Jamie, Why?

Below Deck Season 6

Below Deck – Season 6 Episode 8 – Flesh Wounds Are Not Five Star

Captain Lee is laying down the law about them getting their heads out of their asses.  Ashton and Ross tell Chandler that he isn’t informing them of the game plan.  He doesn’t understand that it’s his job to create and convey that plan.  DUH.  Rhylee stays quiet which is so smart.  If she said what Ashton said I think Chandler might waterboard her. Oh Jamie why are you dating a monotone dummy? Even his washboard ab selfies make me yawn and yearn for a higher IQ.

I admit that little girl is hella cute on the yacht.  Her dress and her joke at dinner were fabulous.  Adrian wins me over with his ability to move on and always challenge himself as chef.  I want to eat his fooooooood!

At breakfast Caroline seems like squeezing orange juice is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest.  I bet that 4 year old could get some juice served up in 15 min.  It’s karma for her bitching about being on nights; yet she doesn’t have the capability to do mornings.

Chandler begins the day by making Captain Lee schedule his day properly.  At least he radioed Captain about his horrible plans so they could be rearranged.  Even Chef Adrian knows what Chandler should be doing and he spends 20 hours a day in the galley.  Chandler of course speaks down to Rhylee and she can’t take it anymore.  He keeps telling her to “Do your job.”  UHG I HATE HIM.

It was funny hearing Captain Lee let Josiah know the deck crew will probably sink a boat if they don’t get the guests to dinner early.  Such trust with this crew.  Chandler drops a charter guest hard on the concrete.  Ross is pretty much taking over as bosun. It’s apparent the interior realizes how much Chandler sucks with all the quips we caught in this episode. Josiah saying “Chandler needs his hours of rest” and Adrian saying “Chandler get your shit together.”

Caroline breaks a glass and leaves.  Oh no sister stay by the spill – don’t you know that? Master Pearson slices his royal foot!  The charter guests tell Caroline to her face that she sucks at mixing drinks so they can only have Prosecco. Burn sauce.  Although there might be glass in that Prosecco – nothing is safe with Chandler and Caroline in tow.

Kate and Josiah come back after cleaning up the entire beach picnic at night.  Kate gets Captain Lee’s approval to run the deck crew.  Shit starts running smoothly with Ross and Ashton and then Chandler’s lazy ass gets added to her team and she feels the Rhylee rage within her.

No ice cream?!? Chandler sounds like a child.  He then calls Kate a “glorified housekeeper” in his interview.  Chandler= White Male Privilege.

Jamie, why?



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