Pride n Pasta

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Vanderpump Rules – Season 6 Episode 7 – It’s Not About the Pasta

This episode begins with Jax almost showing emotion.  The Reiki healer got to his psyche so instead he sexualized her to diminish the experience.  Scheana continues to be obsessed with herself and her rumor.  She won’t shut up and she keeps perpetuating it.  I do find it hilarious that her boyfriend doesn’t kiss her….

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Roid Raging Jax

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Vanderpump Rules – Season 6 Episode 3 – Back In The Saddle

Brittany takes Stassi to the spa when the trip was originally planned for her and Jax on their 2 year anniversary.  Brittany’s headspace is all over- this is a side effect of dating a psychopath.  Stassi calls her disgusting for sleeping with Jax again.  You can tell Stassi means it.  She shows nothing but complete embarrassment for dating Jax (and Frank and soon Patrick).

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It’s All About Jax

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Vanderpump Rules – Season 6 Episode 1 – Masquerade

Jax Jax Jax.  Jax Jax Jax. (Jason. Actually.)

Who ever knows with this dude?  He is a charasmatic psychopath who has found his come up in life.  Bravo TV.  Mediocre actor, mediocre bartender but EXCELLENT reality tv character.

This season begins with Lisa setting up the conversation that Jax has been faithful to Brittany for two years.  My conspiracy theory is that Max created this story line to give Faith some camera time after he used her a few seasons ago when he was hopped up on pain pills. Ok probably not.

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