MJ and Tommy’s Wedding, Featuring Vida, Momthra of the Bride

shahs of sunset season 7 mj tommy bridal tableShahs of Sunset – Season 7, Episode 13, A Very MJ Wedding

MJ continues to swim in her pool. She has asked Tommy’s best man to make sure Tommy is not black out drunk, but we know that is not happening.  MJ tells us there is nothing she can do if Tommy gets extremely drunk at their wedding, but hopes it will not happen.  MJ, you know your about to be husband better than that.  MJ, hopefully Tommy will not call you a Sexy Dorito on your wedding day.Tommy tells us his groomsmen will be wearing Jordans with their formal wear.  He knows this is a Persian wedding, but they want to add some “New York style”.  Tommy, do not bring the rest of the city into this.  White guys wearing Jordans with tuxes is not New York style, and not even considered style in most of Queens.

Reza arrives at MJ’s, and is the most giddy and excited we have ever seen him. It is wonderful to see him this happy. MJ’s maid of honor starts directing everyone to get ready.
Nema, Destiney, and Mona all get ready together.  Shervin, GG and Mike arrive for wedding pre-gaming.
MJ realizes she did not have a fitting for her wedding dress, because she did not want to even see it the night before the wedding.  When she tries it on, it needs to be tighter on top, and there are nip slip issues. There is an emergency dress fitting.
Reza reassures MJ that whatever needs to be done to her “exoskeleton” of a dress, will be done.
Momthra of the Bride Vida arrives! In under two minutes, Vida tells her child her makeup looks too dark.  She tells MJ’s makeup artist Maureen, that MJ looks “Chinese”, whatever that means.  Maureen and everyone wonders what Vida means when she says MJ looks “Chinese”.

Vida tells Maureen that MJ’s makeup is not even, then hovers over the situation, making unwanted suggestions. Vida tells us she worked at a makeup counter for thirty years, but declines to mention that was probably more than thirty years ago.
Vida tells MJ she does not look like herself, but another person.  She has a breakdown when MJ says she wants peach lipstick.  Vida tells her to wear red.
Then, Vida yells at Maureen for not doing a good job, and for making MJ look like a “piece of wood”.  She tells Maureen she has ignored her since the minute she walked into the room.  Yes Vida, because this is not your wedding!
MJ has to come in the room and tells her mother not to talk to anyone working for her this way. MJ also profusely apologizes to Maureen, and tells her to ignore her mother.

An hour before the wedding, MJ finally puts on her dress.  The dress looks much better after alterations.
Vida is not allowed in the bridal suite, but ends up busting in anyway.  Vida tells MJ she looks beautiful.  Vida is in nice mother form, and there is no more criticism.
MJ has an emotional moment when she sees her fathers name embroidered onto her blusher veil.

The group enters the wedding. This will be Mikes first Muslim wedding. Destiney explains that at a Persian wedding, there is no gift table, but a table with an “aroosi box”, where people give money as a gift.
Everyone is seated, and waits for the wedding to begin,
MJ has some last minute issues with her dress, and the wedding party is held up.  Her guests wait, as Reza and other try to fix the dress.  Reza gives MJ a great pep talk, and the wedding begins.
Everyone loudly cheers as Tommy walks down the aisle. Tommy tells us marrying MJ is the easiest decision he has ever made in his life.
Vida walks next, and tell us if MJ is happy with Tommy, so is she.  She thinks it is wonderful she now has a son.
There is another delay, an hour past the wedding start time.

Finally, MJ the bride emerges!  She walks down the stairs to cheers, and slowly makes her way up the aisle, hugging and kissing everyone.  Mike tells us this is not how you do a wedding, especially if you have made your groom wait an hour and a half.
MJ makes it down the aisle, and has issues with her train.
Things are better as the couple sits at the wedding table.  The ceremony is beautiful.  When in Farsi, Tommy is asked if he will marry MJ he answers, “Hells the fuck yes”.

Tommy and MJ exchange vows.  Tommy tells MJ the thing is loves most about her is her smile. Tommy says he has one promise to her, which he also promised Shams. This is to make her smile as much as possible.
MJ says her vows, which Reza has already deemed cliche, and Reza and Tommy laugh in parts.  MJ tells Tommy to shut up, and has a minor meltdown, saying she does not want to do this anymore. Roh roh!  Reza cannot stop laughing at this point, and MJ blames Reza for making Tommy laugh.  MJ continues her vows, ending with the line that made Reza laugh when MJ was getting ready.
MJ and Tommy exchange rings.  Destiney wedding cries.  The couple kisses, and all is beautiful
shahs of sunset season 7 episode 13 mj wedding

Reception time!  Reza and Mike dance into the room, and make sure the dance floor works.
Vida tells everyone at the group’s table that since she is the mother of the bride, she gets both the filet mignon and the lobster.  Vida is living today!
MJ and Tommy are introduced as a married couple, and  everyone cheers.
They have their first dance, and Tommy grabs MJ’s butt.

Adam and Reza go outside to talk for a moment.  Reza says their house is fully on track to be build.  This  means they can put the condo on the market, which means they should start looking for eggs.  Adam loves this idea.
Reza tells him everything feels one sided  in their relationship lately, and asks Adam to make him feel like he is on an even playing field.  Adam tells Reza they need to communicate better, and Reza needs to listen to him more.  This gets Reza so defensive, he lashes out at Adam, and tells him to “zip it”. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 13 adam reza
Reza, you came out to talk, so talk.
Reza tells Adam to chill out and calm down, says and he acts like a “white person” in front of other people, but “annihilates” him when they are alone.
They finally agree they are on the same page, and Reza asks Adam to hold him for a little bit.  They smooch, and make up.  It’s nice that MJ’s wedding is making Reza feel more lovey than usual.

Mike talks to his mother for a moment.  Mike tells her he has a hard time going to weddings, and he gets very emotional.  Mike tells us he wishes he could go back in time and do things differently.  Mike’s mother tells him he will meet someone.  Mike says he is ready to put his divorce behind him, get married, and have children.

Reza asks GG what is up with her and Nema.  GG says nothing, but Reza asks if she wants to “put his dick in her mouth”.  GG laughs, and denies.  GG says Nema has helped her so much for her, supporting her, and Nema is good people.
Shervin, Adam, and Mike come out, and Reza says GG is blossoming.  Then, Nema comes outside, which just leads to more of this group trying to encourage this hook up.
Reza tells the group that before everyone came out, GG was saying some beautiful things about Nema.  GG repeats that Nema has been there for her lately.  I am sure Nema was melting in his tux.
Reza makes a friendship speech, and they all go back inside.  This episode is so schmaltzy, but it is nice to see a happy wedding, and this group of friends who are always there for each other.

Reza makes his speech, Tommy’s best man makes a great speech.  There is a small memorial moment to Shams with bagpipes.  Mike is blown away by everything.
Everyone dances at MJ and Tommy’s wedding, and this season ends.
See you at the reunion!

What did we learn this week- I like that the season ended with MJ and Tommy’s wedding, and we have to wait to see what the rest of the group is up to at the reunion.

I feel so bad for Maureen, and I hope MJ paid her extra for having to deal with Vida yelling at her.  What did Vida even mean when she said MJ looked “Chinese”.  Will we ever find out?  Does Vida even know?  Another Bravo mystery.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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