More Jamaica: Shannon Ruins Everything, Vicki Twerks it Out

housewives of orange county season 13 episode 14 vicki twerking largeThe Real Housewives of Orange County, Season 13, Episode 14, Blow Up

On their second night in Jamaica, the ladies get ready for dinner. There is no air conditioning, so Vicki and Shannon are having some serious issues.  I would be as well.
The group on the bus leaves without the two. Tamra tells everyone they will get to see Fun Shannon tonight, because she will be drinking,Gina thinks it is not fair that everyone is there for Fun Shannon but have to deal with her being mean the rest of the time.
No one on the bus disagrees, and it seems like they are wondering the same thing as well.
Vicki and Shannon hydrate at the hotel, but then drink on their bus when they finally head out.

The two arrive at dinner, about an hour late.  Tamra does not appreciate it, and .
Shannon announces she will be drinking tonight, the last night she can drink before elective surgery.
Shannon finds the dinner conversation boring, says this aloud.  Tamra tells is this is not a surprise, because the topic is not Shannon. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 14 tamra
Fun Shannon gets discussed, but the Tamra brings up the fact that Gina feels like she does not make an effort to be friendly.  Shannon says she has a lot on her plate, and Gina says she does as well.  Emily tells us to tell a mother of three young children, in Gina’s situation that Shannon’s “too much on her plate” talk is nonsense.
Shannon turns it around, and asks why no one else at the table is being singled out for this treatment, like Emily. Emily wonders what she has to do with this, considering how Shannon treats her, and what she just said to Gina.
Gina tells Shannon she is not being a good friend to anyone right now, including Tamra, her supposed best friend. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 14 shannon Gina asks what kind of friend she is. Shannon gets very upset about this, and Gina puts Tamra on the spot, asking Tamra how she feels about Shannon.
Tamra tries to answer, but Shannon storms off to the bathroom.

Tamra runs after Shannon.  Shannon cries, telling Tamra she made her look selfish, by saying Gina also has a lot on her plate. Tamra explains that is true, and what Tamra said is still not an excuse for Shannon’s behavior. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 14 shannon tara bathroom
Shannon brings up David, and what a delusional situation Gina is in right now.  Tamra tells her this is a good time to flip the switch, and make things better in the morning.
Shannon says she is grateful for good things in her life, but is overwhelmed at this time.  Tamra tells us loves Shannon but cannot deal with her constant negativity.
Kelly and Shannon talk about what Tamra said to Kelly. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 14 shannon too
Kelly tells Shannon this is how Tamra feels, and the two of them need to talk about it.
Everyone gets back on the bus together for the most awkward ride ever, as Emily notes, dubbing it the Awkward Bus.
Tamra tells Shannon she should try to be more positive tomorrow.  Shannon asks Tamra why she told Kelly she felt like she isn’t being a good friend to her, since they worked out that issue months ago.

As soon as the Awkward Bus gets to the villas, Shannon gets off, says she needs to go to her room, and tells the camera to stop filming her.  Tamra says making a big deal, and goes to tells Shannon this as Shannon gets her mic taken off.
Tamra tells us Shannon can’t keep treating people badly because of her divorce. Shannon insists she just wants ten minutes to herself to deal with all of this, and that is not a big deal to ask for.

An incensed Tamra walks back to the group.  They ask what happened, and Tamra tells them she cannot even talk to Shannon right now. Kelly asks Tamra why friends with someone who treats her like this.
Gina tells us feels bad she unleashed this beast on everyone, and it was not her intention at all.
Tamra needs a shot, so the group heads inside to have a drink.
Everyone present thinks Shannon’s behavior is out of hand.
Tamra brings up that Shannon does not know what real problems are, and that many people wish they could worry about how to pay thirteen-thousand dollars a month for rent.
Tamra says Shannon cries every night, and calls her.  Kelly says Shannon calls her too, and if she does not answer, Shannon calls Tamra.
Vicki thinks Shannon should get on medication, since it helped her after her divorce with Don.  The group says she is depressed.
Kelly says she feels bad for David for having had to deal with Shannon when she gets like that.  Kelly, David is a horrid human being.  Shannon has issues with depression, and anger because of things David did to her.  This does not mean Shannon has the right to treat people terribly because of her issues, but do not attempt to get anyone to feel any sympathy for David Beador, Jerk Extraordinaire.

The group goes to check in on Shannon, and to tell her there is an air conditioned villa to which they can now move.  Shannon starts yelling about how hurt she is by all of them, especially Tamra,  She goes off on Tamra, and everyone.
Shannon says she is a good friend and does not appreciate what is going on right now.
Shannon even tells Vicki she always defended, and stood by her. None of this is based in reality. Eventually, Vicki cannot watch this anymore, and tells Shannon she was never there for her,and in fact, the opposite is true.
Shannon asks Vicki if she wants to go there, and Vicki asks Shannon if she was there for her. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 14 shannon also More screaming ensues,Shannon keeps screaming.  Kelly tells her to calm down, she is going to give herself a heart attack.  Shannon says Tamra does not understand what she is going through.  Tamra brings up her own horrible divorce, and says everyone has their problems.
Kelly tells Shannon they are just trying to help her. The topic of medication is brought up. Shannon screams that she will never take medication. Kelly and Vicki tell Shannon it could help her.
Shannon says she is entitled to her pain,and no one in the group has the right to tell her how to feel.  Tamra yells at Shannon to stop screaming for once in her life, and listen to people.
Tamra leaves,and packs up to move into the other villa. Tamra tells us she is done, and Shannon cries to her all the time, but takes no steps to help herself.
Shannon keeps screaming with Kelly and Vicki,   Kelly tells us there is nothing wrong with going on medication, after Shannon again insists she will never take medication.
Tamra comes back into the room, asks Shannon what is her problem, because they are trying to help her. Shannon says how dare Tamra say she needs medication Tamra says she did not say that, and we see video receipts proving Tamra is correct.

The next morning, Vicki and Shannon get room service breakfast in bed. Vicki asks the person on the phone if Shannon will be friends with her by the end of the day. Vicki, please stop doing this to the people working at the hotel.
The fun group in the first villa, Kelly, Emily, and Gina, are looking forward to bobsledding.
Vicki calls Shannon,and tells her the plans of the day.  She tells Shannon if she does not want to go out with them, she will stay behind.
Shannon does not call Vicki back or anyone. Kelly says she invited Shannon to come sleep in their villa the previous night.  Tamra says she is not calling Shannon anymore.

Everyone except Shannon gets on the bus. This is the fun tourist bus, which is worlds better than the Awkward Bus from the night before.
Tamra tells the group she texted Eddie, telling him she had it out with Shannon. Eddie told Tamra he was happy this finally happened,  that she got to clear out that negative energy, and he hopes Tamra can get over it. He says Tamra was enabling Shannon to treat her like “shit”, and he is glad they got it all out.  I agree with every word Eddie texted his wife.

The ladies head to an amusement park, where they will go bobsledding on a track.
As they wait for the lifts up to the bobsled track, everyone notices  how round Vicki’s booty looks in her outfit. Vicki pulls down her pants and starts twerking.  Tamra tells us this is Fun Vicki, and she wishes Vicki could be like this all the time.  The guide comes back to find Vicki twerking with her pants down.  Vicki is embarrassed, yet does it again with her pants on, as the first few women go up on the lift.
She tells us she is a grandmother and should not be twerking, and apologizes to the world.  Vicki of all the things you have done, this is something you should not apologize for at all!
Emily says a fun vacation is about twerking and slapping asses. Yes Emily, you are correct, especially on this trip.
Everyone  is screaming, and having fun, on the bobsled track. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 14 bobsledding
Unfortunately, Gina had to ride alone, which took a lot of the fun out of the experience for her.  Does she complain and make a big deal about it? No, no she does not.  Take notes Shannon, and other Housewives on other franchises.
Vicki gets a shirt for Shannon at the gift shop.
The ladies lunch, and want to get drunk on Red Stripe beer. Tamra insists that Vicki has had a Brazilian butt lift.  She feels Vicki’s butt, and asks her. Vicki insists she has just been working out.
The server comes, and Vicki says the group wants to “drink drink drink”.
Gina tells us Vicki twerking at her age is an inspiration for everyone, and she wants to be twerking at sixty.
Vicki reads a text she sent to Shannon saying to take care of herself, and hoping she will see them for dinner.
Gina tells us she wonders why we feel bad for Shannon. Shannon has money, friends, family. Gina says Shannon is ten pounds overweight,and she should get over it.
Vicki says on the first night in Jamaica, she saw Shannon have a glass of vodka before bed.  Everyone discusses how that is how Shannon self medicates, she needs help, she has a drinking problem. Apparently, all of the OC Housewives are psychologists now.

What did we learn this week –   This blow up between Tamra and Shannon has been coming for a long time, and we all know this.
As far as Shannon being depressed, being depressed will make you do things like lash out at people, in Shannon’s case she has understandable anger issues as well, because of her marriage with David.
Depression can make it impossible to function, to feel like yourself, it is painful.
However, one cannot lash out at everyone all the time, and not expect it to have negative effects. Depression is not an excuse to treat people like garbage, and to think otherwise is an insult to everyone living with depression, who work on themselves.
Shannon needs help.  However, you can only do so much for someone, because they need to help themselves.  Shannon does not have to go down the medication route, there are other therapy options. Shannon has no interest in any of this, and is drowning because she does nothing to change anything about her situation.
Asking for help is hard, and a big first step,   Making that first call for an appointment with a mental healthcare professional is the most difficult thing for people who need help. We do not know why Shannon is so hesitant to take that step, but it is something she needs to do herself.  Tamra cannot make that appointment for her.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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