Foam and Fights

Below Deck season 6 episode 2 drama brewing

Below Deck – Season 6 Episode 2 – Foam, Party of One

This episode begins with the Foam Man audaciously gunning a jet ski at 70 MPH without a life jacket.  Then he complains that driving a jet ski alone is boring.  I guess it’s more fun when you have someone else knocking at death’s door with you.  They might not want to die; he is bored by death.  Deck crew – minus one for allowing Bravo to film a man’s self destruction so easily.   It’s your JOB to keep people alive at sea.  Get his ass in a life jacket.

Next – minus two for deck crew as they couldn’t climb the steep Polynesian shore for a beach picnic.  Kelley would have climbed the shore in two swift strokes while carrying 6 coolers and an umbrella.

Charter guest Steve continues to give drunken demands but they are semi hilarious in delivery.  The most important demand of this charter is to go jacuzzi-ing and have a foam party of one.

After the mediocre tip the crew goes out for dinner and dancing.  Rhylee wears a white dress with no bra.  I like it.  Free the nipple.  Ashton wants to party and party hard!  There’s no leaving the club for him.  This causes a fight between Rhylee and Chandler mainly because they just don’t like each other.

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