Ramonja Fight: The Friend Hell in Bendel

Housewives of nyc season 10 episode 5 tinsley carole
The Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 5, Tea For Tat

It’s almost Thanksgiving in NYC.  Ramona is hosting a Christmas shopping party at Henri Bendel!  I want to come!
Ramona tells us she does not understand why Sonja sent her those texts, including calling her a “P.O.S.”.  I wonder if any of this is going to be discussed loudly at Henri Bendel.  At least it is a private event. Continue reading

Nobody Parties Without Dorinda!

New York halloween partyThe Real Housewives of New York – Season 10, Episode 1, Gouls Just Wanna Have Fun

New York is back!  Hooray for a new season, hooray for all of the quotable delights that Dorinda will give us.  This might be a painful season for Luann. I am certain that the rest of you dislike Tom as much, or more than I do, and we all think she is better off without him.  I might cry, as Luann discusses her marriage, the divorce, and how she was feeling at the time of taping.  Let’s watch!
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