Jax Taylor Plays A New Role

Screenshot_2018-12-05 Behind the Scenes of #PumpRules Season 6

Vanderpump Rules – Season 7 Episode 1 – A Decent Proposal

Well it’s season lucky number 7.  Lucky for Bravo – it’s the beginning of the Jax and Brittany Trilogy.  This episode was pretty boring really.

Here is all you need to know:

-Jax is now kissing Brittany’s ass

-Jax regrets 99.9% of his past behaviors

-Tom Sandoval sabers 99.9% of his champagne bottles

-Brittany wears plastic gloves to put her make-up on?  Please take them off.

-DJ James Kennedy dissed Jax on the mic. And that made Brittany cry.

-Jax bought a $70,000 engagement ring

-Jax and Brittany are engaged

Here’s to a good season!







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