Gold Chains, Reza’s Hair Care Game, Vida is Don Corleone

shahs of sunset season 7 episode 12 mj tommy largeShahs of Sunset – Season 7, Episode 12, Bless this Mess

Tommy and MJ head to couple’s therapy, because things have been stressful during wedding planning.  MJ tells the therapist about “the wrath of Vida”, and how she is not approving of anything. Tommy says MJ is being the opposite of a bridezilla, and has not been assertive enough with Vida.The therapist asks them if they have asked Vida for her blessing.  MJ wants to ask her in front of everyone at the rehearsal dinner, and Tommy understands that is not going to stop Vida from being Vida.  Vida, please just give your blessing, and be nice to your child at her rehearsal dinner, and her wedding.

Reza and Destiney have lunch as they wait for Monique, the Persian PI.  Monique arrvies, and tells Destiney they have gone through everything, and her father is not in the US.  Destiney bursts into tears again.
Monique tells Destiney wherever he is he loves her, and Destiney says she doubts that.  They all assume he has another family in Iran, and Destiney tells all men who do this to their families that they suck.  They do Destiney, and we love you.
Reza tries to comfort Destiney, and she tells him how much she loves him.  Destiney also tells Reza how grateful she is that he has been with her the whole time regarding this issue.

Reza and Adam go to the home of Sheree and her husband, the co-investors of Reza’s hair care line.  Sheree wear a diamond necklace, and Reza immediately tells her he loves it.
The rest of the group arrives. GG asks Reza what is going on, and why is everyone there.  Reza has his products on the bar.  He shows them to GG, and the rest of the group.
Mike is concerned that Reza is not going to be able to find stores to carry his products, noting it happened to him, and also happened to Asa with Diamond Water.
There is entertainment out back, a fire dancer.  Tommy Joon asks Sheree and her husband, if this what happens on a Tuesday, what happens on Saturday. Good question.

Tommy, Reza, and Adam go cake tasting for the wedding.   Reza tells the owner and chef that if the cake does not taste good, all the Persian people will be complaining about it.
The selections are down to two different flavors, and it is decided MJ shall have them both.
Reza says MJ’s wedding cake has to have a lot of flavor, since “that bitch is flavorful”. MJ is big and attractive, so the cake had also better be big and attractive.

MJ takes Destiney with her as moral support to get a vampire facial, which MJ has never had done before.  MJ says she hopes she will not look like Carrie on her wedding day.
MJ claims the needling is not painful, as Destiney internally freaks out.
Unlike other vampire treatments, this one only uses the plasma, which i a gold color.  Destiney approves since it is not all bloody, and it is gold.  MJ is not pleased at how she looks, but is Destiney points out her forehead is super smooth.
People, do not get treatments like this, or even a facial, two days before a big event.

GG is at the Greenstone company warehouse to shot a commercial for Wusah!
GG talks about living with chronic pain, but cannot seem to get the lines together, and is distracted by all the warehouse noises. Still the commercial shoots.

Nema calls MJ, as he drives to meet Shervin and Reza to buy his first piece of gold.  He tells MJ he will buy her and Tommy matching grills as a wedding present.  Nema is glad he has company for this shopping outing.  Nema says he feels like Shervin is the muscle, and Reza is going to work his retail magic.
Reza suggest starting with a pahlavi, a coin necklace.  shahs of sunset season 7 episode 12 nema necklace shervin reza
Nema says he wants to start with a basic chain, since he is basic.  Reza picks out a perfect chain, and gets the price lowered.  One of the employees at the jewelry store tells Nema his street cred just went up ten percent.  No.

Vida, MJ, and Tommy head to the rehearsal dinner.  MJ is sad because Shams is not with them.  Vida tells MJ  Shams is why she is here, and that she should not cry and enjoy this joyous occasion. Tommy tells Vida she just handled that beautifully, and then Vida says MJ is here because of Shams’s sperm. Viva Vida!
Tommy’s adopted family are there, and his adopted mom Terry meets Vida.

Vida and MJ have a moment.  Vida asks her daughter if she is happy, if she is ready to get married and give her grandchildren
Mj says she wants to show Vida more love and compassion, then MJ asks Vida if she will give her and Tommy her blessing.  Vida says not only does she give her blessing, but she says Shams would also give his blessing. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 12 vida MJ
Reza runs to Tommy to tell him the news, and Tommy is thrilled, noting Vida is like Don Corleone.
MJ gives the rehearsal dinner speech that never ends, and Tommy interrupts her by telling her to stop naming everyone in the room, asking if she is going to thank a dish, and a glass next.

Mona’s apartment is the site for pre-gaming before MJ’s wedding, as her apartment is a block away from the event.  Nema complains the only problem is Mona is vegan, and so is the food.
MJ has convinced her maid of honor Kerry that she needs a swim at her house five hours before the wedding.  MJ gets a call from Tommy’s best man, and asks him to please make sure Tommy is not blackout drunk at the ceremony.
When he mentions this to Tommy, Tommy says he is going to drink, and close down that open bar.
Until next week, and the wedding that Vida will not complain about at all!

What did we learn this week-  Seriously, do not get a vampire facial or a regular one two days before an event, do it a little earlier.

Next week is the season finale, so I guess we will have to wait until the reunion to find out what happens with Reza’s hair care line.

-Aoife, TV Maven






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