The Not So Frightening Finale

famous scared

Scared Famous – Season 1, Episode 8, Four Funerals and a Finale

We last left Alaska and Safaree in the elimination challenge!  They have to find thirteen items from past challenges. Things are so close, and the tv goes out. Safaree walks back in the door, and Don quickly removes his Alaska hat.  Sky says he’s like a roach because you can’t get rid of him.  I am not pleased that Alaska was eliminated, since that means this episode is going to be so much less entertaining.
Safaree did not appreciate that everyone was wearing an Alaska hat, but reminds them the Model Alliance means nothing, because it’s every person for themselves now.
Eva is really sad Alaska is gone, and Sky comforts her.  Eva said she felt like she made a real friend in Alaska, and that is what she is going to miss more than anything.

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Guess Who’s Back From the Dead?

famousscaredScared Famous – Season One, Episode Seven, The Waking Dead

New York is still fuming because the Model Alliance put Eva into the challenge, to take the power of choice away from her. Safaree tells her he had no idea this was the plan, and tells us in confession he doesn’t want to be allied with losers.  New York later has a drink, and talks to the twins. She says they won’t not tell her what will happen, but Eva will pay. Say what you will, New York is fun to watch.

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Who Has Love For New York?

scaredfamouserScared Famous – Season 1, Episode 6, Coffin Fever

Erica and Safaree are about to get into their tanks for the elimination challenge. They have to gather plugs from the bottom of the tanks, which will rapidly be filling with water, and they will have to plug up the pipes.  Safaree screams to be let out of his tank, but did he tap out of the challenge?
Safaree walks into the house!  Everyone but New York is ecstatic that Erica is gone, and Safaree is happy he has immunity.

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Alaska’s Possession Is Our Obsession

Akaska sacred faous gropScared Famous – Season One, Episode Five, Insane Drown Posse

New York and Drita are facing off in the elimination challenge. The two have to be tethered to the wall by leather leashes, and need to find four keys.  After that, they need to grab the main key and win.  New York says being tied down is nothing new for her.  There is a baby alligator chained up in the room, and somehow both women are afraid of this poor animal.
I love Drita’s commentary, she doesn’t like wearing bondage wear, and the dirty toilets a la Saw disgust her.  New York finds two keys, but the baby alligator comes her way.  She screams at it that she respects “you and your people”.  I wish neither of these women had to leave this show until the very end.  New York, why couldn’t you have chosen someone else for this challenge?

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Tiffany Pollard: Oneida County Medium

NewYorkscarefamousScared Famous – Season 1, Episode 4, 50 Shades of Horror

At the end of last week’s episode, we saw Erica and Joc entering the woods for the elimination challenge.  A red hologram of Redman tells them they have to track spirits with thermal imaging devices, by collecting skulls that will show up on the cameras.  Joc and Erica are also hooked up to video cameras making them look like they are on the Blair Witch Project.  A man in a Sasquatch costume appears, sending Erica running off and screaming.
Once again, everyone at home is anxious to see who comes through the door. It’s Erica!  Alaska is not thrilled, as is Eva, as is half the house.  The first thing Erica does is remind Don he has no immunity this week, but she has it this week.   Erica says in confession that she is going to break all alliances and get everyone off the show.

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Scared of Your Strategy

don scared famousScared Famous – Season One, Episode Three, Tales From the Woods

It’s the morning after the first elimination, and people are still having problems sleeping in this haunted house.  Drita talks about the history of the house, and how no one was able to sell the property because it was haunted.  This is why a prison, and a hospital were built on the property.  Then, a spinning wheel starts spinning on its own, and everyone pretends to freak out.  Alaska mentions that she does not dig these demonic spirits on the loose.
Erica is more afraid that the other side of the house is forming an alliance  against her, Safaree, and Joc.  Erica feels like she can’t trust anyone, and is going to be observing everyone to win this game.

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Twin Ghosts and Slimy Koosh Balls

alaska grou scared famousScared Famous – Season One, Episode Two, Death Is Coming!

Happy Halloween, recap lovas!  Everyone is still at the creepy circle and cauldron fire in the woods, wondering what is going on.  A Redman appears!  He tells them they will be doing a challenge called the “Scare Witch Project”.  They have to go into the circle, and take in as many details as possible of what is around the circle. Afterward, Redman will ask them questions about the items in the circle.
Drita is freaked out in general, New York is freaked out by the witchcraft, and then spies what looks like a dead body.  Everyone is looking at details in the circle, and the dead man gets up and scares them all out of the circle.  Some random costumed figure appears, then quickly disappears, distracting them further.  Time is up!
Sky is chosen as the spokesperson, answers three out of five questions correctly, and ends up winning the group ten thousand dollars!  Redman tells them not to get cocky, because there will be an elimination tomorrow.

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VH1’s Spooky Love & Hip Hop House

Scared FamousScared Famous – Season one, episode one, Savannah Horror Stories

We’re outside of Savannah, at an abandoned-looking estate. Ten VH1 reality stars will soon arrive, to get through weekly challenges and eliminations in order to win one-hundred thousand dollars for their favorite charity.

The first to arrive is Sky from Black Ink Crew.  She quickly gets freaked out by the house.  The next is my girl Drita, from Mob Wives!  Sky is very happy to see Drita too, because she knows she will be safe.  Don’t mess with Drita!  Safaree from Love and Hip Hop shows up next.  He mentions he is afraid of insects and “anything that’s not human”…that’s just bad editing at its finest.  Nikki from Love and Hip Hop appears, and immediately, Safaree insists on being her roommate.  Young Joc from Love and Hip Hop shows up, and claims he’s not afraid of anything. Nikki mentions the cab driver told her the house they are in is haunted, and there was mention of a yellow fever epidemic.  Drita says if she sees anything “spiritual”, she’s out.  I think Drita would beat a ghost if given the chance.

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