Last Days in Copenhagen: Victim Brandi on the Loose

housewives of dallas season 3 episode 14 leeanne stephanie dandraThe Real Housewives of Dallas – Season 3, Episode 14, Growers and Show-ers

Last week in Copenhagen was so much fun! No vicious fights at all, no one went off on anyone, and everyone is good with each other.  Just kidding, Bravo does not do trips on its shows unless the cast is good and ready to rumble. Whatever happens next, LeeAnne is probably going to make a lot of faces about it.Brandi gets up after this heavy conversation about alcohol, and goes back to her room.  Some of the group get up to go to sleep as well.
D’Andra apologizes to Kameron for talking to her the way she did.  She tells Kameron no one else in the group understand her family dynamics the way she does.
Kameron accepts her apology, but seems very hurt.
D’Andra talks about how she only has her husband, and now her mom who is back in her life.  Kameron tells D’Andra she will always be there for her.  D’Andra says she understands it will take time for their friendship to get better.  The two hugs, and agree to work things out.
D’Andra tells Kameron she does not want Kameron to get swept up in what is happening with her and LeeAnne.
Kameron tells D’Andra she hopes LeeAnne and D’Andra will mend their friendship.

The next morning, Brandi starts her day by twerking in Cary’s face. Good morning!
D’Andra tells Cary she feels better after talking to Kameron, but wants to talk to LeeAnne.
The plan for the day is biking, or taking a boat tour.  All the ladies break up into their groups.  Cary does not like that the women will not step outside their friend groups, and decides Brandi and Stephanie will be separated for the day.
Brandi tells LeeAnne she wants to see her on a bike, because she wants LeeAnne to look like the Wicked Witch.  LeeAnne asks Brandi if she is calling her a wicked witch because she is mad at her, and Brandi says yes.
LeeAnne leaves the room, but Stephanie and Kameron follow her.  LeeAnne cries, saying Brandi’s comments were uncalled for.  LeeAnne  asks them why D’Andra is not facing repercussions for her violent act of pushing her the night before.  Stephanie tells LeeAnne if she wants to talk to D’Andra on the boat, she will mediate. Kameron encourages this, and hopefully this will still be a fun outing.

Stephane, LeeAnne and D’Andra go on the boat tour.  Stephanie says she does not like boats, but likes hot captains.
They don’t understand what he tells them in Danish, but they give a Skol toast, and drink their rose.
Cary and the others go biking.  Cary tells us she dated Lance Armstrong for a year, so yes she knows how to bike.  Does Cary also know how to juice like Lance?  I hope not.
Cary is happy to see a fountain in a plaza she remembers from a trip from when she was a teenagers.
The ladies on the boat spot some trampolines, and decide they will be pulling over.
Wow, it is the hugest coincidence ever that the biking group happens to be passing by.
Everyone gets on land, drinks rose, and wipes out riding on the handlebars of bikes.  They also hit that trampoline!

LeeAnne, D’Andra, and Stephanie have lunch.
D’Andra says Stephanie is a calming force, and she is the perfect person to mediate her and LeeAnne’s conversation. D’Andra excuses herself, and goes to the bathroom.
Stephanie remarks that LeeAnne and D’Andra are getting along well.  LeeAnne says she and D’Andra are just pretending everything is alright because they are old.  She tells Stephanie she still has the bouquet from D’Andra’s wedding.  Stephanie is touched by this, and tells us she hopes LeeAnne and D’Andra can work things out. Stephanie says she knows the pain of not being with her best friend, from when she and Brandi were not talking.
D’Andra returns, and Stephanie jumps into action.  Stephanie tells D’Andra and LeeAnne it is time for them to talk it out.  She asks D’Andra if she loves LeeAnne, and D’Andra says yes, and does not think they are not friends.  Stephanie says they have not been hanging out together, and fighting a lot.  LeeAnne she feels like D’Andra does not respect her and makes her feel like a piece of trash.

D’Andra says it is because LeeAnne said things about her financial situation.  LeeAnne says she thought this issue was over, and D’Andra says she thinks the same thing about when she said LeeAnne and Rich were not spending time together.
Stephanie tells them they have to get over all of this, because life is too short for this nonsense.   Stephanie killing it with wisdom on this episode!
D’Andra tells LeeAnne she hopes they can move forward, she understands it takes time, and she will do whatever she can to make up for hurting her.  LeeAnne says she would love that, because D’Andra took her heart.
Stephanie says she is proud of them, and they are really great people.  LeeAnne thanks Stephanie for being their singing Tibetan bowl for the day.

All of the ladies get together for an excursion to Tivoli Gardens, which is an amusement park in the middle of Copenhagen.  Cary has provided them all with traditional Danish garb.
LeeAnne says she feels at home at this amusement park, because she grew up in the carnival world.
The women dance around, and enjoy “looking like idiots” in their Danish outfits, as Cary says.
They go on all the rides, and have beer! Skol!
housewives of dallas season 3 episode 2 copenhagen group

Cary asks if everyone enjoyed the day, and they all say their day around Copenhagen was great.
D’Andra says Stephanie was the best mediator for her and LeeAnne.
Brandi tells us she is surprised D’Andra and LeeAnne made up.
Cary brings up Brandi’s wicked witch comments from that morning.  D’Andra asks Brandi if there is a deeper issue, like LeeAnne calling her an alcoholic.  Victim Brandi emerges, saying LeeAnne has been horrible for months, especially when she said Brandi adopted a baby to save her marriage.
Hold up Brandi, we have established this is not what was said at all, and that you even bringing it up is a bunch of utter nonsense.
LeeAnne makes a face in response.
Brandi says if LeeAnne’s feelings are hurt because she called her a wicked witch, she is not sorry about it.  LeeAnne tells Brandi she expected that from her.  Brandi keeps digging her own grave, and tells LeeAnne if that is the case, then she should have called her a “stupid bitch” instead.   Not only does LeeAnne make a face at this, so does Cary!
LeeAnne says she apologized, she does not want to accept it,and Brandi is agitated for no reason.  Victim Brandi insists the reason why she does not accept LeeAnne’s apology, is because it is going to happen again.  Brandi tells LeeAnne she feels done with her.  Brandi, right now that seems like a great thing. Is there a way you can fly back to Dallas now?

The next day, everyone goes to meet the rest of Cary’s family, and go swimming in the Baltic Sea.
Thehouse is beautiful, and full of family, with a surprise, Cary’s daughter Zuri!  Mark and the children came to Copenhagen to surprise Cary.  Everyone cries tears of joy.
Everyone sits down to a traditional Danish lunch.  Stephanie does not like her fish, but enjoys the proper skol toast, and the drinks that follow.
Cary also gets another surprise, and FaceTimes with her parents.

Everyone gets ready to go swimming in the Baltic.  It is cold enough that everyone is wearing coats, but the plan is for Cary, Mark, and the rest of the family to go in naked, as is tradition.  All the other ladies put on their swimsuits, except for LeeAnne, who  is sitting this one out.
All of Cary’s relatives go in naked, which inspires Brandi to go in naked as well.  She notices LeeAnne taking phone video, and wonders what LeeAnne is doing.
Mark goes in naked, and the women are scarred for life.
In confessional, Cary says if the group wants to see the penis that allegedly got sucked at the Round Up, to feast their eyes on Mark.  Cary always says the best things ever in confessional.  All hail  Cary Deuber, the Queen of Confessional!
Everyone puts their clothes back on, and goes back inside.
Cary is so happy, she says it is one of the best days of her life.  She says she will be coming back to Denmark again.

On the bus ride back, Cary toasts to everyone, and thanks them for being part of this special day.  Cary tells the group that evening, they will be dining at a Michelin rated restaurant.
Brandi takes this opportunity to be a jerk, and tells LeeAnne she wants her phone so she can erase the naked videos of her and Cary swimming.  Brandi then asks LeeAnne why she took the video in the first place.  LeeAnne says she will delete it, as Victim Brandi says filming that was disrespectful.  Brandi tells LeeAnne to then delete it from her trash.  Brandi says she needs to delete it completly, because she uses things like that against people.
Brandi calls LeeAnne a “manipulative fucking bitch”. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 14 brandi small
This is not helping Brandi here at all.
Brandi tells LeeAnne she is going to use the video against them. Yes Brandi, that comment is going to go over really well for you.
Kameron asks us why Brandi is getting so upset about LeeAnne taking a video, when she got naked on national television.  Good point, Kameron!
It is deleted, but Brandi makes a stankface because she is unable to manipulate the group on the bus.

Everyone dresses for their last dinner.  LeeAnne tells us Brandi just wants LeeAnne to lose it, and get angry so everyone will come comfort her.  LeeAnne is exactly right.
At dinner, Kameron tells us she cannot handle this fancy food anymore.
Cary asks everyone what was their favorite moment on the trip.
Brandi says she had a great trip, but was hurt by LeeAnne. Brandi, give it up already!      LeeAnne asks if she had gotten in the water too, would it had made a difference.
Victim Brandi gets really nasty, and asks LeeAnne if she had taken a video of LeeAnne’s “sunny-side up titties”,  if LeeAnne would like it if Brandi had that video on her phone.
LeeAnne says it was about saving a memory, and Kameron backs her up, saying LeeAnne was not trying to blackmail anyone.
Brandi says she does not believe LeeAnne deleted the video.  LeeAnne shows Brandi and D’Andra the video is gone.  Brandi thinks LeeAnne has it saved in her cloud.  LeeAnne points out that if the video leaks, Brandi will know who is behind it, but it has been deleted.
LeeAnne tells Brandi and the rest of the group that it not fair that she gets punished for the same things others in the group have done in the past, when she has not even done anything.

Mediator Stephanie tries to explain that Brandi was afraid of the video being shown because of trust issues she has with LeeAnne.  Again, LeeAnne says the video is gone.
Victim Brandi even tries to play us Housewives fans in confessional, saying that LeeAnne said she adopted a baby to save her marriage.  Go away Brandi, get back in the Baltic and swim far, far away.
Brandi tells LeeAnne it seems like she always has an agenda, and uses it against her. D’Andra does a huge eye roll.
Brandi tells us that LeeAnne can pretend to be someone she is not. Brandi says she knows how horrible LeeAnne really is and waaaaaah, Brandi is an innocent victim.  She says LeeAnne is a really good manipulator which is hilarious coming from Brandi.
LeeAnne tells Brandi she is not mad at her, is not going to be mad at her, and is not going to let herself get angry with her.  We can only imagine the fury that has been set off inside Brandi’s brains.  LeeAnne says as much as Brandi does not trust her, she does not trust Brandi either.  Victim Brandi tells LeeAnne she has never done anything to LeeAnne.  Keep on with the lies, Brandi.
LeeAnne tells Brandi she is sorry that Brandi does not trust her, and Brandi takes this moment to tell LeeAnne she does not think anyone at the table trusts her. Everyone makes more drama faces.   Brandi, you are awful.

What did we learn this week- I feel done with Brandi at the moment.  People who manipulate others, and feign victimhood are not people I want to be around with in my life. I do not really want to watch them do their twisted thing on television, either.
Unfortunately, this franchise will probably be stuck with Brandi as long as it exists.  When Brandi is fun, she is really, really fun, and when she is bad she is horrid.

Stephanie has plenty of money, but she deserves to be paid as a mediator for all the work she did in this episode with LeeAnne and D’Andra, and also with Brandi and LeeAnne!  Bravo, pay up if you are going to put Stephanie in these situations!

It was great to see Cary connect with her family this trip, and Mark gets points for surprising her in Denmark.   I wish there would have been more of this, and less fighting.

-Aoife, TV Maven


2 thoughts on “Last Days in Copenhagen: Victim Brandi on the Loose

  1. LeeAnne and Kameron need to be honest about LeeAnne calling an alcoholic.
    If LeeAnne cloned Brandi’s phone, that is all kinds of out of control!
    Question, if you think LeeAnne was responsible for cloning Brandi’s phone, do you think she has the IT skillz involved to have done it herself?


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