That DeVoe’s Advice to Kandi was Poison

housewives of atlanta seaon 11 episode 1 nene confessionalThe Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 11, Episode 3, A New Addition

The ladies are home from Miami.  Thankfully, that trip was not torture to watch.  We found out that Porsha uses Dennis’s toothbrush, and that Kandi knows a secret about Dennis.  What could it be?  Is someone else using his toothbrush as well?  Let us see if we find out.Eva and Porsha meet at the gym.  In confessional, Eva takes another swipe at Cynthia for whatever reason, saying she is the only model with a big butt. Eva, what is up with all this constant Cynthia model-related shade?
After their workout, Porsha and Eva talk about love.  Porsha asks how things were with her and Marlo.  Eva says she did not realize how “high maintenance” is Marlo.
Eva also talks more about Cynthia, saying Cynthia needs to “come off the lake onto the runway” to “show that veteran walk”.  housewives of atlanta season 11 episode 3 eva  Eva ends by saying “the word on the street is I do baby moves, honey”.   She says ” We respect Mother, but she’s still Mother”.  Porsha tells Eva to leave Mother alone, and Eva replies, “I love Mother”.  Is Eva going to do this all season?

Nene and Gregg are in Houston, to see what other options Gregg has to make sure he cancer is gone.  Gregg wants to look at other options bedsides chemo. housewives of atlanta season 11 episode 3 gregg nene
Nene tells us Gregg is on an emotional roller coaster, and she feels she needs to be strong, and be his rock right now.  Nene says when they got to Houston all the frustration just got to Gregg.
After Gregg’s CT Scan, they talk to the doctor.  There is no cancer, but the doctor recommends using chemo as a way to make sure the cancer will not come back.

Kandi’s friend, and new Housewife Shamari DeVoe, comes over to visit.  Yes, Shamari is Ronnie DeVoe’s wife, and was in the group Blaq.  Kandi tells us that Shamari is fun, does not put on airs, and is always herself.  Shamari wants to get Blaq touring again in the same way Xscape does, and BBD.

Shamari and Ronnie say goodbye to their baby twins for the day, so they can hear to the studio and work.  Ronnie looks the same as he did in the 90’s, which is amazing.
Shamari and Ronnie are doing a project together, called, Me and Mari.
We get to see each of them record part of a song.
Shamari tells us she slept with Ronnie the first night they met, and they are still together.  When it comes to love, you neva know.  You neva, neva know. housewives of atlanta season 11 episode 3 new
Shamari says she wants this project to be big, and tour with her husband.  She says she want them to be the next Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Cynthia visits Nene and Gregg. Cynthia tells us as a friend, she just wants to be there to support Nene.  Apparently, Nene got the number of Toni Braxton’s holistic healer. Okay! Nene tells us whatever she has to do to help Gregg she will do.  This includes having trees around the house.
Nene tells Cynthia the latest news, that Gregg no longer has cancer, but the doctor wants Gregg to follow that up with chemotherapy.  Nene tells Cynthia that they are going in a different direction.
They all talk about what a positive thing is was for Gregg to share his experience on social media.  He was able to bring awareness about what it is like living with cancer, which helps others learn, and lets those with cancer know they are not alone.
Gregg says someone suggested he eat a snake as a cure.  Everyone with a disability can relate to this ridiculous unwanted advice.
Gregg jokes that he will light up one of the trees, and “see what happens”.  Nene suggests edibles, and I hope they got some.

Kandi invites the women to the Blaq show at ATL Live.  When Kandi calls Porsha.  Kandi tells us she has never met Dennis, but they have mutuals.  She ends with “I’m gonna shut up”.

It is the night of the Blaq performance of ATL Live!
The ladies gather at their table in the front row, and wait to be entertained.
Cynthia invites the group to a “Bailey-Q”, and tells everyone to bring their best dishes.   Porsha plans on bringing Dennis’s hot dogs.
Shamari joins the women.  In confessional, Nene makes it known she is not feeling Shamari, for whatever reason.  Ronnie comes by the table.
Ronnie tries to give Kandi advice about Xscape’s performance set, and no one at the table is feeling it.
housewives of atlanta season 11 episode 3 kandi cynthia nene
Kandi tells us that Ronnie needs to put New Edition back together, or do something, and stop worrying about her.
Shamari and Ronnie walk off to talk to everyone else who showed up.
Out of the pits of randomness, Shamea is brought up in the conversation for whatever reason, and Eva says “Shamea ain’t black with a Q”.  Eva, what are you trying to say about Shamea right now?
Kandi tells Eva she is being “shady as hell right now”.  Kandi asks us, what did Eva mean when she said Shamea is not black with a Q?  She hopes it is not because Shamea is dark-skinned.  Kandi tells us she likes Eva, but she did not like what Eva said at all.
Cynthia says they had better bring all their “strong behinds” to her Bailey-Q.

Kandi arrives at Old Lady Gang, where she joins Todd is looking at plans for the new Old Lady Gang.  Kandi’s friend Carmen comes by, because she is also Kandi’s insurance agent.
Kandi tells Carmen about the Miami trip.  Kandi brings up Porsha and Dennis, saying she has friends who know Dennis.  Kandi tells Carmen she is not saying anything to anyone about what she knows about Dennis.
Porsha is in her kitchen with her mom, Ms. Diane. They have not talked in weeks, and Porsha has a lot to tell her.  Porsha tells her mom about the Miami trip, and the Rolex watch that Dennis bought for her.
Cut to Kandi, who tells Carmen Dennis bought Porsha a Rolex, and Carmen asks if that is not exactly what he did with “that other girl”.  Hmmm.housewives of atlanta season 11 episode 3 kandi
Kandi and Carmen say they have heard things about Dennis, but do not want to get rumors started.  Thank you two!
Kandi’s friend Jamie arrives.  Kandi recalls that Porsha once threw Jamie out of her house, and fought her.
They all talk about Porsha, and Kandi fills in Jamie.  Jamie says her friend was dating Dennis, but then found out he was dating Porsha, and there was a “big situation”.  It turns out Dennis had been dating Jamie’s friend for two or three years.  Hmmmmmmmm, indeed.

Kandi says that cannot be right, because Dennis was dating multiple girls at that time.  Carmen says some men do date multiple girls at the same time.
Kandi says he tattoos people’s names and possibly faces on him.  Jamie says Dennis got a tattoo of her friend’s name.
Cut to Porsha telling Ms. Diane that Dennis told her he is going to get his face tattooed on his back.  Dennis also told Porsha she was the first person to bring this kind of joy into his life.  Porsha’s mom is in heaven, and Porsha is glowing.
If  Dennis is cheating on Porsha, this is going to be an utter disaster.
Porsha tells Ms. Diane that Dennis always has a freshly prepared meal that he purchases.
Cut back to Jamie telling the Kandi and Carmen that Dennis has some girls cook for his other girls.  Jamie says Porsha needs to check his receipts because someone else is going to the grocery store who is not Dennis.
Porsha’s mother gives her a huge hug, saying how happy she is that Porsha found a good man.
Kandi says she is going to keep quiet about this.
Oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to all of this.

What did we learn this week –  I do not want to see Porsha get her heart broken again.  I hope Dennis is not giving out Rolex’s on Porsha’s time.  I’m not a fan of Dennis, and have a feeling you feel the same way.

What was up with Eva this week? When it comes to Cynthia, do models just get really catty about other models?  Is this just something that happens in nature?
Eva, what did you mean when you said Shamea is not black with a Q?  Are you seriously looking down on darker skinned black women?

Ronnie DeVoe, no one needs your mansplaining advice.  Not Kandi, not anyone else.  Kandi is right, focus on you and yours.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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