Reunion Part 2: All Dorit Electric Boogaloo

beverly hills housewives reunion part 2 lisa rinna teddiThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 20, Reunion Part 2

Vanderpump starts off by showing us her double-sequin dress that turns from pink to gold on her breasts, but then turns it back to pink. Everyone asks Lisa to turn it back the other way, but she will not. I want this dress, and guess who has this?  Kelly Rippa was on WWHL, and said she also has this dress. We know it comes in short person sizes, which is good for me. Continue reading

Reunion Part One: Dorit vs. Everyone

beverly hills housewives reunion part one erika dorit vanderpumpThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 19, Reunion Part 1

This season, we had a new Housewife join the group, a painful, drawn-out, and absolutely boring, continuing fight between Kyle, and Dorit over Lisa’s “friendship”.
They went to Berlin, Erika taught the women how to wear latex, Vanderpump got a new dog after the passing of Pink Dog, and Pikachu.  Erika went off on Teddi, and even though she apologized, it’s going to come up tonight.  Why?  Because, reunion.  Let’s see what happens! Continue reading

Stankface and Seance

beverly psyhic rinna
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 14, Heaven Knows

Dorit is walking around with a Gucci fanny pack, when Teddi calls, and she reluctantly answers.  Teddi apologizes to Dorit, but Dorit wonders why she won’t do it in person the next day.  Teddi says she may not go to Rinna’s luncheon because of what happened with Erika.  Dorit still has an issue with Teddi, but Teddi apologizes some more.  In confessional, Teddi tells us that she would like it if someone would just accept her apologies when she says she is sorry about something.

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Ball-Gag Gag, and Unwanted Straddling

beverly camille charity
The R
eal Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 12, Gag Gift

Kyle and Erika lunch. Kyle’s show, “Glass Houses” was just bought by ABC, and Erika congratulates her. Erika asks about her and Lisa.  Kyle says that she, and Vanderpump are in a good place now.  Erika wonders how this drama got so blown our of proportion.  They discuss what to get Lisa as a birthday present.  Kyle thinks a pink bird might work.  They both know Lisa expects really good presents, since she has everything she wants.

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Vanderpump Puppet Fight: NYC Edition

beverly dinner fight
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8,  Episode 10, The Big Apple Bites

Camille, Teddi, and Kyle all get together for lunch.  Kyle reminds the ladies not to put their purses on the floor, because of a superstition I have never heard of before tonight. You do not put your purse on the floor in New York City for different reasons, such as, in New York City, you never know what is on the floor.  Teddi tells Kyle what Dorit said the night before, about Vanderpump abandoning the dinner the three of them had together. Kyle is upset, and wants to immediately tell Lisa.

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Keep Beverly Hills Weird

beverly erika dorit beach
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 9, That Was Weird

It is morning at Teddi’s beach house.  We are shown drunken fun from the night before, including Kyle sticking her nude-colored bra almost into Vanderpump’s semi-turned away face. This is of course, minus Erika, who stayed at a hotel because she had cramps.
Erika walks into the house, and Kyle tells her she missed all the fun, including Lisa giving Kyle a wedgie. Dorit tells us in confessional she is upset that no one is bringing up Erika leaving, because everyone had been talking about it since the previous night.

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