I’m Gonna Eat Somebody’s Ass for Dinner


Below Deck season 6 episode 2 drama brewingBelow Deck – Season 6 Episode 7 – New Kids on the Dock

The crew flips the boat for the next charter of 10 people – 2 of which are children.  Kate and Josiah refer to the 4 year old as “Master Pearson” which is hilarious.  It’s the first episode where we see Adrian put under pressure cooking for 8 adults and 2 kids who truthfully shouldn’t be on a fucking yacht.  I’m not judging but kids would rather be on the beach or a playground than a huge prison floating on water.  The guests did not like their gross Mahi Mahi and bland yet tough steaks.  Ouch.

In an Ultimate Chief Stew move Kate decides not to tell Adrian of the feedback.  She considers him an amazing chef and wants to keep his spirits high.  She realized he didn’t have the time to prepare a meal at level 10 standards.  Also the guests cleaned their plates yet bitched about the flavor…  So then Caroline decides it’s her job to ruin Adrian’s night by letting him know of the shitty food he made.

Adrian unloads on what an emotion sucker Caroline is.  Kate realized this on day 2 but is a champion at not letting other people affect her while Adrian is very empathic and cant shake Caroline’s oddly negative personality.

Kate is such a pro saying while his delivery may not have been the best (or it maybe it was!) he has sound advice.  STOP BEING A NEGATIVE ENERGY SUCKING FREAK CAROLINE.  I think this chick will learn something once she watches herself on camera. Or not.

Captain Lee creeps on the deck crew to witness Chandler being a dick in the flesh.  I swear he can’t understand words people speak to him.  He doesn’t double check anything or go over a plan for the guest excursion.  Leaving 10 people high and dry (wet?) with no towels and no water.  Genius.  The deck crew isn’t dumb but there needs to be a game plan idiot.

Looks like it only gets worse as the charter goes on.  Till next week.



One thought on “I’m Gonna Eat Somebody’s Ass for Dinner

  1. 1. Deidre, I love you,
    2. Caroline sounds horrid,why would she tell Adrian that??
    3. Chandler sounds like a complete dick,and he is probably as awful as his name.


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