. Gina says every divorce is different so they should shut up.
Gina says the divorce is not about money, and she would give up alimony to save her family dynamic.  This outrages everyone, especially the women receiving alimony, whose ex-husbands are awful human beings. Shannon tells Gina she does not Gina is implying it is all about the money for them.

Things take an unusual turn. Vicki chides Gina that she said vows before god. What?  Gina says she does not believe in god. Again, everyone at the table gets upset, and everyone talks at the same time. Gina then clarifies she believe in a god, just not a particular god.  She tells the women, “I believe in myself “. Vicki tells Gina that is not enough. Vicki, since when do you get make calls about what other people believe.
Vicki tells us she has never seen anyone so flippant about god, and Gina will pay for it for all of eternity.  Vicki says that with such an air of superiority, Vicki look at your own life!
Vicki then tells Gina she has no moral compass inside her soul.  Again, like one of the Bad Girls once asked, Vicki, who died and made you Jesus?
Gina gets upset, and the whole table then turns on Vicki.  Gina tells Vicki she sounds stupid.
Gina tells the ladies to back off, and leaves the table. Vicki tells the group there are no addiction problems, so there must be an affair.  Vicki why are you gossiping? I thought you were the holiest person in Orange County.
Tamra tells the ladies what is going on with Gina is none of their business.
Vicki talks about not wanting Gina to be another statistic.  Tamra does not think Gina wants the divorce, Shannon does.

Emily comes into the bathroom with Gina, to comfort her.  Gina cannot believe how unwilling everyone was to just listen to her. Emily says everyone at the table has been through painful divorces, and think all divorces are like that.  She tells Gina all she has to do is say thank you for sharing, and ignore them. Gina says her truth is not their truth.
Gina and Emily return to the table.  Gina says she does not like to show other people  when she is upset. Vicki tells Gina everyone at the table just want to mother her a little bit. Gina repeats that everyone’s situation different. Shannon does not think things will be amicable.  Vicki wishes Gina good luck.

The episode ends with Kelly coming over to Emily and Shane’s.  She brings gifts and apologizes to Shane, who humorlessly accepts. There is no way this is the end of these two fighting.

What did we learn this week  –  What in hell was Vicki thinking from the time the “you made vows in front of god comment” came out of her mouth, which is bad enough, all the way to the end of her religious nonsense?  Vicki, you don’t get to choose which commandments you follow.  Who are you to tell anyone what to do in the first place? Why are you still on this show?

The women need to be supportive of Gina, instead of telling her what to do. I don’t believe in Beatles, I just believe in Gina.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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