Mama Dee: Still Not Giving a Rip

housewives of dallas season 3 episode 10 Mama DeeThe Real Housewives of Dallas – Season 3, Episode 10, Are You Saying I’m an Alcoholic?

LeeAnne and Rich lunch. LeeAnne calls Rich her “pirate”, as they enter. However, this is not a pleasure lunch, this is wedding business, people!  
In confessional, LeeAnne tells D’Andra and Brandi that she is getting married, and they will soon see that.
LeeAnne tells Rich she invited Stephanie to her dress fitting, but cannot invite D’Andra.
Rich asks why not, but will soon regret asking. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 10 rich leeanne Arrrrrrr me mateys!  His timbers will be shivered.

D’Andra goes to a meeting with Mama Dee! D’Andra asks about issues with a specific product. This would be the same product D’Andra released late, because the main ingredient did not arrive for weeks. Mama Dee tells D’Andra she has to figure this out if she wants to be successful. Mama Dee tells us D’Andra will make or break the company.
Mama Dee talks about a cooking class she wanted to do with D’Andra, LeeAnne and Kameron. D’Andra tells her mom LeeAnne is “pissed off”at her at the moment.  Mama Dee asks why.

LeeAnne tells Rich D’Andra said they leave separate lives. Rich thinks that comment is ridiculous, and makes fun of it.
LeeAnne tells Rich she cannot trust D’Andra right now,  because she is “Brandi’s drinking buddy”. LeeAnne says everything she hears from Brandi comes from D’Andra.
D’Andra tells Mama Dee about the separate lives comment. D’Andra says she wants to be there for the dress fittings. She then tells Mama Dee her concerns that LeeAnne keeps delaying the wedding
Mama Dee says maybe LeeAnne does not want D’Andra and the others knowing her business. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 10 DAndraShe tells her daughter to stop chasing LeeAnne around, and says if someone started a rumor about her bank account, she would not “give a rip”. Dee says LeeAnne’s relationship is between her and Rick. D’Andra should stay out of her business and focus on the company.

Cary and Mark have an event for the grand opening for their laser center. Cary will be in charge of this center. Mark is nervous about the event set up. Cary thinks he is nervous because he let Cary take care of everything.
D’Andra is really happy Cary is opening her own business, and doing things her own way. D’Andra looks like she stepped out of the ’80s, with a pouffy, gold lame top, and her face done like it is a night out on Dynasty in 1985. Brandi shows up, and LeeAnne starts making faces.

D’Andra asks if LeeAnne would come to the cooking class with Mama Dee. They go to another room to talk.  LeeAnne says it surprised her that D’Andra thinks her relationship is a mess.
LeeAnne says D’Andra has been spending a lot of time with Brandi, and Brandi is telling her things she and D’Andra talk about in confidence.
D’Andra tries to turn this on LeeAnne.  LeeAnne asks D’Andra if she will keep all information about LeeAnne to herself.
LeeAnne tell D’Andra she does not feel safe with Brandi having that knowledge about her. D’Andra tells LeeAnne she is deflecting again. LeeAnne does not want Brandi to think she is jealous or scared of D’Andra.

All of the other women, except host Cary gather together.
Kameron tells Brandi she was on fun patrol the other night at Prom. She asks Brandi what happened with her and LeeAnne. Brandi  says she had lunch with D’Andra.  Based on that, Brandi told LeeAnne she was jealous of D’Andra.  Brandi thinks LeeAnne is jealous of D’Andra, because she has a family and is successful. The ladies ask what LeeAnne’s response was. Brandi lies, saying LeeAnne said Brandi and Bryan just had a baby to save their marriage. Everyone goes ballistic, Brandi paints herself as the victim, and everyone tells her to talk with LeeAnne about this.
Cary tells us she cannot believe this is happening again , and oh, can we not talk about people’s families. How about Brandi not making nasty comments about LeeAnne’s relationship? Cary, why can we not have that as well?

D’Andra tells LeeAnne she did not think Brandi was going to start with her at the event. LeeAnne mentions Brandi was drunk, and D’Andra would never show up at a charity event in that state.LeeAnne tells D’Andra whenever she is around Brandi. all they do is  drink. D’Andra asks LeeAnne if she saying she has a drinking problem. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 10 Dandra LeeAnne
D’Andra says she minds her drinking, because her father shot himself in the head while drunk.  This is one of the most personal, and devastating moments we have ever seen on any Housewives franchise.
D’Andra wonders where this new accusation is coming from. D’Andra tells us LeeAnne is a master of not saying something, but implying it. D’Andra tells LeeAnne this conversation is done.
Thankfully, Kameron and Cary come in and save the day. D’Andra walks off shaking to the bathroom. Kameron tells LeeAnne what Brandi said, and LeeAnne tells her Brandi left out the part where she said how she would feel if she said that, and not that she actually said that.
LeeAnne is upset that Stephanie and Cary now believe this, and wants to go fix this now.

D’Andra talks to Stephanie and Brandi, and tells them LeeAnne said she was an alcoholic.  D’Andra tells the other women her father killed himself in a drunken rage, and the topic really upsets her.
Stephanie and Brandi comfort D’Andra, as she relives this.
Cary comes into the room to hear that LeeAnne called D’Andra an alcoholic.  This group thrives on gossip and nonsense.
However, Cary listens to what D’Andra says, and says no, LeeAnne did not call her an alcoholic.  Cary tells us this is a misunderstanding, between LeeAnne and D’Andra.
D’Andra is understandably in a bad place, and does not know what to say anymore.

In front of everyone, LeeAnne confronts Brandi. She says Brandi was accusing her of being unhappy, and asked how she would feel if she said something nasty, and untrue about her.
Victim Brandi says LeeAnne was accusing her. LeeAnne says that is not the case, and she did not say anything about her family.
Brandi insists LeeAnne was trying to start things.
Stephanie sees that Brandi is in the wrong in this situation as well.
On the ride home, Victim Brandi tries to make LeeAnne look horrible to Stephanie, and says that LeeAnne is only pretending to be Stephanie’s friend. This hurts Stephanie’s feelings. Stephanie does not appreciate the suggestion that she could not be friends with someone, unless they were using her to get back at someone.

What did we learn this week-  Wow, Brandi really loves playing the victim for attention, manipulating everyone, including her supposed best friend Stephanie.  I do not want to see this Brandi for the rest of the season, and reunion.
It’s good that Stephanie found out what LeeAnne really said.

D’Andra talking about her father was beyond soul-crushing. I’m sorry she had to relive that trauma for an episode of a TV show.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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