Bring on the Polynesian Picnic

Below Deck Season 6

Below Deck – Season 6 Episode 4 – Bitch in Charge

This episode begins with Ross losing his cool on Rhylee and going straight to Captain Lee.  That woman knows how to push people’s buttons!  Running to Captain Lee should be a last ditch effort before you strip naked and dive off the side of the boat ala Rocky stylee.  But Captain Lee seems to like Ross and understands his frustrations.  I thought it was a rash move.

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More Jamaica: Shannon Ruins Everything, Vicki Twerks it Out

housewives of orange county season 13 episode 14 vicki twerking largeThe Real Housewives of Orange County, Season 13, Episode 14, Blow Up

On their second night in Jamaica, the ladies get ready for dinner. There is no air conditioning, so Vicki and Shannon are having some serious issues.  I would be as well.
The group on the bus leaves without the two. Tamra tells everyone they will get to see Fun Shannon tonight, because she will be drinking, Continue reading

Yummy Veal

Below Deck Season 6

Below Deck – Season 6 Episode 3 – I’m Also A Boat Captain!

This episode begins with the Rhylee/Chandler fight finishing up.  He’s just not that into you, girl.  Ok, more like he really dislikes the sound of your voice so you shouldn’t talk to him for a hott minute.  You think he’s a prick – so let’s all chill and hate together.  Kate then shuts the whole situation down because who else can?

Caroline worries about her mom with early on set dementia.  Adrian misses his girlfriend’s flesh.  The crew crushed the boat flip and welcome the 2nd charter guests on board.

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Jamaica: Please Send These White Women Home

housewives of orange county season 13 episode 13 vicki shannon awful
The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 13 Episode 13, Heat Waves and Hot Flashes

It’s time to go to Jamaica!  Everyone packs for the trip.  Kelly notes she has too many bathing suits, and “hooker clothes”.  Gina’s three year old tries to pack herself in a suitcase.  Dearest child, you do not want to be anywhere near some of the people your mom is about to go with on vacation. Continue reading

Foam and Fights

Below Deck season 6 episode 2 drama brewing

Below Deck – Season 6 Episode 2 – Foam, Party of One

This episode begins with the Foam Man audaciously gunning a jet ski at 70 MPH without a life jacket.  Then he complains that driving a jet ski alone is boring.  I guess it’s more fun when you have someone else knocking at death’s door with you.  They might not want to die; he is bored by death.  Deck crew – minus one for allowing Bravo to film a man’s self destruction so easily.   It’s your JOB to keep people alive at sea.  Get his ass in a life jacket.

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