Paint Mama Dee Like One of Your French Girls

housewives of dallas season 3 episode 9 painting partyThe Real Housewives of Dallas – Season 3, Episode 8, Off the Leash

It’s cooking time in Espanol at Kameron’s house!  As you may know, Kameron’s young children speak Spanish better than Kameron, a native English speaker, speaks English. Kameron tries to impress us with a few words, but half of them are not words in any language.After cupcakes are made, Court and the kids dare Kameron to eat one all at once.  Kameron fails, spitting it out on the floor, as Court comments on that being disgusting.  Court, you are

D’Andra’s stepson Koen is home. I feel for her stepsons, and Jeremy and their mother should be held accountable for giving their children ridiculous names.
Mama Dee comes by to have a talk with D’Andra. They have not spoken in four weeks, since their business chat spat, and D’Andra says that is typical behavior for her mother after they fight.
D’Andra tells Dee she asked her to come by. because wants to separate their companies.  D’Andra tells her mother they do not listen to each other, and she needs to take her company and start over. D’Andra tells Mama Dee she is tired, angry, and does not want their relationship to be like this.
hosuewives of Dallas season 7 episode 9 dandra cry
Mama Dee says she really does wants to continue this battle at her age, and gives D’Andra the company, so she can do what she wants.  She says she just wants D’Andra to be happy, and D’Andra is shocked.
Mama Dee tells us she came to this decision, because she is not going to lose relationship with her only child. Dee wants D’Andra to be successful and happy.
D’Andra tells her mom she wants to carry on her legacy, and see the company continue for years to come. Dee days she wants them to have a great mother daughter relationship, and she will get a lawyer to draw up the papers.  Hooray Mama Dee!  D’Andra says she will believe it when she sees the papers signed.

LeeAnne talks to Rich about her fight with D’Andra.  She tells him she cannot believe she is planning her wedding without D’Andra, her best friend. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 8 leeanne As always, Rich tells her to make things better, and tells LeeAnne to call her.  LeeAnne gets D’Anrda’s voice mail again.  LeeAnne tells Rich she feel like she and D’Andra are sisters, which makes this situation so difficult.Rich says everything is going to be fine, and this is “Stupid girl stuff”.  Rich could you be any more of a misogynist?
LeeAnne says it still hurts, and when she loves, she loves hard. She starts to cry, Rich comforts her.

Kameron takes her dog in its stroller, to prepare for a Painting Party for the ladies.    Kameron says she wanted to do something different from a regular painting party, and they will be learning how to paint their dogs.  Pink Sparkledog food will be served, and there will be a string quartet. Kameron tells us she heard classical music good for children and dogs.  Kameron then shows us she does know what the word quartet means.
D’Andra wonders if the orchestra will inspire them, and things LeeAnne rapping would be a better choice. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 8 dandra kameron
The quartet plays beautiful music in a space in the room where no one will hear them.
Kameron mentions she was an art major, and D’Andra did not know that, because no one ever asked her.
LeeAnne arrives. D’Andra tells us she has not returned any of LeeAnne’s phone calls or texts, because she needs to think things over. Her plan for the event is to completely ignore LeeAnne.
The children of the ladies are also invited, and all are extremely excited about the dogs.

Brandi drives her girls to the party, and they are both having meltdowns.  Brooklyn says she is overheated.  Brandi thanks god for her new nanny. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 8 brandi kids
She says if she had to drive with “these two tiny bitches” and Bru, she would not be able to handle it.
Brandi arrives with Brooklyn, and Brinkley.  Again, parents, please stop giving your children names they will change as soon as legally possible.
Brandi tells us she is worst mood ever but she is “gonna paint some bitches”.
The painting begins! The children all seem to be doing better than the women.
LeeAnne accidentally eats dog cake, since it is decorated like a human food. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 8 leeanne brandi
She insists Kameron did that on purpose to everyone would accidentally eat dog food.
Stephanie tells Brandi  LeeAnne invited her to lunch. Brandi tells us she knows LeeAnne and D’Andra are telling Stephanie not to be friends with her, and wishes them luck with that.

LeeAnee and Cary go aside for a minute to have a conversation.  LeeAnne asks if anyone has been anything about her. Cary spills all, and says Stephanie says LeeAnne is a really sweet, nice person.  Brandi said she was in Kameron’s ear a little bit. LeeAnne asks what Brandi thinks Kamerons behavior has been different to Cary and D’Andra. Brandi blames LeeAnne for this.
LeeAnne says Kameron is her own human.  Cary gives LeeAnne credit for behaving well, and says she should get credit too.  LeeAnne tells us she thanks Cary for the juicy info, but is not going to give her credit for narcing on Brandi.  LeeAnne, the whole point of your conversation with Cary was to find out what was being said about you.

Almost everyone leaves the party, except LeeAnne, Kameron, and D’Andra. LeeAnne says all those young children at this party for hours was like “birth control on steroids”.  Kameron insists miracles could happen with LeeAnne.  LeeAnne says that would not be a miracle.  LeeAnne then invites Kameron to lunch with Stephanie.
This entire time, D’Andra has been completely silent, working on her painting. D’Andra tells us she feels like she lost a friend. LeeAnne tells us she does not understand why D’Andra is shutting her out like this, and they need to get to the bottom of this situation. Yes, you two need to make up.

LeeAnne and DAndra have lunch. Yes, thank you!  D’Andra called her the day after painting party so they could talk.
D’Andra tells  LeeAnne the news about Mama Dee handing the company over to her, but again says she will believe it when the paperwork it signed.
LeeAnne tells D’Andra she feels like she cannot help her get out of this cycle with her mother, and it hurts not to be able to be there for her.  LeeAnne says she does not know what it going on, but it has ripped her to shreds.  housewives of dallas season 3 episode 9 LeeAnne DAndra
D’Andra says for a long time, she has been asking LeeAnne questions, but LeeAnne keeps deflecting every time.  D’Andra asks LeeAnne when she and Rich are getting married. LeeAnne says November or the spring.  One would assume Rich considers setting a wedding date as “stupid girl stuff”.
D’Andra asks what is the truth, and is LeeAnne afraid she and Rich will not stay married. D’Andra asks LeeAnne if she thinks Rich is faithful.  She says LeeAnne and Rich lead separate lives.  LeeAnne tells D’Andra she and Rich are not leading separate lives, just doing different social activities. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 9 dandra rich cheatin LeeAnne says she is not the kind of person who is going to drag Rich to events  which he would not want to attend.  LeeAnne tells us this is an accusatory, inflammatory comment from D’Andra, which is hurting her.
D’Andra tells us other rumors about Rich being with other women.  LeeAnne says she wants D’Andra to check on her, and see how she is doing.  D’Andra says she feels like something is happening, but LeeAnne is not talking about it at all.

What did we learn this week – Hooray for any Mama Dee appearance, but this was a really good one. Hopefully Dee and D’Andra will be able to have a better relationship.  Mama Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I love Kameron’s vision for her dog painting party, especially the string quartet that no one was able to hear.
Watching D’Andra completely ignore LeeAnne’s existence at the party was both sad, and impressive.  Mostly sad, though.  They will hopefully make up, so this does not drag out all the way to the reunion, or beyond.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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