Prenup Stress? Try Some Wusah!

Shahs of sunset season 7 episode 10Shahs of Sunset – Season 7, Episode 10, The Prenup Hiccup

MJ goes to see her lawyer to draw up a prenup for her and Tommy.  MJ wants what is hers to remain hers, but if Tommy’s company becomes successful, she wants half of that money. MJ, Tommy is not going to sign this, Sexy Dorito, or not.
MJ calls it a “double standard” prenup, and says she learned everything from Ivana Trump, who told wives everywhere, “Take everything, dahling”.
This is not going to go well with Tommy at all, and I wonder what MJ is thinking.
Nema comes knocking “like the police” on GG’s door.
They are there to discuss what happened at the Elevator Night for Wusah.  Nema tells us he wishes GG had taken it more seriously.  What happened reflects on him, and his partners will judge him for working with her in the first place.
Nema tells GG there are three people inside of her.  There is GG, who will stab you. There is G, who Nema has a crush on, then there is Golnesa.  Nema tells her he is addressing Golnesa now, because this is serious.  He tells her she is going to become the owner of a company, and needs to be more serious about it.  GG gets defensive, as if Nema insulted her.
Nema tells Golnesa he started four companies, and remembers what it was like.  GG tells us Nema put a lot of time into this, she failed at the Elephant party, but has been working hard.

Nema tells GG he is just trying to help her, and left a four million dollar commercial shoot to be there, because he believes in her. GG is appeased by this.

Reza meets up with Monique, the Persian PI, as they wait for Destiney to arrive.
Reza tells Monique Destiney’s mom knows  a lot more than she is saying, but wants to protect Destiney.  Reza says she has to know something, because Destiney’s father is “all of a sudden gone, like a fart in the wind”.  Reza should come out with a book of quotes.
Destiney shows up, and Monique tells her there is a list of people with her father’s name, but she does not know which man is Destiney’s father.  Destiney cries. She regrets being distant, and cold a decade ago, when she finally saw her dad.
Reza tells Destiney her mom Tammy got her dad’s number ten years ago, and she can do it again. He says Destiney to get real with her mom,  and “pin her down for answers”.

The two call Destiney’s mom, and Destiney tells her she wants to know some information about her dad. Tammy gives up a clue, and says his parents are passed.  She then freaks out on Destiney’s, telling her she does not need to know this information. Tammy asks for Reza to talk some sense into Destiney. Reza gets on the phone, and tells Tammy Joon her daughter needs to know these things about her father. Destiney gets back on the phone, and her mom gives her grandparent’s first names, and another family name. Hooray!  Destiney has the right to know everything she can about her father.

MJ and Tommy take photos of their dogs, wearing collars from her dog collar company.  All of these people have good side hustles.
Then, it’s prenup discussion time. MJ says she is a lot more “street” than people give her credit for. She repeats the word street, for what we assume is emphasis.
MJ tells Tommy her money is not community property, but his will be in the prenup. Tommy thinks that is absurd, and lets MJ know this. Shahs of sunset season 7 episode 10 tommy
MJ asks what is fair. Tommy says it should not be fifty-fifty with his money, if MJ’s money  is not community property. MJ tells Tommy she will give him babies, so she should get half his money if something happens.
Tommy tells her he does not want to sign the prenup as is, and says they need to discuss it more.
MJ decides she does not want to discuss it anymore, and the conversation is over.

Reza and MJ take Shams ashes, to release them in Malibu.
Reza mentions he just lost his  beloved cat of 16 years, and feeling that pain, he cannot even imagine what things are like for MJ. MJ says she cannot go anywhere with seeing memories of her dad all the time.
They drive to a cliff overlooking the sea in Malibu, where MJ and her father used to go all the time. They see a rabbit, and Reza first thinks it is a sign, then thinks it is Shams, because bunnies do not go to the beach.  Bunnies go wherever they want!
They say their goodbyes to Shams. Then they have issues spreading his ashes, because the wind keeps blowing it back at them. At one point, Reza gets some ashes in his mouth. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 10 mj reza
The two of them have a moment where they are able to laugh hard about it, and are both on the ground laughing.  This is such a sad moment, and it is good to see MJ be able to laugh like this.  It seems like a  cathartic moment for both of them.
They spread the rest of Shams on the side of the cliff.
Reza and MJ sit cliffside for a while. MJ tells us she wants her dad to haunt her Ghostbuters style, but she won’t bust. I love that MJ busted out this reference, because everyone on the show are ’80s children.  Reza tells MJ how much he loves Shams.

GG sets up her Wusah launch party. There are some technical problems, but Golnesa has it under control, people!
While setting up, Bravo decides to show us a GG confessional saying she always wanted to have “bitches”.  Alright, Bravo, that was an odd choice of editing.

It is pregaming time for GG’s party at Nema’s. Mike comes over with a hat, and calls Reza. Reza tells Mike, he and MJ are in Malibu, and just spread Shams ashes. Mike gets MJ on the phone, tells her he loves her, and that they will be thinking of her that night.
Nema gives a pep talk, saying with fewer numbers, they need to go all out to support Golnesa on her big night.

GG’s event is jumping. Nema is impressed at how great everything looks, and the amount of people in attendance. Nema congratulates Golnesa. Mike tells us he is so proud of how strong GG is after the divorce, and she is a woman on a mission.
The topic of the ring comes up again. Nema tells us he does not understand why GG wants to keep it, and thinks she should move on. Shervin and Nema try to convince GG to give back the ring, but Adam says nothing of the sort.
Golnesa gives her Obama-level speech. Nema says the experience it is like “when your kid goes up on stage, and you are thinking please don’t fuck up again”.
GG talks about what it is like to live with an autoimmune disease, and how much medical marijuana helps her. We do not get to see most of the rest of the speech, buteveryone applauds. GG says they call her Lochnesa, but she is now Bossnesa.

Golnesa gets an offer for a magazine cover, and offer to work with Greenstone. Nema tells the owners of Greenstone GG would be great for their company, they tell him she will “have to work her ass off”.
Nema again talks about how proud of GG he is.  Nema, how long are you going to let GG play with you?
The two of them have a flirty, touchy-feely moment alone. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 10 gg nema
Destiney says she is team GG and Nema, even if she wants to play like a kitty cat right now. GG says she is just enjoying the place she and Nema are in at the moment.  Yes GG, we know you are having fun playing with him.

What did we learn this week? I hope Destiney can find her father, and if her mother has it, to get more information about him.

I do not know what MJ is thinking with this prenup. If she does not want her money to be community property, any of Tommy’s future earnings should be dealt with the same way.  This prenup is not fair to Tommy at all.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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