Goodbye Jamaica, Hello Unnecessary Surgery Land

housewives of orange county season 13 episode 16 vicki surgery
The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 13, Episode 16, Twin Tweaks 

Jamaica rejoices, as the ladies are back in California. Vicki tells Steve she did not drink much, because her surgery is coming up.  We are shown receipts of Vicki drinking a lot in Jamaica.
Steve does not know what kind of surgery Vicki is even having, but we find out it will be a neck and face lift.  Ooh, surgery!Steve makes Vicki promise this will be the last elective surgery, and Vicki promises, mocking him while saying that this will be her last surgery.

Tamra tells Eddie about the trip. She tells Eddie, Gina and Emily felt like they were snubbed by Shannon.  Eddie says that is because Shannon thinks “her shit don’t stink”.  Tamra comes to Shannon’s defense, saying her behavior is not from arrogance, but it is insecurity, and that is who she is.  Tamra says feels bad for her, Eddie tells his wife Shannon is sucking her dry, and she cannot keep enabling her.  Tamra wonders if she is a bad friend for talking about her and Shannon’s relationship  She says she feels like an addict.  This is because whenever Shannon calls, she goes downstairs in the dark, at three in the morning, so her husband will not find out.
Eddie talks about his health, he will be seeing a new doctor, and says he hopes he can figure out a way to “fix” him.  Tamra hopes all goes well, saying to Eddie he needs to start “boning your wife” again.

Emily and Shane are at couples counseling. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 16 emily shane large She tells the therapist about her miscarriages.  Shane says he does not want to have children anymore, and he realizes he sounds heartless.
Emily says she feels secure in her family unit, but says when you have that many miscarriages, that sense of loss is always with you. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 16 emily
Emily says after she lost their twins, the people at the hospital made her baby box, but she has never looked at it.  Shane says he has, and therapist tells Emily her next step is to open that box.

Steve takes Vicki in for her surgery, and Kelly takes Shannon in for her eyelid surgery.
Kelly thinks the surgery will boost her confidence, and help her with dating.  Kelly tells Shannon that at Vicki’s age, she should just have a whole facelift instead of a partial one.
As Shannon is prepped for surgery, she tells Kelly that she spoke to Tamra that morning.
Vicki gets her face covered in marker.
Both ladies are given light anesthesia, and it is operating time.
A few hours later, Shannon comes out of surgery, and is still loopy from the anesthesia. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 16 Shannon
She is wheeled out to Kelly who will be taking her home.
Vicki also comes out of surgery, and is also in an anesthesia haze, asking Steve all kinds of questions, and making faces.

Tamra gets things ready for her son Spencer’s 18th birthday party.  Her super fun mom s over, as is mom’s new friend, or boyfriend, Frank the plumber.  He smokes weed, remember?  Tamra says her mother has a think for Franks, and thinks her mom needs to find men with a new name, since this Frank thing is not working out.
Spencer is Tamra’s youngest son, and it is blowing her mind that he is an adult.  Tamra tells us her son is like a ninety year old man, and has his whole life planned out.
Talk of underage drinking comes up at the party, and Spencer has to explain what straight edge is to his grandparents, like it is the early 1980’s.
In the kitchen, Tamra’s dad Frank does not believe that Spencer is really straight edge.  Tamra tells him this is for real.  Tamra calls him her “golden child”, and back at the party, tearfully tells Spencer he is her best work.

Emily tells Shane she is ready to open the twins’ baby box.  She goes upstairs as Shane retrieves it. It is a heartbreaking moment.
There is a letter from Emily’s grandmother in the box, that she never knew existed.
Emily says maybe she can make herself feel better if she thinks that her grandmother is with her children in heaven.  Emily says she does not have closure and it is a “bullshit” term, that means nothing.  She says she has a lot to be grateful for, as well.  I am with Emily on closure not being real.

Kelly and Gina visit a post-op Shannon.    Shannon tells Kelly Tamra was over earlier.  We are shown footage of Shannon telling Tamra one of her eyes was bleeding overnight.
Gina tells Shannon that now they are in a good place, she feels obligated to tell her there was a lot of discussion about her mental health.  Kelly pipes in, saying Tamra keeps talking about it.
Gina tells Shannon Tamra is only concerned, and was not “talking shit” about Shannon.  Kelly says this talk may have come up because of all the drinking that was going on during the dinner.
Shannon says considering what she has been through, she is pretty strong and resilient.  Shannon cannot believe after making amends with Tamra, she is already talking behind her back.
Gina assures Shannon all of this is coming from a place of concern.
Gina, why did you do this to someone recovering from surgery, especially one where they cannot cry? What do you think is going to come from this?
This is going to be bad.

Tamra, Gina, Emily, and Kelly go to lunch.
Tamra had just got a text from Shannon, saying Shannon heard that Tamra was saying horrible things about her.
Tamra is acts differently after Gina and Kelly arrive, and Gina knows that Shannon told Tamra what she said.  This is not good.
Emily asks if she has seen Shannon and Vicki.  Tamra reveals that surprise, Shannon told her a bunch of things.  Tamra tells Gina to tell her her side before she “loses her shit”.
Gina tells Tamra she told Shannon what Tamra said out of concern, and was just trying to say to Shannon that her best friends were concerned for her.  Gina tells us this is the Shannon she was warned about, since it seems like Shannon is now trying to cause fights between Gina and Tamra.  Tamra asks Gina did she want to make sure things were good, or did she say Tamra was a bad friend.  Gina tells us this women are masters of Jedi mind tricks, and Shannon Beador is Yoda.

Gina says no, but she told her a few things, as Tamra said a lot of “shit” about her friend.  Tamra asks Gina if she wanted to make sure Shannon knew these things, and Gina says she did.
Tamra tells us she did not expect Gina to throw her under the bus.
Tamra asks Gina why, if she and Shannon are good, why does she wants to stir up a bunch of shit.  Gina says that is not her intention, and she is just trying to tell Shannon Tamra is concerned about her like everyone else.

Emily tells everyone there has got to be more to all of this than what has just been said.
Gina says Shannon called her, giving her a “sob story” about how she is going to lose custody of her children. Gina tells us this is the Shannon everyone has been telling her about.  Gina tells the ladies it feels like Shannon is trying to deflect, trying to make the discussion all about who said what about whom.
Tamra asks Gina if she told Shannon if she said her best friend is a shit best friend.  Gina gives Tamra a Strong Island no, and says she was saying Tamra was just questioning Shannon’s mental state.
Emily again brings up her mother, and repeats that she sees all the patterns from when her mother was not getting help in Shannon.  We are shown flashbacks of all the women talking about Shannon’s behavior, especially shots of Vicki and others talking about Shannon’s drinking.  Great editing there, Bravo.
Kelly tells Tamra sometimes she takes a lot on.  Tamra tearfully says he is trying to be a good friend to Shannon.  Gina tells Tamra anything Tamra said about Shannon is a normal reaction to someone who is backing her into “a weird place”.

What did we learn this week-  Just end this season now, if the rest of it is going to be Shannon vs. everyone.  It ruined the Jamaica episodes, and it is painful to watch.  I really hope this season ends soon, because I do not want to see this every week.

Gina, I love you, but what were you thinking?  How did you not realize telling Shannon those things would set her off?  Gina will probably never do something like this again, but now Shannon and Tamra are no longer really good with Gina.
Tamra did not need this extra grief, and Shannon, recovering from surgery, is in no state to be able to handle that.
Poor everyone, especially us watching this.  I hope Kelly, who is now the Fun Bus can somehow organize an event where everyone gets loose in a good way.

-Aoife, TV Maven



2 thoughts on “Goodbye Jamaica, Hello Unnecessary Surgery Land

  1. I can’t hate on plastic surgery, but I hope Vicki is done with it now.
    Yes! Straight edge has been around since the early 80’s, it’s something she would have asked teenage Tamra about if she had straight edge friends.


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