90’s Nipples

Screenshot-2017-10-7 90's House Season 1 Episodes (TV Series) MTV

90’s House- Season 1 Episode 2- The One With The Music Videos

I often wonder how fashion cycles.  Is it based upon cyclic time frames or economic factors??? This show is 20 somethings blind to the Trump era being assholes dressed in neon clothing.

Onward.  This episode begins with Sha talking shade about Sierra putting up a front.  Prince and Vanilla Patrick form an alliance.  Vanilla is vibing on Sierra.  Oh the web is weaving.

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90’s House. Begins.


90’s House – Season 1 Episode 1

Lance Bass and Christina Milian are hosting a house filled with people from 2017 who are going back to the 90’s.  No facebook. No snapchat. And the chance to win $90,000 which really can only support someone for a year after taxes so let’s hope they are here for the experience.  That prize money is stuck in the 90’s.  Adjust for inflation plz!

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