L.L. Clone Phone

housewives of dallas season 3 episode 15 cary leeanneThe Real Housewives of Dallas -Season 3, Episode 15, Game of Phones

Drama at the last dinner in Copenhagen continues!
Cary tells Brandi LeeAnne genuinely has changed. Brandi tells everyone that LeeAnne may have calmed down a bit, but behind her back, she is the same as before.  Kameron tells Brandi it is not fair that LeeAnne keeps getting picked on.Brandi yells about how it is not fair when LeeAnne talks behind Brandi’s back. Kameron tells Brandi LeeAnne does not do this, and Brandi’s feelings come from insecurity.  She tells Brandi LeeAnne does not care about her. Kameron is really good at this!  Why come so far to cover for LeeAne,though?
Brandi asks what about LeeAnne talking to Mama Dee, and LeeAnne telling people at the table Brandi is an alcoholic.   Counterpoint!
There is an awkward moment of silence at the table.  LeeAnne makes a variety of faces.
Brandi tells LeeAnne she,”fucking despise”s her.
Another awkward moment of silence, and this time, instead of anyone else talking, they make more faces. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 15 denmark dinner
Brandi continues, telling Kameron that she never “has her back”.
LeeAnne asks Brandi if she thinks Stephanie is lying, trying to trust her.
Brandi clls everyone at the table a “bunch of fake bitches”.  Brandi tells us she cannot believe everyone is siding with LeeAnne, after all of the things she has said, and things LeeAnne has not said.
Brandi walks off, calling LeeAnne a bitch.

Before chasing after Brandi, Stephanie tells the women it is really hard to be in the middle of this. D’Andra says she is in the middle as well. Cary says it is hard for everyone to be in the middle of this because they are all friends with each other, and everyone is good with LeeAnne.
LeeAnne tries to comfort Stephanie, telling her she is a good friend, but Stephanie feels like she is not there for Brandi.

Stephanie tells us the women, including herself are fake, because they are all sitting at the table, with “their tails between their legs”, not wanting to address what LeeAnne has said.  Stephanie says she does not want to say anything to LeeAnne about it, because she does not want to be attacked.  Stephanie, we do not blame you for that.
Stephanie tells LeeAnne she understands LeeAnne is calmer now.  Stephanie says when it comes to calling people alcoholics, LeeAnne should not dig so deep. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 15 stephanie
LeeAnne says when she is hurting she will “cut you off at the ankles, and watch you try and crawl away bleeding”.  Alright.  Sounds fantastic. Everyone at the table makes the most brilliant faces in reaction to this gem of LeeAnne’s especially Cary, who follows it by having a gulp of wine.  Cary, at this point, just down the entire glass.

Brandi calls D’Andra from a bar down the street, and asks D’Andra to join her.  D’Andra gets up from the table, and tells Cary she will text her the address for the bar, because she wants Cary to join them.  Stephanie ends up leaving to go after Brandi, as well.
Kameron keeps eating, and takes Stephanie’s plate.  LeeAnne’s mouth falls to the floor in shock. as Kameron says “you snooze, you lose”.
LeeAnne tells us now that Stephanie went after Brandi, she knows where Stephanie’s allegiance lies. LeeAnne, Stephanie just told you she is in the middle of this, and does not want to pick sides.

Stephanie half runs down the street, because heels.  She arrives at the bar where Brandi and D’Andra are seated.   Brandi tells us she is glad Stephanie came, but at the same time feels betrayed.
Brandi tells D’Andra and Stephanie she wishes everyone had stuck up for her more. Stephanie feels horrible about LeeAnne calling her best friend an alcoholic, but does not want to start problems by confronting LeeAnne about it.
Stephanie tells Brandi she told LeeAnne to stop making “low blows”.  D’Andra apologizes for not having Brandi’s back.  Brandi says the alcoholic comment was something they all “iced over”, and it is not okay.  Stephanie agrees.  So ends the last dinner in Denmark.

Back in Dallas, LeeAnne is having a fashion show to launch her “L’Infinity” dress, the dress than can be worn one hundred seventy five different ways!  Exciting.
LeeAnne is trying to see if this dress is a viable product or not.
She thanks her team for helping her make this happen.

Cary visits Kameron, who is “starving” from not eating the food for a week in Copenhagen.  Thankfully, Cary saves the day, and brings milkshakes.
Kameron says she cannot believe what happened with LeeAnne and D’Andra, and no one has ever talked like that to her in her life.
Cary asks Kameron if she and D’Andra worked things out. Kameron says yes, but D’Andra is on “friend probation”.  Kameron tells us that means someone has to earn back her trust.
Cary says she got a confusing text from Brandi about phones, and asks Kameron what happened.

Kameron retells the new Danish saga of what happened with LeeAnne and Brandi’s phones.
housewives of dallas season 3 episode 15 kameron
On the last night in Copenhagen, LeeAnne could not find her phone for a few hours.  She and Kameron looked everywhere for it.
As they were about to go to sleep, Brandi came to their room and told LeeAnne she found her phone. LeeAnne thinks Brandi stole her phone, perhaps to make sure that video was really erased.
Cary asks Kameron what Brandi could do with LeeAnne’s phone even if she had it.  Neither of them think Brandi stole LeeAnne’s phone, because she would not be able to use it without facial recognition or a password.

Brandi and Stephanie take Bruin out for a walk.  Brandi tells Stephanie that LeeAnne thinks Brandi stole her phone the last night in Denmark.  Brandi says if she did steal her phone, she would have flushed it down the toilet, or broken it.

Kameron tells Cary, LeeAnne told her that she cloned Brandi’s phone.  Kameron tries to explain how LeeAnne may have done it.  Cary asks Kameron if she is sure LeeAnne knows how to clone a phone, and Kameron says apparently LeeAnne knows.
Cary tells us this is like “CSI on crack”. Cary tells Kameron she still does not believe LeeAnne knows how to clone a phone, and says she cannot imagine she would even if she knew how.

Brandi tells Stephanie she is tired of the threats, and LeeAnne is the most vindictive person she has ever met.
Kameron says Brandi and LeeAnne will not be able to be in the same room together for a while.  Cary assumes Brandi will not be at LeeAnne’s fashion show.
They both decide they will ask LeeAnne about the phone cloning situation to see if this actually happened.  It is extremely creepy to clone a phone, but I kind of hope LeeAnne has some kind of hacking skills.

It is the day of LeeAnne’s fashion show.  Cary comes over to D’Andra’s to glam up.  D’Andra says she has not spoken to anyone since the Copenhagen trip.
Cary calls Brandi to see what are her plans for the night.  Brandi tells the ladies she was not invited, and that her daughter Brooklyn took her phone to school that day.
D’Andra asks Brandi what happened with the phones.  Brandi says she does not know, but someone even threatening to do that is crossing a line.
D’Andra says that LeeAnne told her she asked Rich to clone Brandi’s phone.

LeeAnne gets flowers from Stephanie.  Stephanie cannot make the fashion show, because it is Travis’s birthday, and Stephanie does not want to hear about the phone situation.  LeeAnne says the gesture was sweet, and calls Stephanie to thank her.  Stephanie, I hope you can be honest with LeeAnne, because this is not a friendship.

Cary tells D’Andra, Kameron said she was on “friend probation.  D’Andra tells us she used that term in Copenhagen, but now Kameron is now “dangling” it in front of her, “like a carrot”.  D’Andra says she is an adult, and does not do friend probation.  D’Andra tells Cary this is ridiculous.  Cary tells us D’Andra should sit back in her chair and “shut the fuck up”.  Cary asks us if friend probation is a real thing, because to her it sounds like a joke.  Damn, Cary!

It is time for LeeAnne’s fashion show event.  D’Andra says she does not know what to expect, a train wreck, a hot mess, or a work of art. D’Andra also notes that Rich is not there.
The show begins, and LeeAnne’s event planner is super red sequined sparkly.
D’Andra thinks the dress that can be worn one hundred seventy five ways is a good idea.  Kameron says she would wear the dress with the long sleeves, and that the dress will  “go down in fashion history”. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 15 kameron too
LeeAnne is introduced as the “Queen Bee” of Dallas, and for some reason she comes down the runway in a wedding dress.  D’Andra tells us both of these things are jabs at her, and she does not know why LeeAnne is doing this.  We do not either, especially the wedding dress.  What is up with LeeAnne?

Brandi FaceTimes with her mom who is dressed like a clueless white lady for Cinco de Mayo.
Brandi tells her mom to be careful what she sends her on her phone, since LeeAnne cloned her phone, and has access to all of her information. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 15 brandi phone
Brandi’s mom cannot believe LeeAnne would do that, and says this is all “bullshit”.  After the call, Brandi tells her daughter Brooklyn her grandmother is very opinionated.

Back at the fashion show, it is time to celebrate!  LeeAnne’s dress gets a good reception at the party.
Kameron asks D’Andra if Brandi is still upset “about the phone thing”, and D’Andra nods.  D’Andra tells Kameron and Cary she was originally calling it “Cell Phone CloneGate”, but is now just calling this situation “CloneGate”. Clever girl!
Kameron asks if they think LeeAnne really cloned a phone.  Cary and D’Andra are not sure, and LeeAnne comes over.  The ladies congratulate LeeAnne on the success of the fashion show and the dress launch..
D’Andra tells LeeAnne even if they were not talking at the moment, she would still have come to the fashion show.  LeeAnne responds by telling D’Andra in that situation, she would not have invited D’Andra.  Everyone makes faces.
D’Andra tells us this is really rude.  LeeAnne then tells D’Andra she really wants their relationship to get better.
The phone situation is brought up.  LeeAnne says she did not clone Brandi’s phone, and it was a joke. Everyone points out that Brandi was freaked out by this, and did not think it was a joke.
Cary tells LeeAnne that it is not nice, and LeeAnne screams to not steal her “fucking” phone. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 15 group leeanne phone LeeAnne asks the women why they always focus on her, and never what Brandi, “that bitch”, does.  Cary tries to get LeeAnne to calm down by bleating like a sheep.  I am not sure how this is supposed to calm anyone down.
LeeAnne tells us that everyone thinks Brandi is a “sweet little ginger”, and that she needs to be treated “gingerly”, but Brandi is really an “asshole”.
We know this is how LeeAnne has always felt about Brandi.
None of what LeeAnne said answers any questions, so hopefully we will get some next week.

What did we learn this week –  Who clones phones for spite?  Who does this??
Also, who jokes about cloning phones in order to be spiteful??  LeeAnne, between this and lying about the alcoholic comment, what are you doing?
We need to know more about this.  Bravo, do us a favor.


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