Don’t Go Twerking on Waterfalls

housewives of orange county season 13 episode 15 vicki shannonThe Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 13, Episode 15, The Day After

Last time we saw these women, it sure was a ton of fun.  Everyone was getting along, no one was fighting against everyone else.  Just kidding, although we did get to see Fun Vicki pull her pants down and attempt to twerk. 
The ladies are still at lunch discussing Shannon.  Tamra says she does not want to walk away from this friendship, but she is torn since Shannon is not acting like much of a friend.
Vicki gets requests to twerk again, but tells the others there will probably be no more twerking on this trip.  Vicki tells us fifty-six year old people are not supposed to twerk. But ya did Vicki, ya did twerk!  Please do it again, keep your pants up this time, if you like.
On the drama-free bus, Gina is excited to go see a waterfall, and says this is the fun they are supposed to be having, not talking about Shannon.

The women are about to go walk up the waterfall. Kelly tells us this group is not coordinated at all, and if one of them has an issue, they are all going down.
Hey guess what?  The water is cold!
Vicki tells us walking on the waterfall is everything she believes, because they are going against the flow of nature.  Vicki, please tell us you smoked something fun before you said this.
Some of the women slip and fall, but they all enjoy the water.  Tamra says she did not bring the right shoes, but tells us her doctor would kill her for climbing on slippery rocks.  Tamra enjoys watching everyone fall over, and having issues getting on the rocks, but we are sure she wishes she could join in,
These people are finally having some fun in Jamaica, it just took them three days.

Back at the hotel, the group has not heard from Shannon in 15 hours and are all worried.  Vicki has been especially concerned.
Vicki tries to call her, but no answer. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 15 vicki phone Finally, Shannon picks up the phone. Shannon says this “over-concern” about her mental well being is a joke.  Vicki asks her if she will join everyone for dinner, and Shannon agrees. Vicki tells us Shannon is in a pity party by herself, and she cannot help unless Shannon lets her in.

Vicki comes to Shannon’s room to pick her up.  Shannon tells Vicki she is hurt that everyone was coming down on her, when she is going through such a hard time. Vicki points out when Brooks was out of her life, no one talked to her and it hurt her feelings too.
housewives of orange county season 13 episode 15 shannon
Shannon keeps talking about how she is hurt.  She talks about some of the complaints the other women had, and says she does not like anything that was said.  Vicki ignores everything coming out of Shannon’s mouth, and shepards her out the door.
At dinner, the other women talk about how Shannon not calling is like a child not calling a parent.
Shannon comes to the table.  Kelly immediately says she was really worried about Shannon, and Shannon apologizes.  Kelly tells us she had no idea how worried they were, but she does not need “another freak out”, so she will go along with this apology.
Shannon thanks the women for giving her some space, and that she was deeply hurt by everyone at dinner the night before.
housewives of orange county season 13 episode 15 shannon small
Emily tells Shannon it seems like she is hyper focused on herself, and not on the others. Shannon apologizes to Emily.
Shannon apologizes to Gina for talking  about her divorce situation, because Gina’s divorce situation is what Shannon wishes she had with David.
Tamra stirs her drink, waiting for her apology.  Tamra tells us it is great that she apologized to Gina, and should have done so much earlier. However, Tamra wonders where is her apology, considering her close friendship with Shannon.

The next morning, Tamra texts Shannon, asking she would like to go to the beach.  Shannon heads over to her villa so they can talk about everything that happened.  Both of them want to resolve this issue, so this is a good sign.
Kelly walks down the stairs, and accidentally interrupts, but quickly exits the villa.  Kelly tells us Shannon has a pretty damned good life, and she needs to get over herself.
Shannon tells Tamra there are some underlying issues in their friendship.  Tamra says that is not the issue, and Shannon needs to learn how to decompress and live in the moment.  Tamra tells Shannon all she does in complain.

At the other villa, Emily, Kelly,Gina talk about Shannon.  Emily thinks Shannon has a mental illness, because she sees a lot of her mom in Shannon. Emily cries in confessional, saying it was hard growing up in Ohio with a single mom who had severe issues with depression.
Emily tells the other women things like this surface all the time, and that she had to be the parent as a child.  She tells them her mom has finally gotten the care she needs, and her mom’s life is better now.

Tamra tells Shannon she did not like the way she talked to her the other night, and she does not like that Shannon accused her of doing things she did not do. Tamra lays down the law, and tells Shannon she will never talk to her like this again.
Tamra says she did not deserve being called a “shit-stirrer”, and Shannon’s response is  telling Tamra she is a shit-stirrer. What is that?
Shannon says she is sorry Tamra feels this way, and it is just a semantics game. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 15 shannon tamra Tamra does not find this apology remotely appropriate, and neither do we.
Tamra reminds Shannon that she did not say anything to Shannon about medications.  Shannon tells Tamra she did not defend her as a friend, and it made her feel hurt.
Tamra says she wanted her and Gina to work out whatever issues they were having, and wanted to stay out of their conversation.
Tamra agrees that Shannon has been there for her as a friend. Then, and only then,  Shannon apologizes for everything. Tamra tells Shannon she wants her to move on, be more positive, and be happy.  They hug, which means everything is alright for the moment.

Everyone gets on the bus to go to Doctor’s Cave,a beach whose waters are supposed to be good for healing. You can also drink on the beach, as Kelly notes.
The group takes advantage of this, and Shannon is coerced into drinking tequila.
The women get in the ocean, and Shannon has to be helped in.  Vicki notes she peed, apologizes for it, and the others tell her it is no big deal since this is an ocean. They then all scream, “Pee!”, several times.

Emily and Gina have been drinking, and dining by themselves.
Gina’s mom calls, and says hello to Emily.
As Gina and her mom’s conversation ends, Emily starts to cry. Gina apologizes, and comforts Emily, telling her she is the best mother.
Emily tells us she is jealous of Gina’s relationship with her mom, and wishes she could have the same thing with her mom, and she tells Gina the same thing.
Emily says she wants her and her daughter to be like Gina and her mom.
Gina apologizes, and tells Emily it is great that she broke the cycle,and that she is a great mother to her children.
Emily wonders what the other ladies are doing, and they both hope frolicking is in the picture.
Cut to the other ladies in the water, drinking liquor out of coconuts.  Emily my dear, they frolicked for you.

Emily and Gina go back with the other women, and Tamra accompanies Gina into the water.
Tamra tells Gina everything that happened earlier with Shannon. Emily tells us she is glad everything worked out with Tamra and Shannon.
Shannon gets a foot rub, and Derron, the masseuse, tries to convince Vicki to twerk, but Vicki refuses. Derron tells her he will pay her to twerk, but Vicki tells him she will pay him so she does no have to twerk.
Meanwhile, Kelly, Gina, and Emily all jump off a giant trampoline. Kelly does some gymnastics moves.
Tamra tells us these young people can do what they want, but the “old ladies”, are going to have some drinks, and admire the view.

After the beach, the women have their last dinner in Jamaica.   Vicki is hoping no one talks about Shannon, and they can talk about the humidity instead, and have no deep conversation.
Vicki engages Gina, and asks her what was her favorite part of the trip.  Gina says the rafting, because she got over her fears.
Tamra says in an odd way, her fight with Shannon was the best thing that happened, because the two of them can now grow from this experience.  Shannon agrees, and is happy Tamra is showing that she is a real friend to her.
Tamra tells the other women they can make her feel better if Gina and Shannon kiss, which they do.  Tamra says she wants to see Vicki twerk, but Vicki is not down with that plan. Shannon and Emily attempt to twerk for Tamra instead.  Tamra is pleased, and this is a much better way to end this trip in Jamaica than fighting.

What did we learn this week- Shannon obviously has a lot of issues, and I wonder what will happen after this trip. Hopefully, she will do what she needs to do in order to get to a better place in her head, and her life.

Housewives trips are always full of drama, but this one made for especially unpleasant watching.  It is not fun to watch the show when anyone ruins trips, even though these trips are always overstaged and heavily scripted. A tip for Bravo, if you want drama on your future vacations, do not make them this painful.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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