Shannon’s Salmon with Cream Cheese: The Real QVC Star

housewives of orange county season 13 episode 10 vicki steveThe Real Housewives Of Orange County – Season 13, Episode 11, 8 1/2 Minutes of Success

Steve takes Vicki on a motorcycle ride! Vicki keeps screaming right into Steve’s ear, which must have been a lot of fun.  Steve says nothing at first, then asks Vicki for less screaming.
Shannon packs a suitcase full. of supplements for her trip to Philadelphia.  She will be launching her food line at QVC!   Tamra and Shannon’s daughter Sophie are  coming along for moral support. Shannon’s other daughter will be staying with David, and will be watching their mom when she is live on TV.  Shannon asks them if she should make some secret sign for them, and the girls tell her that would be weird. Come on girls, humor your mother!
Shannon tells us that with the abuse in her marriage, she always felt felt less than.  She says this is a chance for her to say she can be a success.

Vicki and Steve make it to a restaurant, and Vicki is not loudly screaming as they pull up. Fabulous! Vicki says she says trying new things for Steve, because good relationships have compromises.  Vicki, please stop giving relationship advice.
Vicki of course brings up talking to Gina about the divorce, and their little spat.  Thanks to the magic of bad editing, the next thing Vicki does is ask Steve if she is everything to him. Steve tells Vicki she is everything, and more.
Vicki goes back to talking about Gina, and says Gina has put no effort into saving her marriage. Steve tells Vicki she is looking for perfection and is not going to find it, housewives of orange county season 13 episode 13 vicki steve regrets Vicki tells us wants someone to shake Gina, and tell her to say married
Vicki gets back on Steve’s bike, and rides off screaming again.

Gina goes to lunch with her parents. Her father asks Gina to tell them what she is feeling.  He says he was shocked, and concerned, but Gina has always made good decisions.  Gina tells us it is hard to tell her parents about the divorce, because they have been married for forty years, and do not understand.  Gina talks about Tamra and “her friends”.  Gina tells her parents a dinner went bad because of the “trainwreck” divorces some of them have gone through.  She says she did not go there for advice, and was trying to hang out and get to know these women. Gina tells her parents on would think they would be supportive,  Gina’s mother tells her she is sensitive.  Gina tells us that she needs friends who are supportive, and lift her up.

CW: Miscarriage



Emily is at her in law’s house, which means Pary Joon!  Emily says she loves that her in-laws live down the block, because she can drop the kids off whenever she wants.
Emily and Pary talk outside. Emily tells Pary she made an appointment with her fertility doctor to talk about her and Shane’s frozen embryos. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 11 emily pary Pary says Emily is very busy with everything  right now, and it was hard for her to have children. Emily tells us she has had miscarriages. When she lost a baby from in vitro, she thought she was going to die Emily remembers everything about what happened, and says it is the worst thing she has ever been through in her life.  She tells us this has made Shane more reluctant about them having more children. It makes more sense now that Shane does not want to try and have more children, after what Emily went through the last time.

Tamra meets Shannon in Philly, and their injuries have healed enough to where Tamra no longer needs her boot, and Shannon does not need a scooter.  Shannon asks about Eddie, who had a bunch of procedures before Tamra flew out.
Tamra exclaims “Holy shitballs!”, because she is this excited about Shannon being on QVC.  Shannon tells her during the taping, she will be going off the cuff and does not like to be scripted.  Shannon do what they tell you do to!

Gina and Vicki meet to talk about what happened at Italian Night.  Vicki tells us she never wants anyone to leave her home crying, and just wants to open Gina’s eyes a little bit. Gina mentions her parents are in town, and Vicki asks if they are around her age. Vicki says people these days change partners too much. Gina tells Vicki divorce is not so terrible for her and Matt. Vicki tells her she just wanted to prepare her for reality.
Gina asks Vicki why she said she had no moral compass. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 11 vicki gina  Everyone would like to know, Vicki.
Vicki says she does not remember how that came out of her mouth, and Gina does have a moral compass.  Vicki says she meant Gina should not be selfish when it comes to the children Gina says she is not selfish. and is a woman making an adult decision.  Gina tells Vicki she recognizes her divorce was difficult for her.  Vicki says she wishes she had been a better wife. Gina tells Vicki she is too hard on herself, she has a beautiful life and is successful.  Gina tells us Vicki should learn something from her about all of this.
Vicki apologizes to Gina, sayings she does not want her to go through what she went through. Gina says she gets it.
Vicki tells us she worries for Gina, who will soon be like Kelly or Shannon, who are completely reliant on their ex-husbands for money.

The next day, Shannon, Tamra and Sophie head to the QVC building, for the taping of the infomercial. Shannon excited to show her daughter what she can do they can do, and hopes this will show them they can do anything in their life.
Shannon gets tips from QVC staff about how to act on camera, and how to open her meals. Shannon gets a little worried she will not be asked back.

Kelly’s friend Jack helps her set up for the viewing party.  Emily loves Kelly’s bachelorette pad.  The group Facetimes the crew in Philly, before Shannon goes live.
Vicki makes a toast to Shannon, and Emily makes a toast to friends helping and supporting each other.

Showtime at QVC!  Everyone watching is excited.  Tamra says she feels like one of her children is on TV, and hopes Shannon will stay positive.  Shannon is wearing Kelly’s jacket, and Tamra says the jacket is too small.  Tamra really is like a mom watching this!housewives of orange county season 13 episode 11 shannon qvc At one point, Shannon drops her script card, and bends down to pick it up. Tamra thinks this is hilarious, and tells us one should ever bend over on live TV.
The co-host asks what Shannon has going on in her life right now that made her want to make this food line. Shannon grabs her stomach, and says “This”.  Everyone watching freaks out, Tamra was afraid she was going to grab her gut like that but cannot believe she did it. Vicki says no one was looking at Shannon’s stomach, but now everyone will focus on it.
In the end, all of Shannon’s viewers think this is wonderful.   Tamra is thrilled that Shannon will now have money that is not David’s money.  Shannon says she is so grateful and overwhelmed that this is all happening. Shannon’s phone blows up with texts.
Vicki calls QVC to place an order for Shannon’s food, mentions she is Shannon’s friend, and the customer service representative hangs up on her.  Kelly calls next, orders in a low voice, and when she says she is Vicki Gunvalson, she gets hung up on.
Shannon says they should all celebrate.  The items sell fast, and it seems like this is going to be a success for Shannon.  Hooray!

What did we learn this week-  Hopefully Vicki understands where Gina is coming from more, and will judge her less.  Again, Vicki needs to stop giving relationship advice to people.

It’s great to see Shannon feeling accomplished, empowered, and happy.  Hopefully the next time she is on QVC, she will not be in a place where she would grab her stomach like it is repulsive.

I am glad Emily feels comfortable talking about her miscarriages, and her scariest moment in life. However, I wish Bravo had gone back more to Emily and Pary’s discussion.  It seems like they glossed over this, and this is going to be part of Emily’s storyline for the rest of the season, she wants another child. This is also one of the most horrible things someone can go through.
I am sure others watching will feel something from Emily discussing this.  So many experience it, and I hope they know they are not alone.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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