Not One Swinging Dick On Board

Below Deck Season 6

Below Deck – Season 6 Episode 6 – Get Better or Go Home

This episode begins with Ashton and Chandler making fools of themselves pretending they can fish.  Well not Ashton; he is completely honest and never admits to knowing anything about fishing.  He is about the working out and partying but fishing? Not so much. The main charter guest shows off her butt cheeks and her man calls her a dime in a creepy way but I think it works for them.  Spoiler alert – they like to fuck on camera.

The more Chandler talks the less I respect him. Mostly because he is dumb and kinda a liar.  Captain Lee had no idea about the fishing trip.  He’s getting more pissed off by the second.  Nothing makes better TV than an irritated Captain Lee!

Chandler rages at Rhylee before they set up for the shark and sting ray lunch.  Looks pretty sweet.  But he takes all deck crew and doesn’t inform Captain Lee of anything that’s going on.  It starts to rain and the Jacuzzi overflows.

The highlight of the episode is Caroline having a panic attack due to a rum coconut drink request.  She also seems offended by a blueberry request.  Kate nails her interview- Josiah is a show dog with a perfect gait and Caroline is a nervous Chihuahua who shits itself.   Chandler whines to his crew that he got reamed out by Captain Lee.  What a bitch move that is basically crying “I’m bad at my job and I’m going to make you feel like shit because I suck.”

After a divine meal prepared by Chef Adrian the Primary guests choose to fuck on the Crow’s Nest. They take some more annoying photos that block Captain Lee’s view and then BYE.  Off that boat.

Chandler rages at Rhylee for a mop left out.  There isn’t any proof that she actually left it there but alas.  Chandler acts like a misogynist- spread out that rage to some of the men asshole.  Didn’t Ashton let the Jacuzzi overflow?  Isn’t Ross 2nd in charge?  But keep beating down the 3rd deckhand for working her ass off and being left out of her field of expertise because you are stupid.

At dinner Ashton says Rhylee is being extra emotional – HA – no she is having a normal reaction to a bad leader.  Remember, Ross already went whining to Captain Lee about Chandler and no one called him emotional.  Rhylee hasn’t even done that yet is being labeled.

Oh yea Caroline still has elephantiasis.  If it’s not better in 2 days. BYEEEEEE!



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