New Housewife, Men, Babies, and No Moore Chateau Sheree

housewives of atlanta season 11 episode 1 nene gregg
The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 11, Episode 1, To Love and to Cherish

Are you ready for season 11?  We have a new Housewife, whose husband is musical royalty.  However, we lost two Housewives with the best lines, Sheree and Kenya!  I hope the new wife and new featured friend have gems falling from their mouths like Sheree and Kenya! Eva had a baby, and she, Cynthia, and Porsha have new men in their lives.
Let us see what this first episode has for us!Cynthia FaceTimes her new man, Mike, a sports announcer.  Steve Harvey made this love  match!
Porsha and her new man Dennis, go shopping for an engagement ring.  Dennis owns several businesses, including a successful hot dog eatery in Atlanta, and had better keep selling those hot dogs.
Dennis has a trip planned to Miami for he and Porsha.  Porsha wonders if he will propose in Miami.

Nene and Gregg have a gathering at their house.  Gregg has recently been diagnosed with stage three colon cancer, and is currently recovering from surgery.
Nene feels like she has to be really strong, and put on a brave face, but says she has been crying too much.
Friends and family gather  to pray for Gregg. housewives of atlanta season 11 episode 1 leakes
Gregg opens up about what he went through the day they found out what happened, which was also the day of his surgery.  He breaks down, and talks about how he is going to “beat cancer’s ass”.  Yes Gregg!
Gregg thanks Nene for being there for him, and tells her he could not have come this far without her.

Eva, her daughter, her new son, and her now new fiance Michael, take engagement and family photos.  She notes that she and Cynthia have a different modeling styles.  Eva, you are taking family photos, check yourself.

Porsha goes to Nene’s store, Swagg Boutique, and brings flowers for Gregg.  Porsha tells Nene she wanted to see how Nene was doing in person.  Nene mentions that they are going to Miami because she has a comedy show that weekend.  Nene also tells Porsha she also has the opening of her new store, Swaggalicious.
Porsha tells Nene she will also be in Miami that weekend with her “friend”. housewives of atlanta season 11 episode 1 porsha also
Nene tells us Porsha has puppy eyes, and is really feeling somebody.
Nene helps Porsha find a couple of outfits, and tells us how much her and Porsha’s relationship has changed for the better.  Porsha makes Nene laugh, trying on outfits, and shaking her butt. Porsha tells us Nene really needs to laugh right now, and she is more than happy to help her out in this way.  It is really nice to see these two in such a great place.

Kandi, and her family go out to dinner.  Kandi asks the table if they can imagine if they had more babies.  Riley insists Kandi and Todd should not be having more children.  Riley tells her mother and stepdad they spend no time at home with Ace, and Kandi works too much.
housewives of atlanta season 11 episode 1 riley
Kandi tells us she is there for everything, but then gets a text saying she missed a meeting at Ace’s school.
Todd tries to tell Riley they all have to work to keep up their lifestyle.  Todd, Kandi is the one making the money in this relationship, so sit down.
Riley borrows a phrase from her Auntie Nene, and tells Kandi and Todd, “I said what I said”.  YES Riley!  You tell them.

Porsha calls Kandi, which is awkward for both women.  Kandi wonders what is up, and Porsha tells her that she would like to bring the group to Miami to support Nene and Gregg.  Of course Kandi is in, so we have our first trip already.

Porsha and Dennis leave for Miami, and the rest of the ladies pack up to leave.  Cynthia talks to Nene as she packs.  Afraid of spoiling the surprise, Cynthia tells Nene she has a conference call.  Good job, Cynthia!

Kandi the rest of Xscape  receive the prestigious Golden Note Award from ASCAP!  This is a huge award!
Kandi tells us she is glad her daughter are at the event, but she and Todd did not think through Ace’s bedtime.  He is cranky, and needs to go to sleep. Todd schleps him around the event, holding him, and trying to get him not to cry.  Is there no nanny who can pick up this child, and put him to bed?
All of the women of Xscape go onstage as their award is presented, and Kandi thanks their families, who are always behind them.

Dennis asks Porsha why she has so much luggage, and Porsha tells him she has some other things going on in Miami.
Porsha tells Dennis about Nene and Gregg, and how she invited the group down to be there to support them.  Porsha tells Dennis she does not get along with two women from the group, Marlo and Kandi.
Dennis says he knows Kandi, but when Porsha questions him, he suddenly gets quiet in the most shady way possible. Dennis says he knows her from “around”  He makes some weird expressions with his mouth when asked if he and Kandi were friends, which by the way, is not an answer.
Dennis ends by saying he just knows Kandi from other people, but cannot remember exactly where they have met before. Really, Dennis?  Everyone watching knows you are not telling Porsha the whole story.  Please do so, before we have to hear about it for the rest of the season.  That would be the most tired storyline, and we do not want it.
Then, Dennis says he has been to eat at Old Lady Gang, a few times before he met Porsha.  Which one is it Dennis?
Porsha tells us she does not care about this right now, because she may be getting proposed to this weekend.

Porsha and Dennis arrive in Miami.  Dennis has chefs preparing a meal, rose petals strewn across the bed and room.  Porsha sneaks into the bathroom to talk to her sister Lauren, and is super excited.
Dennis calls Porsha, and tells her he has another surprise for her.
He opens up a jewelry box, and we do not get to see what is in there until next week. Bravo, if there is a bracelet or necklace in there, this is not right.

What did we learn this week-  We all hope Gregg beats cancer’s ass, and we feel for Nene.  Hopefully, at this point in time, Gregg is in remission or even cancer free.

How Dennis and Kandi know each other is going to come up again.  If Dennis is proposing to Porsha next week, she will probably ask him about Kandi the next day.
Even if Dennis and Kandi had any kind of relationship, is it really such a big deal?  Dennis is making everything seem shady.

-Aoife, TV Maven


2 thoughts on “New Housewife, Men, Babies, and No Moore Chateau Sheree

  1. Hopefully Sheree AKA “who gone check me boo” will be a friend of the show.

    Kenya probably dropped out because of her husband. I hope it works out because that courtship was FAST.

    My heart goes out to Greg. I’m glad he has so much post-op emotional support. It’s so often after diagnosis people disappear. Or you complete surgery or chemo or radiation and the people that were there think you don’t still need help.

    It’s financially devastating too. Nene looks lost. To have both the caregiver and financial responsibility at the same time is draining. Been there but at least it was for my sister & temporary. I did it happily but it was hard. For it to be your spouse is a whole other kind of heartbreak I bet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really feel for Gregg and Nene, and yes, this has been really hard on Nene.
    Sheree had better be a featured friend, otherwise Heeeeellls to the noooo, to the no no nooo.


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