’80s Prom: Worlds Worse Than High School

housewives of dallas season 3 episode 9 leeanne promThe Real Housewives of Dallas – Season 3, Episode 9, 80’s Ladies

LeeAnne, Stephanie and Kameron lunch.
Meanwhile, Brandi and D’Andra are also lunching.  Ruh roh! Dueling Lunches, where everyone trashes those who are absent.Stephanie tells us the is like “Christina Columbus discovering the Land of Pink and Horny.  I know a lot of us have feelings about Columbus, including Furio from the Sopranos, but that was a good line from Stephanie.
LeeAnne tells Stephanie at the rodeo, Brandi brought a beer bong. Stephane  LeeAnne jokes she will get Stephanie vaginal rejuventation for Chrsitmas, and Stephanie says she is going about to have that done.  Travis thinks it is icky because she cannot control her bladder.  That is from having your children, Travis.
D’Andra tells Brandi she does not know what is going on with LeeAnne, and feels like she is pushing her away. D’Andra, you have been doing the same thing to her, work things out.
D’Andra says she heard from multiple people that Rich is not faithful, but LeeAnne will not admit it.
Brandi thinks LeeAnne is “full of bullshit” about everything. Bradni tells us tried with LeeAnne, she is not telling people Brandi is bad influence. In Brandi’s opinion,  LeeAnne has not changed.
Neither of them think LeeAnne and Rich will get married.
LeeAnne says Stephanie and Kameron do so well without the rest of the group. Kameron notes Stephanie is so different without Brandi.  LeeAnne brings up the comment from Brandi that Cary repeated, Kameron says LeeAnne never told her not to be friends with anybody.
Kameron brings up her No-Tie foundation charity event theme, ’80s Prom!

LeeAnne holds a charity event, but D’Andra has not shown up, despite being invited.
All of a sudden, Brandi and D’Andra arrive.  LeeAnne is happy to see D’Andra, but wonders why she brought Brandi, and is not happy at all to see her.  She tells D’Adra, Cary said Brandi feels like she is telling Kameron not to be friends with Brandi. D’Andra says they all need to come together and work this out.
LeeAne tells us Brandi is “shitfaced”, and cannot stand still.  Brandi tells us LeeAnne is not her mother, and  if she wants to drink all day, she will.
D’Andra decides these two need to talk now.  No, not now, D’Andra.
LeeAnne tells Brandi what she said to Cary, and Brandi , and “calls bullshit” on that. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 9 BrandiBrandi says LeeAnne did this years ago, and video receipts are shown.  LeeAnne says that never happened.  They keep arguing.   LeeAnne tells us of D’Andra, she “brought this chihuahua. Either give it a chew toy or take it away”. Brandi looks furious, and says she wants LeeAnne to admit she is wrong. Brandi says LeeAnne can never own, or admit when she is wrong.
D’Andra walks over, and tells LeeAnne she thought maybe LeeAnne and Brandi could talk, but she was wrong.  LeeAnne says to bring Brandi around for a talk when she is sober.

Stephanie gets ready for ’80s prom.  She looks amazing, with giant hair, a super pouffy dress, and fake braces..  Stephanie tells us she hates the ’80s,  because the fashions are horrible.  Stephanie is pretty much right about this, with a few exceptions.  Also, Stephanie was not alive in the ’80s.
Brandi arrives as Stepanie’s hair-band Prom King.  The two take prom photos. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 9 leeane stephanie prom king and queen
At the No Tie Foundation event, everyone looks ’80s fabulous, and Kameron could not be more thrilled to co-chair of the event,
Cary tells us also does not like 80’s.  She asks why dress as something tragic.  Cary lived through the ’80s, and like Stephanie, is absolutely correct with a few exceptions.
LeeAnne says the ’80s were the height of her hair days.

Cary, Kameron and LeeAnne talk.  LeeAnne tells them D’Andra brought Brandi to her black tie charity event all drunk. Cary tells us LeeAnne should not judge Brandi about drinking, because Brandi just had a newborn, and is  under a lot of stress.  She says it is none of LeeAnne’s business.
The Prom King and Queen arrive!
Kameron gives a speech that sounds much more professional than her tag line.  She is a good public speaker!

LeeAnne and Brandi go to the lobby to talk.  Bradi tells us her queen is waiting, and she just wants to get this over with.
LeeAnne tells Brandi she came over drunk to her event, as if Brandi does not know this.  Brandi tells her that is just how the day went. She also tells LeeAnne there is no way she completely changed her personality in such short amount of time. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 9 brandi leeane
LeeAnne tells her she is happy and at peace, but gets it if Brandi does not want her to be at peace.
Brandi says there is something LeeAnne is not telling  everyone,  people are worried about Rich, and they have not set a wedding date in two years.
LeeAnne tells Brandi that was cruel, and asks Brandi how she would feel if she said Brandi and Brian adopted a baby just to save their marriage.  Brandi tells us she really wants to punch LeeAnne in the face.
Brandi says everyone thinks something is going on with her, and that LeeAnne is keeping something from everyone.
Brandie ends by telling LeeAne she is jealous of D’Andra. LeeAnne says there is not a jealous bone in her body.

D’Andra and Stephanie go to check on these two..  Brandi takes the opportunity to walk away with Stephanie, leaving LeeAnne and D’Andra alone.
LeeAnne tells D’Andra, Brandi just said LeeAnne was jealous of D’Andra.  She says everyone is “talking shit” about her engagement.
LeeAnne asks DAndra to go dress shopping with her in two weeks.  Oh LeeAnne, what a time to ask.
D’Andra tells LeeAnne she is worried about her. They argue, and D’Andra tells LeeAnne she and Rich are not getting married.
housewives of dallas season 3 episode 9 leeanne dandra
LeeAnne tells her to calm down.  D’Andra says LeeAnne is not talking to her about anything, and she is worried. D’Andra tells us she does not know what to do when she keeps hearing rumors about Rich cheating on LeeAnne.
LeeAnne walks out of the room, then hears she is Prom Queen of the night. She rushes back to the stage to get crowned.
LeeAnne says she never got a chance to go to prom, and tells us it means so much to her.

What did we learn this week-  ’80s fashions were indeed atrocious, with few exceptions.  They were still putting shoulder pad on everything in the early ’90s.

Brandi and LeeAnne, and D’Andra and LeeAnne both need to talk about things outside of a party setting.
I feel like D’Andra is in a very rough position, how do you not tell your best friend you keep hearing her lover is cheating on her over, and over again?  If D’Andra did tell this to LeeAnne, LeeAnne would understandably not react well.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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