Eva, Throwin Peaches and Shade For Days

housewives of atlanta season 11 episode 4 group shamariThe Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 11, Episode 4, Pass the Peach, Throw the Shade

Todd and Kandi pay a visit to one of Bravo fans’ favorite OBGYNs, Dr. Jackie. As we and Riley know, they want to have another child, and want to see their options.
They talk about surrogacy, as an option. They also tell Jackie about Riley’s opposition to this. Kandi and Todd want to use both embryos, which is going to double the price of the surrogacy.  Riley is going to have something to say about her mother and stepfather having two babies with whom they will not be spending their time.Eva and Michael, Eva’s fiance meet at their favorite cigar bar.  They met at a charity function, and Eva stuck around to meet Michael.
Eva tells Michael she has been getting wedding advice from Nene. Eva tells us that Nene is that sister she always wanted, so she really appreciate’s Nene’s advice.  Michael seems to be happy he has nothing to do with the wedding plans.

Porsha is out to dinner with Dennis to meet Dennis’ mom, Gina.  Porsha gives her a birthday present, and Gina seems pleased. Porsha tells Gina she has heard that Gina is very active in Dennis’ hot dog business. Mama Gina cuts her off, and asks Porsha what she has to offer Dennis.  During Porsha’s explanation, Gina learns that Dennis and Porsha are in love, and are serious about each other.  Gina is not pleased. This leads to some extremely awkward silence at the table, and Dennis makes those kissy fish faces of his.
It honestly seems like Mama Gina would have liked to have been told how serious things were before this dinner, which is fair enough.  Also Gina, we’re not sure how your son rolls, but when most adults introduce you to a significant other, it means things are serious.
Porsha tells Gina Dennis told her he loved her, and he told her that the first night.
Gina asks if they are thinking about marriage.  Again, Gina does not seem pleased when Porsha says the answer yes, because she thinks they are moving too quickly.
Porsha cannot believe Mama Gina is asking these questions before they are even served appetizers.

Porsha tries to move the conversation in a different direction in the worst possible way,  and talks about what nice weather they are having. housewives of atlanta season 11 episode 4 porsha dennis mom
Gina tells Porsha not to change the subject. Damn Mama Gina, indeed.
Gina asks what they think about a prenup.  Porsha takes a drink before answering. Mama Gina tells Porsha not to spill any wine on her lovely white dress, and to answer the question.  Gina, you need to be grilling your child about not telling you any of this, not Porsha.
Porsha tells Mama Gina they have not discussed this,but Porsha says she thinks she and Dennis would have a prenup.   Gina just nods, and as they eat, continuously  rolls her eyes at the couple.  Now I wonder how many times Dennis mom has been introduced to sketchy ladies, since her son seems like a sketchy man.

Before her Bailey-Cue, Cynthia FaceTimes with her boyfriend, Mike Hill.  Cynthia says this is the first time all of her ladies are coming over.
Mike lives in LA, he and Cynthia FaceTime eight or nine times a day.  He will be visiting for his birthday, and Cynthia just may jump out of a cake.  Excitement! They are a cute couple, though.

Shamari and her mother in law, Ma DeVoe visit a bakery to throw a royal-themed birthday party for her and Ron’s twins.
Shamari and Ma DeVoe talk about how far they have come in their relationship, and Ma DeVoe tells Shamari anything that happened was because she wanted to make sure Shamari really loved Ron.
Shamari tells us she was twenty three when she met Ma Devoe, and Ma thought she was a gold digger.  Ma DeVoe tells Shamari that she should have talked to her about her intentions with Ron. Shamari asks her mother in law if she knows Shamari and Ron had an open relationship at one time. Ma Devoe says no, and does not look like she is happy about it.  Shamari tells us she was the one who wanted the open marriage, but it was not right for her and Ron.  Ma DeVoe says you learn something new every day, even at the “cake place”.

Cynthia, her friend Terrance, and her sister Mal work on the decor for Cynthia’s Bailey-Cue.  Cynthia says she told all the women to wear red, white, and blue, to bring a plus one, and a home-cooked dish.  Cynthia realizes everyone will be bringing over platters from supermarkets.
Cynthia receives a bounty of hot dogs, and fried oreos from Dennis.  Thank you Porsha!  Marlo and Nene arrive.  Marlo brings Cynthia a fishing pole, since it is her first time at Lake Bailey. Marlo tells Cynthia to catch some of them a man.

All of the women present have drinks outside.  Nene brings up Eva, saying Eva came to her wanting to talk about marriage.  Nene tells the others Eva asked her to be in her wedding party.
We are shown the clip of Eva asking Nene to give a speech at her wedding, resulting in Nene asking for a hug.
Cynthia tells Nene she did not know Nene and Eva were close like that, but Nene says she thinks it is  all very sweet.

Cynthia makes an announcement.  She tells the ladies Eva started a rumor that Cynthia is paying Mike to date her. housewives of atlanta seaon 11 cynthia marlo  Marlo tells Cynthia she heard that rumor as well, and “the streets did say that”. Marlo says she cannot read Eva.
Nene says the Eva she knows is not the same Eva who would do all of that.  This leads the group questioning just who is Eva.
Kandi and Carmon arrive.  Kandi tells us she is not going to be repeating the discussion she, Carmon and Jamie had about Dennis.
Kandi wears  a dress with one off the shoulder arm, and Nene pokes her in the breast, since it is fabulous and is somewhat on display in this dress.  Bloop!

Shamari arrives with couscous, and Nene’s friend Tanya arrives.  Tanya is one of Nene’s best customers at Swagg.  Nene says Tanya is into fashion, is a geek who is into the IT world, but she is really cool.
Porsha and her crew drive to the Bailey-Cue.  Porsha has already told Shamea what Eva said about her, but no one wants to bring drama to this event.

Eva, and her friend Metowi arrive.  Eva brings a pineapple upside-down cake, and shows photo receipts of her baking the cake.
When Porsha, Lauren and Shamea arrive, Eva is not pleased that Porsha brought two people, and one of them is Shamea.
All the women gather in a living room.  Shamari tries to explain why Ronnie DeVoe mansplained what makes a good performance to Kandi, but Kandi does not want to hear it.
Shamari tells us that Porsha has always has an “ass”, and back in high school, it was quite a marvel of nature. Shamari assures us that Porsha has never needed butt implants.

Cynthia has everyone play a game called Pass the Peach.  When anyone gets the peach, they take a question from a bowl.  They can either answer the question, or pick someone else who they think should answer.
Nene’s question is who in the group needs a makeover.  Nene says she does not have time, and passes the peach to Eva.  Eva starts out with saying no shade, but the peach should go to Shamari, who she thinks needs a makeover.
Cynthia tells us considering what Eva is wearing, she has no place critiquing anyone’s fashion choices.  Porsha also starts in on what Shamari is wearing, but Shamari asks us what is Porsha’s outfit about.   Cynthia, why did you pick this game with this group, when the probability is high that there is going to be nothing but shade until an actual fight breaks out?
Marlo tells Shamari she looks good, and Shamari stands up to acknowledge this. housewives of atlanta season 11 episode 4 shamari
Seriously, Eva is dressed like she picked out an outfit from a closet full of puffy shirts  trapped in the 1990’s.  Do not call out Shamari’s fashion choices.

Marlo gets the next question, “Who is a big liar”?  Oh, this is really going to turn out well. Marlo decides not to pass the peach.  Marlo says from the past, the answer is Porsha, but “for the future”, the answer is Eva.  Eva is not pleased about this at all, and asks Marlo why she is a liar. housewives of atlanta season 11 eva
Marlo says no one knows who she really is.  Eva says she could same the same for Marlo, who she has known for years.  Marlo corrects Eva, saying that she does not know her, but has seen Marlo being “fabulous” for years.  Eva calls Marlo extra, but Marlo tells Eva it is always appropriate to be fabulous.  Eva calls Marlo basic, and Marlo quickly tells Eva she is basic, “darling”.  Everyone in the room looks thrilled at this back and forth.
Marlo decides it is time to pass the peach.
Eva tells Marlo she has been on top since she was a teenager, again tells Marlo she is basic.  Eva ends by saying she is not a liar.
Kandi tells Eva she is giving her the peach for previously “shading the hell” out of Shamea. Eva pretty much publicly complains to Porsha for bringing Shamea, and no one thinks this is alright.

Cynthia decides this is the time to tell Eva she heard Eva has been telling people that Cynthia is paying Will to date her. housewives of atlanta season 11 episode 4 cynthia peach
Eva tells Cynthia whatever she told her she knew to be fact.  Eva, what are you even talking about?  Cynthia asks Eva how she knows it is “fact” that Cynthia is paying Will to date her.  Cynthia makes things clear that she does not have to, and is not paying anyone to date her.  Cynthia tells Eva never to confuse that.
It’s good that Cynthia and Eva have this out in the open now, however, Cynthia, how does it feel getting into some emotional drama from your peach game?

Shamea gets the next question, which is “Who do you think shaded you recently”.  This is not a good day for Eva, because Shamea says obviously, the answer is Eva.  Somehow everyone laughs this one off.
Kandi’s question is “Who is the freakiest”.  Kandi immediately throws the peach at Porsha and says this question was made for her.  Porsha asks for her freak number, and Kandi gives her a ten.  Porsha says she cannot be a ten because she does not do anything involving “the back door”.  Kandi says Porsha told her she used to, which gets all the women riled up, as if none of them have ever done anything remotely kinky.  Tanya says her freak number is eight, nine, or ten, depending on the holiday.

Cynthia tells the women to raise their hand if any of them have been in an open relationship.  It is quiet for a few seconds, then Shamari gets up, and raises both hands.
Nene asks Shamari to explain what is an open relationship.
Shamari says it is when a couple decides to date other people.  Nene asks if she means dating other people, or “fucking” other people.  Shamari says she means the second choice.  Nene says she likes that.
Nene asks if Shamari used to tell Ron that she was going to have sex with someone else that night, and Shamari says yes, she did.  Nene likes this.

Porsha tells us that Shamari is really open minded in general, including when it comes to relationships, but is close minded when it comes to things like stylists.  Porsha, please stop thinking you are in any position to be dishing out fashion advice.
Shamari said the deal she had with Ron was she was not allowed to be with another man.  Nene changes her mind about this particular open relationship, with her and some of the other women thinking Shamari should have been able to have sex with another man.
The episode ends with the group playing Pass the Peach, long into the night.

What did we learn this week- The last game this group should be playing is something like Pass the Peach.  The seeds have been sown for serious drama that will come out over the course of the season, which was the whole point of the women playing this game.

How shady is Dennis that Mama Gina had this strong a reaction to meeting Porsha, and hearing how serious is their relationship?  Porsha has made her choice in love, so hopefully, if Dennis does have a sketchy past, it is all in the past.

Eva.  Eva, what are you doing spreading rumors, making seriously nasty comments about Shamea, and thinking it is alright? Why insult Shamari, also?
I can understand why Eva does not like Shamea, they never had a good start because of Shamea.  Clearly, they never worked anything out, and Eva is not the type of person who lets things go easily.
This is all not a good look for Eva.  If you are going around doing all of these things, do not be surprised when people call you a liar, or call your character into question.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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