Yummy Veal

Below Deck Season 6

Below Deck – Season 6 Episode 3 – I’m Also A Boat Captain!

This episode begins with the Rhylee/Chandler fight finishing up.  He’s just not that into you, girl.  Ok, more like he really dislikes the sound of your voice so you shouldn’t talk to him for a hott minute.  You think he’s a prick – so let’s all chill and hate together.  Kate then shuts the whole situation down because who else can?

Caroline worries about her mom with early on set dementia.  Adrian misses his girlfriend’s flesh.  The crew crushed the boat flip and welcome the 2nd charter guests on board.

Deck crew talks out their feelingz while Kate radios for them to do their job.  Chandler creates a hierarchy after saying he didn’t do hierarchies and places Rhylee as 3rd deckhand to beat her down even more.

Chef Adrian knocks it out of the park with his food and presentation.  Veal, Lox, Sushi, Black Bean Cake, Birthday Cake, Flambe; it all looks so gooooood!  Rhylee and Ross get into it on a tinder cruise to a cave.  So much so that Ross heads to Captain Lee.

Based on the preview in the next episode the drama unfolds.  The crew is competent but the battles of personalities are just beginning.

Till next week!


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