Reunion Part 1: Dick Moves, Pot Shaming, and a Little Bit O’ Vida

shahs of sunset season 7 episode 14 reuion gg mike rezaShahs of Sunset – Season 7, Episode 14, Reunion Part 1

What a season on Shahs!  MJ and Tommy survived planning a wedding with Vida, GG launched a business, Reza invested five-hundred thousand dollars in Shampoo and did not tell Adam, Mike is solo again after breaking up with Morgan, and Nema was smitten by GG.  It is time for this reunion!
Tommy and MJ talk backstage.  Tommy opens by praising MJ’s “caboose”, and MJ tries to sit next to him as awkwardly as possible.  Tommy says MJ is extra today, then rubs part of her lower abdomen, and tells her she is really extra. MJ says she wants to tell Vida something they have not told her yet.  Tommy does not want to do this on the reunion, but MJ insists there is no bad time for good news. Mysterious!  I wonder what this could be about, considering Bravo has been talking about it non-stop since this was announced months ago.

Everyone gathers on set.
The producers ask GG if she thinks it is a good idea to smoke before getting ready, considering they had to call the paramedics last year.  GG ends up going out to the parking lot for a minute. Yes Bravo, a woman with a chronic illness needs to smoke in order to not be in a ton of pain during the reunion.  Let the shaming begin!

For the seventh time, Andy speaks a lot of Farsi during the intros. GG claps for him when he successfully calls Mike a very good friend.
Andy asks Reza what his look is, and Reza replies, “Middle-Eastern Gay Dictator from the 70’s.   Andy says this will make for good role playing later on.
Andy points out that Nema came ready with notes.  Mike makes fun of this, but Nema tells Mike he worries too much about him, and is obsessed with him.  Mike says Nema is everything he wishes he could be.  Yikes, this apparent feud does not seem good.

Mike is asked if he was dating Morgan when he brought Mona to Big Bear.  Mike says he and Morgan were on a break, and he brought Mona as a friend.  Things did not end up moving beyond that during the trip, because Mona’s nails were chipped, and she was not “reciprocating” what he was putting out.
shahs of sunset season 7 reunion part 1 mike
He says he wanted to deflate her ego a little bit, which sets off GG and Destiney.
Mike follows this up with saying how much he loves and respects women, and they are the greatest gift on the planet. This is what cis men who do not respect other genders do when they are caught trashing women.
Nema says if a girl is interested is going on a date, she will do her makeup and nails.  If she does not, like Mona, it probably means she is not interested in being more than friends.  Mike asks if Mona just wanted a free dinner, and Nema tells him his sister does not need Mike’s money.  Nema also says that Mona did not even use the word date when describing their dinner, but did bring up that Mike got on her about a chipped nail.  Nema says Mona thought that was a “dick move”, which is correct.  Mike’s response is that “some girls like dick moves”.  Mike, what are you even doing?  Destiney mouths the word “motherfucker”.

Andy asks Nema if he went on the Big Bear trip to keep an eye out on his sister.  Nema says part of the reason why he went, was to do that because of Mike’s reputation.  He and Mike argue about that for a bit. Mike says he wants to end this “Reza Effect”, where they presenting “bullshit” as fact.  Reza is not pleased that this is what is the Reza Effect.
Reza takes this opportunity to school Mike.
Reza says “Bitch please”, Mike was sleeping with Morgan, then he met a hot girl, went with her, she did not compliment him, he was pissed off,  so he called Mona out on her nail.  Then, Mike called Reza and complained about Mona, and asked who she thinks she is, and went back to Morgan.  When Morgan came up to Big Bear, she told everyone she wants to meet a very wealthy man, and home school her children.  Reza says after that, Mike was “done with her”.
Mike says Reza is wrong.  Reza says, “You guys, did I not just give you the Cliffnotes version of what just went down”.  You guys, everyone agrees!

Nema did not think Mike and Mona were a good match.  Mike says he likes girls who are voluptuous, and Mona is more like a model, skinny.
Reza is asked to describe Mike’s perfect woman. Reza says she would have long blonde hair down to her “tramp stamp”.  Mike interrupts saying he does not like tramp stamps.  Reza continues, saying he would have, “gigantic” lips with lip liner worn two or three inches beyond the lip line, “huge knockers”, lots of makeup, and very sexy clothing. Shahs of sunset season 7 reunion part 1 mike reza
A viewer tells Mike he says he kept Mona in the “friend zone”, but the truth is, Mona decided he was just a friend first.  Nema agrees with this, and Destiney does as well.
MJ tries to make Mike feel better by saying Mona is looking for a different kind of guy.
More “friend zone” talk continues between Mike and Nema.  Mike tells Nema he does not date a lot of girls, or any girls, and when he starts doing so, Nema can come back and talk to him.
Mike, you have come off as such a misogynist before, but it is nice to see people calling you out on it.

Nema tells Mike he tries to pretend like he was not interested in Mona, yet he keeps texting her.  Mike tries to say that it is all friendly discussion, but Nema says he has seen the texts where Mike keeps asking Mona to give it another shot with him.
Mike says he swears he is only friend texting Mona, because he is so turned off by her in a sexual way, that he only wants to be friends.
Nema again points out that Mike keeps texting Mona to give him another chance, and Destiney confirms this.  Mike tells Destiney to shut up, because she is a “fucking liar” too.  Destiney says she will not shut up, and has nothing to lie about.
MJ says she does not believe that Mike has been texting Mona.  Really, MJ?

Tommy and Adam are brought out!
Adam is asked why he was so upset that he was not part of MJ’s bridal party.  Adam says he was more upset than he should have been. MJ says she values her friendship with Adam, but the bridal party has obligations, and she wanted Adam to just have fun.  Adam says they have moved on from this issue.
Mike and Desintey start arguing, and Destiney shushes Mike, then asks him if he now knows how crappy it feels when someone does that to you. Shahs of sunset season 7 reunion part 1 gg adam reza  The rest of the group reacts, very proud of Destiney for calling Mike out on this as well. Yes, Destiney!

Reza investing half a million dollars into shampoo behind Adam’s back, and Adam wanting children are all brought up.  Reza says he did not use the baby money for the investment, and he and Adam have just gone through a very rough patch.  Adam says Reza was not feeling appreciated, he was not acknowledging things Reza was doing for Adam, and he says he feels bad about all of that.
Reza says at one point, he said he wanted a divorce. Reza says he and Adam are working on it, and Adam has been making an effort.
Nema says he is concerned that Reza brought up divorce like that, and Mike asks if he is Dr. Phil.
Adam says that if Reza brings up divorce one more time, he will likely grant him one.  Adam is tired of feeling like he needs to jump through hoops whenever Reza mentions divorce.  Mike warns Reza never to use that word again.

The group thinks that there is nothing wrong with Reza not telling Adam about the investment, except Mike.  Mike says in a healthy relationship, you should not keep things like that from the person you are with.  Destiney laughs, saying Mike is making her laugh talking about healthy relationships when he does not have them.  Mike snaps back at Destiney saying she has never had any boyfriends, but Tommy says that is because she has had lovers, Destiney’s preferred term.
Reza and Adam had just celebrated their third anniversary, and they hope to celebrate many more.

Mike and Destiney get into yet another argument.  Destiney says she just wants Mike to do what he does, but just admit he is a “ho”. Destiney says make needs to learn how to own up to what he does.  GG tells Destiney she should do the same thing, and Destiney asks about what is GG talking.  GG says the group does not know a lot about her “relationship stuff”. Destiney says she has been clear about everything. Andy thankfully calls for a break.

GG is in the spotlight next.  GG is asked about if she was jealous about not being asked to be part of MJ’s bridal party, and if that is why, during the Big Bear trip, she kept bringing up that MJ and Reza had sex as teenagers.
MJ says that this is just typical Golnesa, and that maybe if GG was sober, she would not be saying these things.  GG asks sober from what, and the answer is pot.  GG tells MJ maybe if she was so concerned about pot, she should not have smoked GG’s pot with her.  GG says MJ that smokes weed every day, and smokes a lot in general.  MJ keeps pushing that is GG was not high, she would not have said those things to her.
MJ, one thing pot does not do, is make you vindictive.  Since GG brought up this new information, apparently you know this well.

MJ and GG continue to argue, and GG almost walks off the stage.  MJ says that when GG cannot be happy for other people, she is going to rev up her sarcasm to her.  Andy reads a viewer question asking how MJ feels about getting a taste of her own medicine.
GG tells MJ she never sees how she hurts people, and she does not open up to them.
Reza admits that he and MJ invited Shalom’s ex to her party just to piss off GG, and Mike says he loves that.  GG looks like she is about to punch everyone in the brain.
Reza says he will always be on MJ’s side, because he and MJ go back decades,  and GG has been dirty in the past to him.

GG asks Reza why he said they were past this if they were not good.
Reza says that GG has been lying about everything when it comes to Shalom.  Andy tries to move on, but GG insists she wants to talk about how she is being sued by Shalom.  Andy tries to make it as non-obvious as possible that he is trying to say they will talk about this later on the reunion. GG says she is done, is done being called a liar, and leaves the stage.  She kicks the cameras out of her dressing room.
Reza asks if he can talk to her, but GG says not now, because she is done.
Vida is in MJ’s dressing room, and critiques MJ’s hair.  MJ tells her mother she does not care, and does not want to hear it, especially because of what just happened on the set. Vida is always in disapproval mode!

Reza, Mike and Nema sit in a break room together.  Reza asks them what they think about GG’s behavior.  Nema says GG is not honest, and when you call her out, she just runs off.  Nema says GG thinks she is evolving, but Reza says no, she is not.
Destiney tries to talk to GG, who has changed out of her dress.  Destiney tells GG she should stay and speak her truth.  GG says she is out of there, and if Destiney wants to do that, she can speak her truth. Destiney tells GG that the group needs to hear how she feels.  GG asks why, and Destiney tells GG it is because she matters.  Destiney, we love you!
GG says she is not good.  She explains that some of the group tried to invite him to the reunion, saying she has been talking shit about him.  GG says they have only known Shalom for a short time, but they have been her friend for years, and she does not appreciate how she is being treated at all.  Destiney keeps encouraging GG to stay, saying if she was in GG’s position, she would stay and let them know how she feels.
The last shot is of GG walking away in the parking lot.  What a great first part of this reunion. It was draining to watch.

What did we learn this week – It’s nice that Mike is finally being called out for being a misogynist, but sadly, most of the group does not care, and encourages Mike’s toxic behavior toward women all the time.

Where did all these nasty feelings about GG suddenly come from?  Were we just not shown a lot of things toward the end of the season?  I do not get where all the GG hate is coming from, but we will probably find out next week.

-Aoife, TV Maven





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