Reunion: Cary’s Balls of Steel, D’Andra & Brandi, Go Home, LieAnne

housewives of dallas reunion part 1 stephanie brandi dandraThe Real Housewives of Dallas – Season 3, Episode 17, Reunion Part 1

This season has brought us constant fighting, nasty rumors, mechanical bull rides and Beaver Liquors, fighting in another country, even a cloned phone that wasn’t.
What will this reunion bring besides bad fashion? Let us see!Andy asks LeeAnne to open the reunion by leading a guided meditation exercise.  Everyone participates except for Brandi, who audibly complains, and makes stankfaces.

Andy brings up Beaver Creek.  Clips are shown, but where is Beaver Liquors? That was the best part of the entire trip.
Andy mentions some of the other women’s reactions to D’Andra deciding she was “Queen Bee” of Dallas society, and the fight it caused with LeeAnne. Brandi jumps in, D’Andra yell at LeeAnne for saying RHOD would not work without her.
Yawn, we have bigger issues to discuss. housewives of dallas reunion part 1 leeane queen bee
LeeAnne says that was just “shittalking”, with Kameron, and Cary backing her up.

Thanks to the magic of editing, D’Andra picks this moment to tell LeeAnne she has been keeping a secret of hers for two years, and will finally reveal it.  What could it be?
D’Andra claims LeeAnne told her that Cary was plotting to fat-shame her, the way she fat-shamed her own husband in season one.
Cary denies fat-shaming Mark, and denies ever saying this at all.  She gives D’Andra several “fuck you”s for thinking that is even true.  housewives of dallas reunion part 1 dandra cary
Video receipts from season one are shown of Cary’s comments about Mark’s appearance  before they were married.
Cary tells D’Andra her husband is happy to have lost eighty pounds, and feels good about it.
LeeAnne tells the world she never said this to D’Andra. Cary tells D’Andra she is the “dumb bitch” who believed LeeAnne. Also, bringing it up out of nowhere on national television after two years is low.
D’Andra, were you trying to hurt LeeAnne here, or Cary? You made LeeAnne look good, and you look nasty right now.
This leads to LeeAnne talking about how D’Andra constantly lies.
D’Andra has nothing to say.  She smirks, as Andy announces things are moving on.

Andy talks to D’Andra about her unlikely friendship with Brandi.
Meanwhile, on the other couch, Cary tells LeeAnne and Kameron she would never had said something like that, and she never fat-shamed Mark.
Andy asks LeeAnne how she felt about the friendship between Brandi and D’Andra.  LeeAnne mentions she was concerned for D’Andra and wanted to protect her.  Brandi asks LeeAnne from what did D’Andra need protection.  LeeAnne says there is no answer, because it was an illogical feeling of a need to protect someone.  Cary brings up that LeeAnne does not trust Brandi.  LeeAnne concurs.

Stephanie’s fight with Kameron in Beaver Creek is up next.  Kameron says she felt horrible, and apologized to Stephanie, because Kameron thought someone was actually “bashing” an adopted baby.
Kameron says she was trying to bash Brandi, who had not told her about Bruin for three months. Brandi tells Kameron how much it hurt that she did that.
Kameron asks Brandi why she did not just tell her that this was part of the adoption rules, instead of running away.
Stephanie tells Kameron it seems like she is making things all about herself.
Kameron seems to miss this completely, saying when she does not know something, she wants to understand why.  Cary tells Kameron she should have asked Brandi about the adoption process, and would then understand why she was not allowed to be told about it all.

Stephanie is asked about the surrogacy story she told Kameron on the spot.  Kameron tells Stephanie she did not have to make fun of fertility issues.  Stephanie insists that was not her intention.  Andy asks Kameron if she feels this way because of her own history with fertility issues, and she says yes.
D’Andra tells Kameron it is none of anyone’s business.  Kameron asks D’Andra if that is the case, why is D’Andra up in LeeAnne’s business all the time?  D’Andra responds by telling Kameron that is like the pot calling the kettle black.
Cary tells D’Andra not to “flip it’, and Kameron is just asking a question.  I love Reunion Referee Cary!
D’Andra asks Cary if she really wants to talk about that, as LeeAnne jumps in, saying D’Andra is deflecting.

CW: Depression, Suicide attempt

Stephanie talks about her struggle with depression.  She says she feels the need to be perfect, which leads to her tormenting herself and letting herself down, which leads to depression.  We are shown clips of Stephanie talking about when she tried to end her life at the age of twenty-two.   Stephanie tells Andy she wanted to open up to LeeAnne because she felt like they had never connected. housewives of dallas reunion part 1 stephanie
Before this season, Stephanie says went to a therapy retreat, which showed her she is always putting up walls.  Stephanie wanted to let these walls down, and hoped LeeAnne would see her differently.  Stephanie says it felt so “organic”, she did not care the cameras were rolling.  It was something she had been ashamed of for a large part of her life, and Stephanie was finally able to talk about it.
LeeAnne tells Stephanie she should not be ashamed.

Stephanie talks about the effect this had on her parents.  For years, if Stephanie had a problem, her dad would come over, and sleep on her couch to make sure she was alright.  Stephanie says she feels guilty about it.
Stephanie says at the time she did not love herself, and had no self-worth.
Stephanie says when she is depressed, she can barely get out of bed, and function.
Andy asks Brandi if she was aware of all of this.  Before Brandi can give a full answer, Stephanie tears up again, and apologies.
LeeAnne tells Stephanie she is a beautiful human who deserves to have emotion and feeling.  LeeAnne tells Stephanie she is proud of her for being brave.

The focus turns to LeeAnne this season, including her getting Rich to set a wedding date.  Andy asks if LeeAnne is still going to therapy and meditation.  LeeAnne says she currently sees two therapists, and is still doing guided meditation.
D’Andra pipes up, saying LeeAnne never told her she was seeing two therapists.  LeeAnne tells D’Andra they do not talk anymore, and Cary confirms that LeeAnne told her about the therapists.
D’Andra snaps back, telling Cary she is talking to LeeAnne.
D’Andra, why get so touchy about someone else’s business, since you are supposedly not about that?  No one else’s mental health is your business.
LeeAnne tells D’Andra not to be condescending to Cary.

Brandi asks LeeAnne who she is seeing.  Brandi, I do not even know where to start with this.
LeeAnne asks Brandi if she actually wants her to name her therapists. Brandi says, “yeah”, because she is Brandi, forever frozen in time as the brat thirteen year old she once was.
housewives of dallas reunion part 1 brandi stankface
Brandi, get off the stage. Go home.
Kameron asks Brandi if she does not believe LeeAnne is going to two therapists, and Brandi shakes her head.
LeeAnne rightfully says to Brandi, this is why she does not trust her.
Brandi, what are you trying to do, because it looks like you are trying to make LeeAnne look really good right now. You have legitimate complaints with LeeAnne you should be mentioning before Andy lets you talk about it, and instead you do this.

Brandi tells LeeAnne and the women, LeeAnne’s friend Tiffany told her she never was in therapy.  LeeAnne tells Brandi she does not believe her, especially since Tiffany has seen her go to therapy most of her life.
Brandi feels the need to dig her grave deeper, insisting Tiffany said that was “bullshit”.
Andy asks LeeAnne if she sees a life coach, and LeeAnne says no, a therapist.
Why is the reunion being directed by Brandi now, and why is LeeAnne being questioned about her therapy.
Bravo, you try to make it look like you take mental health seriously by featuring Stephanie, but show Brandi’s ableist nonsense about LeeAnne’s mental health care right afterward? No.

Andy actually asks LeeAnne why she does not want to name her therapists.  I am going to leave you all with that one for a moment.
Surprise, LeeAnne says that would not be appropriate, because it absolutely is not, and is not anyone’s business, especially Brandi’s.
In fact, Kameron tells Brandi it is not her business.
Brandi says she would be happy to name her family doctor, and gyno.  No one cares.
LeeAnne is asked by a viewer why she is not taking medication for her enlarged amygdala. LeeAnne starts by saying she can tell this viewer did not use google, and D’Andra interrupts to laugh, asking what is there to google.  LeeAnne tells D’Andra, “Bitch, shut the fuck up”, which is an appropriate response to all of this.
D’Andra insists that LeeAnne can google any disease and thinks she has it.  D’Andra, are you and Brandi both working together to make yourselves look like awful human beings tonight?
Cary tells D’Andra that she wanted her to “shut the fuck up”, so why will D’Andra not to that right now.  Good question, Cary.
LeeAnne explains how the amygdala works.
D’Andra again interrupts saying her problem last year was PTSD, and this year it is an enlarged amygdala.  D’Andra, you are a horrible human.
LeeAnne asks D’Andra if she wants to make fun of PTSD, and D’Andra keeps loudly rambling, which is a sign that yes, yes she does.

Cary wonders why this all means so much to D’Andra, which is what the rest of us are wondering.
D’Andra gives Cary the fury stare, saying Cary has been silent all season, so why is she suddenly expressing her opinions at the reunion.  D’Andra why are you behaving the way you are at this reunion? D’Andra asks Cary if she has “balls of steel”.
Cary tells D’Andra she has had opinions about things that happened all season.
D’Andra goes into full spoiled brat mode, screaming at Cary that she did not have opinions.  D’Andra, are you listening to yourself right now?  Please go home and watch how you acted.
Cary tells D’Andra she always tells her to shut up.

Andy moves on to Cary, and asks why was she so receptive to a friendship with LeeAnne after she spread that rumor about Mark at the Round Up .  Cary says she was not receptive, and in fact found out that “patient zero” was a “disgruntled florist” who once worked for them.  I hope that out of every musician watching this reunion, at least one starts a band called Disgruntled Florist, or performs under that name. Do not let this go to waste!

LeeAnne says she is still responsible for spreading those rumors.
Cary says LeeAne absolutely is. Cary was extremely “pissed” at LeeAnne for a while.  Cary says it has not been easy, but they have formed a friendship.
LeeAnne mentions that she and Rich have dined with the Deubers.
This is all too much for D’Andra’s need for attention. She asks Cary if this is an alternate universe, and why Cary would ever consider being friends with someone like LeeAnne. D’Andra is furious that Cary would be friends with someone who spread a rumor that her husband “got his dick sucked”.
Cary calmly reminds D’Andra that she spread those rumors too, and has also been a guest at her home.
D’Andra denies, but Cary is not playing tonight at all, again reminding D’Andra she did.  Kameron nods her head in agreement, and tells D’Andra she did spread that rumor.  Kameron is speaking up a lot tonight, I wish she would say more.
D’Andra still yells and denies, in one big cloud of bratty loud.

Cary tells D’Andra she also said disparaging things about Cary’s new business, and she has the text receipts.
Cary pulls out her phone, saying the text is not only disparaging to her business, but to D’Andra’s new bestie Brandi’s business as well.
Cary says this text was sent to Kameron, and D’Andra for sure has not been a good friend.
Kameron hands over her phone to Andy who reads the text.
D’Andra wrote she had to “put up” with Brandiland and Lemmon Avenue laser “bullshit” center.  She also wrote that Cary and her team “have messed up so many peoples faces” who she knows, but cannot talk about.
Andy tells Cary if this was a private text message, than D’Andra is not publicly disparaging her or Brandi.
If anyone on this stage overuses the word disparaging one more time…

Cary tells Andy that she heard D’Andra’s comments from other sources as well, so D’Andra was going around saying these things.
Cary says that she thought she and D’Andra were friends, and this really hurt her feelings.
D’Andra is still in liar mode, and tells Andy he can look at her phone, and see the text is not there.  LeeAnne reminds D’Andra she has two phones.
This sets off D’Andra who shrieks that she does not have two phones.  D’Andra, go home too.
Kameron keeps saying they can call AT&T to confirm D’Andra sent her those texts. housewives of dallas reunion part 1 leeanne kameron cary texts
Andy tells D’Andra she could have deleted that text message, and again, D’Andra denies sending it.
This would be so much better if D’Andra would just admit to it.  What is the problem with doing this, exactly?
D’Andra makes Kameron almost laugh by suggesting that Kameron made up the text message.
D’Andra continues, saying this was all fabricated by “Tweedle Dum” and “Tweedle Bitch”, on the other couch.
Andy tells the group he will not be calling AT&T, but maybe Robert Mueller can investigate this further.

Andy turns the spotlight on LeeAnne.  He tells LeeAnne her “L’Infinity” dress is the best product he has ever seen on any Housewives franchise.  Andy asks LeeAnne if she is in talks with QVC, but LeeAnne says she wants to use the next few months to focus only on her wedding.
Andy asks Stephanie if she thinks LeeAnne changed for the better.
Stephanie says she thinks so, even though things got harder as the season went along, because Brandi kept pushing her.
We are then shown clips of LeeAnne, Brandi and D’Andra through season three including LeeAnne calling Brandi an alcoholic.  Now we are getting somewhere in this already ridiculous reunion.

Andy asks Brandi if, at the frat party, she was trying to provoke LeeAnne to hit her, and if she sees that she was getting in her face.  Cary tells Brandi she was getting in her face, and antagonizing her.  Stephanie also agrees that Brandi was in LeeAnne’s face, but LeeAnne should have not reacted the way she did.
Brandi says she is not sorry at all for getting in LeeAnne’s face, Brandi is always proud of her horrid behavior.
Andy asks LeeAnne if she even realized she was hissing at Brandi “like a cobra”.  LeeAnne asks if she was, Cary and Stephanie tell her she was, with the most creeped-out expressions on their faces.
Bravo shows a clip of the frat party fight, and LeeAnne transforming into angry LeeAnne.

Andy wonders what went wrong with Brandi and LeeAnne’s friendship, and answers his own question, saying it was when LeeAnne warned D’Andra about Brandi.
Brandi gets riled up, and tells LeeAnne she was drunk when she had that talk with D’Andra.  Brandi says she waited to talk to her until she was sober, which is something LeeAnne would never do because she is a ”bitch”.
Brandi says when they were at the rodeo, and D’Andra told her everything, LeeAnne was drunk, so Brandi had to good graces not to talk to her about it at the time.
Kameron asks Brandi how was she not “shitfaced”, since she had two beer bongs.  Kameron with the interjections this reunion!
Brandi insists her drinking happened over a period of eight hours.
Stephanie says to both LeeAnne and Brandi that it seems like there was so much hurt and tension, that it all “snowballed in”.

Andy gets to one of the top issues this season, asking LeeAnne why she thought Brandi was an alcoholic.
LeeAnne’s excuse is that she had been drinking the morning of Kameron’s event, she was tired, but still attended.  She was so tired that she used the word alcoholic, which is a word she had heard a “gazillion” times before.  LeeAnne continues with this nonsense, telling Andy this was the only time she ever said alcoholic.  LeeAnne, why can you not just be honest about this?  You want everyone else to be honest, to own what they did, you have to do the same.
Andy asks LeeAnne, and the rest of the women if they think Brandi has a drinking problem.  Everyone, says no.

Andy asks LeeAnne if she understood the implication, when she was in the middle of trying to finalize Bruin’s adoption.  LeeAnne says she does.
Then, LeeAnne goes back into excuse mode, saying when she said the word alcoholic, she did not attach it to anyone’s name?  I’m sorry, what is this mess now?
LeeAnne says she was wrong, so told everyone she was wrong, and she apologized to Brandi in Copenhagen.
Brandi tells LeeAnne that was not an apology, since she said Brandi was not “sophisticated” enough to be an alcoholic.  Andy asks LeeAnne what she meant when she said this.  LeeAnne does not give anything resembling an answer, repeating the word “wiseass”, over and over.  Is LeeAnne the wiseass?  Is it Brandi?  Does LeeAnne even know what is coming out of her mouth at the moment?
Brandi asks LeeAnne why she said this about her, and LeeAnne asks Brandi why she did the same things.
LeeAnne, this would be because you told everyone in Dallas Brandi was an alcoholic.

Andy asks LeeAnne if she believes Brandi is a drunk.  LeeAnne says she believes Brandi likes to get drunk.  Brandi smiles, as if this somehow vindicates her,
Stephanie nicely tells LeeAnne she should be more careful about her choice of words.  Stephanie says she is Brandi’s best friend, and while Brandi likes to have fun, she does not have a drinking problem.  To say otherwise is unfair, because it is not true, and that is not okay.  Stephanie has turned into Buddha this season!
Andy reminds LeeAnne that she did use the word alcoholic throughout the season, and asks if she owes Brandi an apology.  LeeAnne says she is sorry for using that word about her, and it will not happen again.  Brandi graciously accepts.

Andy asks LeeAnne why she said in her blog that she recorded the conversation between her and Mama Dee about D’Andra and Brandi.
LeeAnne starts by saying she has her issues with Dee and D’Andra.  D’Andra interrupts, telling LeeAnne not to deflect.  D’Andra, for the first time this entire episode, I am glad you said something. The two argue for a few seconds.
LeeAnne asks D’Andra she has so many questions, so “why don’t you jump in a fucking lake, and drown”. Damn LeeAnne, that is a lot.

LeeAnne says she did not record the conversation between her and Mama Dee.
Andy asks LeeAnne why she lied on her blog.  D’Andra calls her Lie-Anne.
Andy tells LeeAnne he has heard that she records a lot of her conversations.  LeeAnne says she records her conversations, which gets a bad response from everyone.  LeeAnne says she only records her business conversations, not ones with friends.  D’Andra laughs, and Andy tells LeeAnne that is very Omarosa of her.
Andy says to LeeAnne that she has “copped” to lying a lot.  LeeAnne says she learned it from the rest of the group.  This causes Cary to do such a hard eye roll, she may have caused permanent damage to her eye muscles.
Thus ends the painful first part to this Dallas Housewives reunion.

What did we learn this week-  This was a very painful reunion to watch.  None of these women can own up to things they did, they could easily admit to doing.
Brandi has legitimate complaints with LeeAnne, and instead makes fun of, and lies about LeeAnne’s mental health, and the care she receives.
D’Andra cannot admit to sending a text, but makes fun of LeeAnne for living with PTSD.
LeeAnne cannot admit to anything about calling Brandi an alcoholic, something she wrote in her blog, and recording phone calls.
This was an absolute mess of a reunion that was hard to watch, which seems to be a trend with this franchise as of late.

Cary, please, for as long as you are on this show, keep talking like you did tonight.  Calmly point out when people are lying, tell people when they are not acting right. You do it so well!
Hooray for Kameron talking all episode as well.
Stephanie is all wise, and was the voice of reason on this stage.  You can tell she used to be a social worker, but I feel bad she has to use those skills on this group of women.

Next week brings us Mama Dee, so look forward to that!

-Aoife, TV Maven


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