Team Tahiti

Below Deck Season 6

Below Deck – Season 6 Episode 1 – We’re Not In The Caribbean Anymore

Reality Recappers! Below Deck is back!!!  I’m ready for an epic Captain Lee and Kate Chastain season!

This season starts off with the crew meeting in gloomy weather in Tahiti.  There is Josiah, a Steward from England, who is a straight up qualified mixologist butler and Caroline, from Ohio, who sorta knows how to mix a drink.

The crew seems to have good experience this season.  Maybe Captain Lee told Bravo he wouldn’t do another season unless he got a solid crew.  Deck crew seems solid and the whole team kicks ass setting up the boat.

The first charter guest is a repeat guest-“Foam Man.”  Kate’s socks are blown off by Adrian, the 14 year old malnourished chef.  The stews are on top of service and Ashton dresses up as cupid.  If I had a bod that hot I would show it off too.  The episode ends with deckhand, Ross, letting Captain Lee know his buddy Foam Man won’t wear a life vest.  Captain Lee is going to have an aneurysm before this charter ends,

All in all, nothing too crazy this episode but excited to see how the season pans out!





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