Vicki and Shannon: Advice Givers No one Wants to Hear

housewives of orange county season 13 episode 12 groupThe Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 13, Episode 12, Nice to Meet You…Again

Gina and Emily work it out!  Afterward, they make smoothies, and talk about the night before watching Shannon’s QVC premiere.  Gina tells us Shannon is a planet they all revolve around, and she is Pluto. What does that mean?The two talk about Emily’s upcoming visit to her fertility doctor.  She cannot even think of destroying her embryos.
Gina tells Emily she is going to find her own place. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 12 gina She tells Emily the house will be shared, and each of them will stay there with the kids when they each have custody,  Emily the lawyer does not like this at all. She tells Gina  she should try it for six months, and then do something different.

Tamra tells Eddie she is going to a celebratory party for Shannon, but Eddie thinks she said celibate.  Tamra says Shannon was celibate when she was married, but this is a celebratory event.
Eddie has not been exercising as told my his doctors. He measures his heart rate, and the results are possible AFib.
housewives of orange county season 13 episode 12 eddie
Tamra is understandably upset by the results. She tells Eddie he is too young for these problems, then tries to clarify she was not trying to be ageist. I hope Eddie can find an exercise program he is able to follow.  He cannot do his hardcore workouts like before, which makes him frustrated.

Shannon is exhausted from her QVC show the night before, and gets everything ready for this small celebration.  The ladies arrive.
Emily tells us wants to use this opportunity to get to know Shannon.housewives of orange county season 13 episode 12 Emily party Shannon tells us Emily did not text her after the QVC show, and she does not appreciate that.
Everyone loves Archie because he is an adorable pooch.
Tamra is wearing real shoes because her feet are better.  In honor of this, Kelly motorboats her.
Tamra says since Shannon did such an amazing job, they should go all out and celebrate,  on a girls trip. Emily suggests Jamaica, and a specific hotel. Thank you Bravo!
Vicki tells the women she went to Jamaica with Don, and does not wat to go back.  The others convince her to come along.
Kelly tells us she is looking forward to two things Jamaica, food and “herb”. Oh, Bravo, please show Kelly getting high in Jamaica.
Gina says her last trip with Matt was cancelled, and starts crying.  Kelly tells her this trip will be really good for her.  Gina tells us Matt and she went on vacations all the time, and the thought of a trip brings the memories back. Vicki tell us Gina still have feelings for, and loves her husband.  She says Gina has “divorce remorse”.  Vicki, please do not go to Jamaica with the group, we do not need to hear your sad attempt at wisdom.
Gina says she misses Matt’s family, and is afraid she will never see them again.  Gina gets hugs from Emily, and comfort from the other women, except Shannon who is still cooking.  Shannon comments to her chef that she does not want to know what is going on in the other room, and is glad she is not there.
Emily tells us she feels for Gina because she loves Shane’s family as well.  She tries to cheer up Gina, and tells her the trip will be fun.  Emily is a really good friend.

Dinner is served, and Shannon tells all the women sit down before it dinner gets cold.  Everyone is served recipes Shannon wants to sell on QVC in fall and winter.  This is why everyone had to rush to the table so your QVC food would not get cold?
Gina tells us she is noticing a pattern of Shannon not caring at all , she did not care Gina was crying.  Gina says Shannon looks right through you.
Shannon makes a toast to her friends, and for going to Jamaica.

Kelly and Jolie return to the soup kitchen. After almost everyone is fed, and there is no line, Jolie says seeing all of these people in need makes her sad. She says this is especially true with the babies because this is all they will know their whole lives.
Kelly comforts her daughter, tells her she has a huge heart, and she is doing something really good.
Kelly and her daughter do clean up, but Jolie has never mopped.  Kelly shows her how to do it.  Kelly asks us what has she been doing as a mom, because her daughter had never learned how to clean. Kelly, at least she is doing it now.

Kelly and Gina go for a walk., Kelly asks about Matt.
Instead, Gina brings up Shannon, saying Shannon completely dismisses her.  Kelly says it was the same way in the beginning with her and Shannon’s friendship, but it takes time before Shannon will let someone in.
Gina does not think this is how friendship works, and said Shannon Beador does not get to decide when it is time to be friends.

Emily and Shane go out to lunch.
Emily tells Shane she is going to her fertility doctor, and Shane tells Emily to say hello to him.  Flashback to Pary saying even when Shane was not Mormon, he wanted six children.
Shane is upset about this whole conversation.  He does not want any more children, we assume because he does not want anything to happen to Emily again.
Emily says she wants one more girl.  Shane says he wants to be six feet tall, but that is not going to happen.
Emily asks him what they should do with the embyos and he does not know. Emily tells us she understands where he is coming from.  She says her brain agrees but not her heart.
Shane says maybe at the appointment the doctor will give her some options.  Emily does not look pleased about this whole conversation

Vicki,  Steve, her friend and her boyfriend, go visit her Michael, and his girlfriend Dani in San Diego.
Everyone goes up to the roof to drink and have nibbles.  Vicki opens with telling Steve she wants to get married.  Steve acts the same as he always does when Vicki does this in front of a group of people.
Talk of children is brought up. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 12 Michael Dani Dani and Michael say their dog is their child. Vicki says she just wants them to have children.  Steve tells Vicki no one is having children when she wants them.  I cannot believe I am saying this, but thank you Steve .  Vicki says she agrees with Steve, but wishes Michael and Dani would hurry up.

Emily’s in-laws go with her to her fertility doctor appointment, and the children end up having to come along as well. Emily praises her in-laws long and happy marriage.  She says she hopes one day Shane will do things  when they are older like drive her to the salon.
Emily brings Pary Joon into the doctor’s office with her.  Emily says Pary is the one who used her “Persian connections” to get her at the top of the lists for fertility doctors when she started looking for options.
The doctor asks Emily how Shane feels about having another child. Emily tells him Shane does not want more kids.  Pary says Emily’s oven is closed. Pary obviously does not want her daughter in law to risk her life again.
Emily asks about the embryos.  The doctor says the options are: keep them in storage, donate them to science, embryo adoption, or destroy then.  He says all options are extremely emotional, except keeping them in storage.
The doctor says she has lots of embryos and lots of options.  He asks if Shane can be persuaded and Emily says she will see.

Shannon and Kelly lunch.  Shannon and Kelly tell each other they are exhausted after the last few days.
Kelly tells Shannon the day before, Michael came over to the house, the family watched a movie together, and it was great.  Kelly tells Shannon she never thought that would ever happen.  Shannon tells us this is how it was with David at first too, they had family dinners and attended the girls sports events, but then things became awful.
Kelly asks Shannon if she noticed Gina’s outburst at her party, and Shannon says no.  Kelly tells Shannon Gina said Shannon is hard to get to know.  Shannon tells Kelly she likes Gina, then tells us Gina is a pot-stirrer and does not want to get to know someone like that.  Was this confessional moment taped before Shannon talked to Kelly, or is Shannon not telling Kelly the truth?
Shannon says she will not be able to handle it  if Emily asks where is fun Shannon again.
Shannon mentions she said all kinds of things to Gina in the form of divorce advice. Shannon, not everyone is always going to take your advice, that is how life works.
With Vicki and Shannon dishing out “advice”, I am sure this trip to Jamaica will be super fun for everyone.

What did we learn this week-   Vicki needs to stop giving advice, and telling the people in her life what to do, especially when it does not involve her own body.  I understand people really want grandchildren, but do not put pressure on your children.

I see why Shannon is constantly warning Gina about divorce, and that Shannon’s divorce was devastating. Leave Gina alone, and let her come to you if she wants.

I feel for Emily, and understand why her husband and Pary do not want her to have another child.  At least Emily’s in laws are supportive of her.  I hope this is because of the cameras, because Shane does not really open up, and makes sarcastic comments instead.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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