Bring on the Polynesian Picnic

Below Deck Season 6

Below Deck – Season 6 Episode 4 – Bitch in Charge

This episode begins with Ross losing his cool on Rhylee and going straight to Captain Lee.  That woman knows how to push people’s buttons!  Running to Captain Lee should be a last ditch effort before you strip naked and dive off the side of the boat ala Rocky stylee.  But Captain Lee seems to like Ross and understands his frustrations.  I thought it was a rash move.

Caroline and Chandler have an awkward interaction about the dishes from last night.  I think most of their interactions with people are awkward.  Chef Adrian says Caroline is like a lost deer in headlights and to me Chandler seems blazed out of his mind yet still uptight.  Weirdos.  Yep that’s why you made the cast.

The charter guests have a baller Polynesian picnic in a hut that Kate and Caroline set up.  Looks beautiful with amazing food!  The charter ends splendidly with the primary giving thanks with his words and dollars.  What a gentleman!

After the tip meeting Captain Lee meets with Chandler to discuss Rhylee.  He let’s loose that someone came to him about a breakdown in communication.  Seems like Ashton is the only deckhand that can keep calm in the sea of drama.  Just keep him out of the clubs.

Kate and Josiah get sloshed at dinner but they are the best kind of drunks.  They do a bit more shit talking than usual whiles wasted; too bad Caroline heard them talk shit on her.

The end.  We shall see more mental breakdowns in the coming episodes!


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